Can I use my private golf cart on a golf course?

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Privately owned golf carts are a dream come true for most golfers. I get that having the knowledge that you have full rights over a golf cart is refreshing. It offers you comfort and privacy either on or off course. Talking about that, is it allowed to drive your privately owned golf cart on the golf course? What does it take to use it on course? Are there restrictions on usage? These are among the questions we get from golfers a lot.

Let us clarify that for you.

Who Are In Charge of Golf Courses?

Golf courses are usually private or public. They extend to form the two types of golf clubs – private and private. Despite that case, there are some forms of management bodies that are in control of the courses. These bodies are in charge of the welfare of golfers as well as the state of the course.

As an avid golfer, you will find yourself weighing the options between private or public golf carts. If that happens, here is what you need to know about the two.

Private Golf Courses

Just as many settings in life, private golf courses are mostly used and visited by people with similar interests. You will find that most of these are composed of luxurious golfers and regular golf players, as well as close friends. Members of private golf clubs enjoy benefits such as premium services, fun tournaments, and personalized help. Their subscription fees are high.

Public Golf Courses 

They are the direct opposite of private golf courses. These are mostly overcrowded with people from different domains. The services are less improved compared to those on private ones. Most golfers who opt for public clubs are casual players, and that’s economical for them since their subscription equals the usage. Inexpensive since their subscription fees are low.

How The Type of Golf Course Influence Cart Usage

Whether you are using a rental golf cart or yours, there are regulations that you need to focus on to ensure you are in line with the law or guidelines provided by the club leaders. For that reason, different clubs set rules that guide their members on the usage of their carts. Most clubs allow members to use their golf carts, but there is a fee attached to that.

For instance, some private golf clubs could charge on an hourly basis while public ones charge per day or session.

What Else Determines If You Can Use Your Golf Cart On The Course?

There are many different types of golf carts; electric, gas, pushcarts, et cetera. Many golf courses approve golf cart use depending on its type. This means you can find clubs that do not allow you to enter the course with a diesel golf cart, while others will not mind.

  • The size of the cart also counts as an element that qualifies or disqualifies its use on the course. In most cases, you will find that clubs restrict carts that exceed a certain width, or even tire height.
  • Insurance. Most clubs, either public or private, will require that you provide valid and up to date insurance covers for you to use the golf cart on the course. This aspect ensures that you are responsible for any unmet accidents or occasions that befall your cart while on the course.


Can I Use My Private Golf Cart On A Golf Course?

The answer to this question is that it depends. As we have seen, many factors stipulate the usage of a golf cart on the course. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can use yours on the new club, you just joined, inquire from the management first to make sure that you are not going against regulations.

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