Do golf carts have front brakes?

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Yes and no. Your answer will depend on the type of cart you are driving. When you hear discussions about golf carts brakes, they are talking about two different types of carts.

Do Golf Carts Have Front Brakes?

Most carts from manufacturers have two rear wheels brakes only. Yes, that is because stock carts are recreational vehicles with very slow speed. The maximum speed is about 11 mph, and the two rear brakes are enough to stop the cart.


However, the second type of golf cart is the modified carts called low-speed vehicle (LSV). They have that name because of upgrades in the speed and other functionalities.


It means the speed of the modified golf cart is increased between 20 mph and 35 mph. In this regard, the original stock golf cart’s rear brakes will have less impact stopping it. Therefore, the front brakes are needed for more effects and safety.


Golf Cart Brake System

The conventional golf cart has rear brakes to stop the cart because of the low speed. Apparently, the brakes at the rear wheels do not have to exert much force to stop the cart.


But, as golf cart owners seek more powers, it ultimately requires more brakes to cope with an increase in speed.


There are different types of brakes used in modified golf carts. The purpose is to deliver more tolerance and safety. Unless you have changed your golf cart, you may not need to bother about brakes.


Of course, regular maintenance of every cart’s brake is crucial. However, you may not need to install the front brake for your recreational golf cart.

Types of Brake Systems

Your stock golf cart from the manufacturer has the mechanical rear drum brake system. The system includes service brake, park brake pedal and release linkage that serves park brake.


Also, the self-adjusting wheel brake system has an equalizer link, compensator system, and braking cables.


You will come across the following brake terms in the automobile and golf cart.

  • Mechanical braking
  • Electric braking
  • Dynamic braking
  • Countercurrent braking
  • Regenerative brake


Maintenance and Repair of Golf Cart Brake

Golf cart brakes may appear not to need servicing because of their low speed, but that is not true! Every material will depreciate in a matter of time, and regular maintenance helps to keep them working.


If you own a golf cart, you can carry out simple, routine maintenance as follows.


  1. Clean The Brake

For simple routine maintenance, you need aerosol brake cleaner and a blower.

  • Lift the brake axle you want to maintain.
  • Lose the nuts and remove the wheels and the brake drums.
  • Blow out the dust in the entire brake area.
  • Get the aerosol and clean the brake thoroughly.
  • After the cleaning, use a clean rag to wipe off any accumulated grime from the brake.



  • Adjust Golf Cart Brakes


Part of the brake maintenance task is to adjust the brake presses. Check the bolts and screws, making sure they are well fastened and firmed for an excellent performance.



  • Replace Golf Cart Brakes


It doesn’t matter how long-lasting your cart brake shoes are, the wear and tear of the system will take its toll and need a replacement very soon. When your golf carts brake shoes or drum need changing, here is what to do:

  • Change brake shoes. Get replacement brake shoes from your golf dealership or part shop.
  • Remove the brake drums and the shoes on the current wheel under maintenance.
  • Clean the wheel hub assembly using an aerosol cleaner.
  • Take out the replacement shoes and slap them into pistons.
  • Return the drum and fix the tire.
  • Repeat the process for the other wheels.


If you notice the drum has a problem and needs changing, get a replacement drum from your local golf cart part shop. Jack up the cart on the affected wheel and replace it.


Tips for durable golf cart brake

  • Inflate the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure to improve your brake life.
  • Lubricate every moving part in the suspension yearly.
  • Please don’t delay any symptom of brake system issue once detected, fix it.
  • Get genuine spare parts at all times.



Your golf cart, if not modified, should have only the rear brakes. You need to maintain the brakes as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid a breakdown.


If you own a modified golf cart, you should have both rear and front brake systems in place. The maintenance of the modified golf cart takes more effort than the regular ones.

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