The Benefits of Citizens on Patrol Vehicles in Your Neighborhood

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Luxury Golf Cars as C.O.P. Vehicles

What is a C.O.P. Vehicle? 

C.O.P. Vehicles are citizen patrol vehicles shared by a community as a means for community members to keep their neighborhoods safe from crime. They can also sometimes be fitted with video and audio recording equipment and other technical equipment, enabling them to be used as an evidence-gathering tool in the event of an incident being reported by members of the public or detected by the monitoring system onboard. And, they definitely come in handy for neighborhood events, transporting items and people!

How Can Citizens on Patrol Vehicles Make Your Community Safer?

Citizens on Patrol vehicles are the first step in making your neighborhood safer. They are one critical piece of the puzzle that helps lower crime rates and creates a closer and more united community. These citizen vigilantes patrol their neighborhoods in an effort to deter crime. They also serve as another line of communication between law enforcement, citizens, and residents.

One of the most crucial things these citizens on patrol provide is visibility. It is important to know there are people in your community watching out for each others’ wellbeing and safety!

patrol vehicles

What is the Best Way to Choose a C.O.P Vehicle?

Researching possible county or city support for your C.O.P vehicle is a good first step. Having local support for training and even designated funds can have a big impact on how successful it will be in the community. Look to your regional officials for support in this process or create a neighborhood committee in charge of the C.O.P. This way, you have people who understand the needs of your community and are committed to seeing that a vehicle gets implemented successfully.

Once a neighborhood committee is formed, you can discuss fundraisers for the Citizens on Patrol Vehicle. Sign-ups for participants in scheduled patrols need to be organized, and an easy means of communication through the community and with the C.O.P. team needs to be established. You’ll also need to decide on and designate a central location where the C.O.P. vehicle will be located for the shared use of the patrolling members. 

Why Choose a Luxury Golf Car as Your Community’s C.O.P. Vehicle?

Community-oriented policing is all about interacting with the public and creating good relationships with the community. A luxury golf car does just that and is a perfect fit for your community’s Citizens on Patrol vehicles.

Luxury golf cars drive quietly, so they won’t disturb neighborhoods or startle people on golf courses. They also cost less to operate than a gas-powered car and are environmentally friendly, as well as customizable for special specifications such as ramps, sirens, blue lights, and more.

Luxury golf cars can also be used for long-range use with the ability to drive up to 100 miles between charges. And with speeds up to 32 mph, you won’t slow street traffic through your neighborhood. 

Luxe Electric Car Luxury Golf Car Helps You Find the Best Patrol Vehicles for Your Needs 

Luxe Electric Car is the perfect luxury car for your neighborhood C.O.P.

– They have custom cars that can be designed to suit your neighborhood needs and desires.

– Luxury cars have countless options.

– Luxe Electric gives impeccable customer service.

– They have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Of course, there are many reasons why you should buy a Luxe electric car, but the most important one is that they are quiet and environmentally friendly. And, they make it easy to get around town without having to worry about gas prices!

LUXE Electric Car


LUXE Electric Car is the only Luxury, Custom, Electric Golf Car manufacturer in the Coachella Valley.

Not only does LUXE Electric Car Custom Build them right here in the desert, but their showroom, located at 74-125 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, is open and ready to help you decide what style, and extras you want for your next new golf cart.

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