Director of Sales, Palm Desert Showroom
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Production Manager
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[ut_single_quote author=”W. Lee & Cindy Singleton” company=”The Reserve Golf Club, Indian Wells” title=”Outstanding Service ” avatar=”http://www.thereserveclub.com/custom/images/logo_reserve.png” date=” January 29, 2016″ margin_bottom=”20″ rating=”five” width=”half” last=”false” effect=”fadeInUp”]

My wife and I recently purchased a new LUXE golf cart from Jason at your Hwy 111 location. This was in addition to having our existing older Western cart upgraded throughout. I am writing this note to thank you all at LUXE for the incredible level of service and care we received through the entire process.

We didn’t ask, but they offered to have both carts ready before the Christmas holiday so we could entertain the family for their holiday visit. I never believed they would make it, but did so a level that was far beyond our every expectation. Both carts were custom solutions, but it was like a personal goal for both Jason on the sales side and Tim on the service side to get it done, and ultimately, they seemed to care more than we did. The schedule they took on seemed impossible in the beginning but they actually did it.

When suppliers couldn’t perform within the time frame they loaned us parts to use while the final items were being processed. The entire experience was better than any I have ever experienced or imagined. The result…..we love the new cart and once again are delighted with our old/new refurbished Western.

LUXE has done our maintenance work on the older cart for several years and because of that experience we didn’t look anywhere else when the time for a new addition came up. Thank you all for making this such a delightful experience.