Are Electric Golf Carts Street Legal

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You probably didn’t buy your electric car golf cart because of the need to use it on the road. But as changes in human-environment dictate, the thought of using your golf cart as a means of transportation becomes a reality. Hence, the need to answer the question of whether your electric car golf cart is street legal or not.


What makes your electric car golf cart street legal is its compliance with the official requirements for the street legal golf cart as released by the department of transportation in your state.


What does street-legal mean?

Think of your vehicle in this case, what makes it roadworthy? There is a long list of items and conditions your car must meet to get the road officers’ approval to be on the road. These items are the minimum safety requirements for driving on the street safely each time you hit the road.


The same principle applies, and when your golf cart satisfies these requirements, your cart is said to be street legal. Therefore, think of the working lights such as a headlamp, brake and taillights, turn signal lights, the DOT approved tires, wiper in case of rain or snow and the minimum speed requirement.

Are electric golf Carts Street legal?

With regard to minimum speed, the golf cart is classified as a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) with a minimum speed of between 20 and 25 mph. At maximum speed, your cart should do up to 35 mph; some carts do more actually.


Why do you need a street-legal electric car golf cart?

In the opening of this article, I talked about changes in the human environment and needs. Before, a golf cart got its name because it’s only used on the golf courses, but for so many reasons, you want to consider using your cart as a means of transportation.


Instead of using your luxury car with attendant operating costs, the simple law of economics demands we cut down on expenses. But, if you must put your cart on the road, it needs to meet basic road worthiness requirements, hence street legal.


How can you make your electric car golf cart street legal?

One way to make your current electric golf cart street legal is to meet your electric golf cart dealership to find out if your cart complies with existing requirements in your state. If your cart isn’t street legal, you want to arrange to order the missing items for compliance. Once you have fixed the required part per the DOT regulations, your cart then qualifies as a luxury golf cart to drive on the road. Once your cart certified all requirements to be street legal, you need insurance coverage just like you do for your car.

Luxury Electric Car golf carts come at different functionalities and prices. Affordable ones are going from $2000 up to $6000, while the mid-range prices will run from $7000 to 11,000. The expensive luxury electric golf carts cost anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000. The prices offer different levels of comfort and performance. Most electric golf carts are street legal and will serve your need all-round.


How to select the best street-legal LSV

You can save yourself the trouble by picking the right Street Legal LSV, here are tips for choosing the best.


  1. Find legal LSV

Rather than wasting time on upgrading your current golf cart to street-legal LSV, it is best to go for a readymade street-legal LSV. You need to ensure the LSV has a certificate of Origin that indicates it meets the requirement for street legal golf cart.


  1. Register your LSV

Once you bought the LSV, proceed to register it as you would a new car with relevant authorities. Complete the RMV1 form and pay necessary fees to become the bona fide owner.


  1. Get Insured

Insuring your LSV is the next step after registration. Once your insurance papers are perfected, you are ready to get the final approval to hit the road.


  1. Get Inspected

With your papers complete and all registration done, you are ready for inspection. Your electric LSV needs no emission test. Get all due registration, and you are a proud owner of a street-legal electric LSV golf cart.



Remember that the rules that apply to your car also refer to an electric golf cart. You cannot allow an underage kid or anyone without a driving permit or license to drive your electric car golf cart.

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