Lithium batteries

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Electric golf carts are today the most energy-efficient and accessible transporting mode for the
golfers together with their equipment at the gold course. I made almost all the golf carts that are
used for recreation to carry two club sets and two people. The maintenance personnel at golf
courses recharge golf carts after the 18-hole gold round that lasts 4-5 hours and measures 3.5
miles. It is also essential that people who own personal golf carts recharge their batteries after
every gold round.

So, is it possible for one to overcharge a golf cart? The time a battery takes for a golf cart battery
to recharge fully will depend on several factors. First, it will depend on how batteries are used,
power cell capacity, and the stored energy. The charger type will also play an essential role in the
time to charge the batteries. Here are some factors that will help determine the charging process

lead batteries vs Lithium batteries

Overcharging can quickly kill your golf cart battery if you do not avoid it. You should ensure
you are using an automatic charger that will automatically stop charging when your battery is
full. Some clients previously thought they had bought a lousy battery only for them to learn later
on that the battery was damaged by overcharging.

  • Efficiency and quality of the battery golf cart charged
  • Discharge depth of power cells
  • Overall condition and variety of batteries used in a golf cart

Can You Overcharge A Golf Cart?

The charging process of bulky duty chargers having high efficiency can be fast and can take up
to 1-3 hours maximum. However, for a lightweight charger having 2-5 amps the output, it can
take much longer. Using a DOD of 75% to 80% will take lots of time to charge using a light
battery charger.

One can always expect to wait from ten and more when charging the batteries using a heavy-duty
charge of high performance as it will reduce the charging time.

Effect of Overcharging Golf Cart Batteries

It would help if you were very careful not to overcharge the gold calf batteries since it is among
the most popular factors that help in reducing the life of a battery. Overcharging the battery will
cause the water in the gold cart power cells to overcharge. When they are overcharged, they will lead to the loss of water, which will leave the plates dry. The batteries will overheat. Heat is one
of the leading golf cart battery killers.
A good number of the cart batteries today have an automatic switch system that shuts down
charging after the battery is charged fully. The new battery chargers that use this system control
the charging time doing away with the overcharging risk.  In case you are still using the old
chargers, it might force you to check the charging process manually.

Extending the Golf Cart Batteries Service Life

One crucial aspect you need to prioritize whenever you are dealing with gold cart batteries is to
ensure they are fully charged after use. Ensure I always charge the cells are always before you
use them again, especially when it is a new battery.

For the batteries to get to their full potential, they need to be charged to full capacity at least 20-
50 times. It will help in enhancing and optimizing the battery’s service life that will be of great
benefit to you in the long run.

It is also advisable that you avoid deep discharging of the golf cart batteries or using up to 80%
of their charge since battery life expectancy is related directly to the discharge depth.

When you run down the batteries to 20-50% of the charge, you will subject them to 75-80% of
discharge depth. This will reduce its life. It also makes the battery plates weak, especially in the
power cells reducing the cycle amount they have.


Finding out how long it will take to charge a golf cart battery is not possible.  The charge time of
golf cart batteries entirely depends on three main factors. The batteries condition and quality, the
level of discharge in the cells that need to be charged, and the quality of the charger used.  The
charge time depends on all three factors. When one of them leans on the negative, it will force
you to wait for up to 10 hours. However, in case both batteries together with the charger, have
high quality and a deep discharge depth, the time for charging will be close to 1-3 hours.

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