Can You Rent a Golf Carts in Palm Desert

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Palm Desert in Riverside County, California, with a population of 48,445 people (2010 census), offers a bustling community living. The community is among settlements aspiring for zero auto emission, and the golf cart is an integral part of its transportation system.

Can You Rent Golf Carts In Palm Desert?

For such a large human settlement, there are several golf cart dealers in the community, including Luxe Electric Cars for your golf cart support.


About Luxe Electric Car

The golf cart dealer is the most innovative and exclusive luxury automobile builder in Palm Desert. The focus of Luxe is to give you the perfect golf cart that meets your needs. Also, it offers golf cart rental services, flexible enough to provide you with a reason to own your cart soon.


With superior craftsmanship, Luxe can meet all your golf cart aspirations, whether its speed, luxury or style, and a combination of these in a friendly and cordial manner. Luxe is a wholly USA brand and meets the golf cart law of any state in the country.


Rent a golf cart in Palm Desert

If you are new in Palm Desert or you are wondering where to rent a golf cart to meet your immediate transportation needs, Luxe Electric Car offers excellent advantages, below are some to consider.


  1. Working with Experienced golf cart rental service

You do understand the importance of experience in anything, don’t you? That is where Luxe stands out among several golf cart rental services in Palm Desert. With over 15 years of dedicated custom golf cart building, Luxe is a one-stop-shop for all your modified golf cart needs. There are sound and experienced technicians who understand the in-and-out of golf cart technology and build to taste. The only golf cart rental service to patronize is one that understands the working of the cart, because of your safety!


  1. Unique Golf Cart Rental Tailored to Your Budget

Tailored golf cart rental service is the card that Luxe has to beat all other services. You want a rental service that can work with your budget and give you a deal to meet your needs. Luxe electric cars can do that because they always put themselves in clients’ shoes to know what should meet your needs.


  1. Well-serviced and Reliable Golf Cart Rental

Everyone is careful what golf cart they ride today due to accidents that have occurred. More often than not, the leading cause of golf cart accidents, according to experts, is faulty parts. Without well-service and reliable components, you will be at risk of avoidable golf cart accidents. This is why Luxe takes extra caution to pay close attention to all their golf cart fleet for rental. It has certified technicians who can detect faults early and have it fixed to make every cart roadworthy.

  1. Discount purchase

If you love the golf cart you rented, there is a tendency you may want to buy; Luxe offers a mouthwatering discount package to buy with ease. Also, you will be working with a rental service and golf cart dealership with integrity and excellent customer service.


The Luxe continue to serve your needs even after a purchase, in fact, just the beginning.


  1. You Have Choices

The significant advantage of working with luxe Electric Car, golf cart rental service, is the fact that you have unlimited choices of golf carts to choose from. Each pick comes with price advantages to select based on budget and need.



LUXE Electric Car is the best place to go for regular and scheduled golf cart maintenance. We are committed to achieving 100% customer service satisfaction. Rest assured that our factory-trained technicians are intimately familiar with your vehicle, and will gladly provide uncomplicated answers to your questions.


The Luxe technicians are always ready to give you the lasting experience to enjoy your golf cart adventures. Stopover today and see for yourself!

LUXE Electric Car

LUXE Electric Car is the only Luxury, Custom, Electric Golf Car manufacturer in the Coachella Valley.

Not only does LUXE Electric Car Custom Build them right here in the desert, but their showroom, located at 74-125 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, is open and ready to help you decide what style and extras you want for your next new golf cart.

As one of the leading electric golf cart companies in the United States, they are also the trailblazers for innovation, including the power plants. Seeing the future in power shifting from Lead Acid Batteries to Lithium, LUXE Electric Car can not only fit your new car with batteries that need no maintenance, a warranty of five years and change the life of up to 100 miles between charging, but they can retro-fit existing carts with Lithium Batteries.

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