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The answer to this question is “Yes,” but here’s what you should know when it comes to driving a golf cart on the road in California.

California is a big city with many winding freeways and roads.

Drivers are allowed to drive low-speed vehicles, which include golf carts.

Even though low-speed vehicles are allowed, one must know and respect federal and state laws to be safer and legal on the road.

Can You Drive A Golf Cart On The Road In California?

Under the current California NHTSA regulations and interpretations, golf carts, like any other vehicle, are incapable of exceeding 20 miles per hour. This is a rule under the local and state safety regulation.

However, if trusted manufacturers initially make your golf cart, it is treated as a vehicle rather than a golf cart and is allowed to ride faster than 20 miles per hour. This means it is taken as a standard motor vehicle by the federal laws of California.

The standard law of California requires golf carts, which are considered as low-speed vehicles, in this case, to be equipped with the following; headlamps, stop lamps, turning signal lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, windshield, seat belts, tail lamps, rearview mirrors, and identification numbers.


California States Laws For Golf-Carts

California state laws allow communities that use golf-carts to designate themselves to be presented as golf carts communities.

This designation means that golf carts users don’t have to use or follow federal laws or regulations in these places.

Designated communities are usually in cities and towns near golf clubs and golf courses or places where golf carts are treated as necessary for the community livelihood.

However, golf carts used in designated community areas are still required to undergo upgrading to make sure they are safe for use on the roads.

These upgrades are exclusive of seat belts, brakes, and windshield, just like what the federal laws require for low-speed vehicles.

Designated communities are allowed to use covered passenger compartments in the number of desired seat belts in their golf carts.

Another thing to note about this is that even though communities are allowed to designate themselves, riding a golf cart in the California roads demands that speed should not be over 25 miles per hour.

Other Relevant California Regulations To Consider For Riding Golf Cart On The Road

California state laws demand all golf carts which have been modified into low-speed vehicles to have four wheels before they can be street and road legal.

This rule is not hard to meet because already all golfers drive their carts when they have four wheels and do drive poorly when they have less than four wheels.

Another thing to note about these additional regulations is that golf carts should go up to 20 miles per hour but not to exceed 25 miles, mainly on paved roads.

These regulations are made to ensure that golf carts are not driven fast for safety needs. Again, golf carts and other low-speed vehicles are supposed to have about 17 -digital identification numbers, which is generally referred to as the VIN.

To have the VIN for your golf cart, you’ll have to register it at the DMV registrar, and when you receive it, it is what you’ll be using when tracking your golf cart like other vehicles.

Golf carts, when allowed to ride on the California roads, are never supposed to exceed a weight of 3000 pounds with the required speed limit of fewer than 25 miles per hour. These two factors are always vital to keep in mind when you want to ride a golf cart here in California.

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