Do golf carts need insurance?

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Golf carts have gained much traction in the recent past, and that has contributed to their regular use in most locations worldwide. In the US, for instance, they have been given a green card by the law to be used on the streets, vacation destinations, and gated communities. This being the case, you will need to have a form of liability coverage for the cart against several unexpected perils – a golf cart insurance.


Do Golf Cart Insurance Policies Exist?

As with many motor vehicles, golf cart insurance policies are there offered by many firms. For golf carts, they are either a mandatory requirement by the law or as a self-precaution by cart owners. In some US states such as Arizona, it is compulsory to insure your golf cart against several unseen accidents and other covers.


What Do Golf Cart Policies Cover?

That’s a good question.

Golf carts are not heavily restricted as general vehicles, even if they can be used on regular roads. However, research published by the American Journal of Medicine indicated that bodily injury caused by golf carts rose by 130% between 1996 and 2006.

Do Golf Carts Need Insurance?

Golf carts insurance covers are more like motorcycle covers. The covers include;


  • Bodily Injury Cover


This is liability coverage that is meant to reinstate you in case you are involved in an accident involving your golf cart. Most insurance firms will cover medical bills, if any, for you and as well for the guest passenger automatically. But there are guest passenger covers offered independently.


  • Guest Passenger Cover 


Since most golf carts are built to offer comfort, you will find yourself using it for yourself most of the time. But we understand that you have your golfer buddies that you can offer a ride on the passenger seat. In that case, you are allowed to cover them with a tailored insurance cover.


  • Comprehensive Cover


This cover can help cover for multiple liabilities, other than collision. Most aspects covered under it are vandalism, theft, fire, and natural calamities. The cover is meant to pay for replacement or repair costs you will undergo in such occasions.


  • Medical Cover


Medical covers shield you and your family for medical bills under your registered golf cart. This can work as an alternative to your regular medical insurance covers.


  • Property Damage Cover


In case your golf cart gets involved in an accident and damage is caused to property that you don’t own, this cover will help you pay for the same. It’s a good option since, just as the word itself, they are accidents.


Cost of A Golf Cart Insurance Cover

You will realize that prices differ according to where the golf cart will be used, and the liability being covered. For instance, if your golf cart is the off-road type, that is, you use it on private golf courses and gated communities; annual costs could go for as low as $75 annually. On the other hand, in public areas where speed limits are allowed at 25 miles/hour, you can pay up to $600 annually.


These prices vary due to many factors, such as exposure to risk, and the location in which you live. In highly populated areas, rates will be higher than less populated and busy places.


Do You Need Golf Cart Insurance?

By now, you might have a pretty good understanding of golf cart insurance. Therefore, the question is not whether you need it, because you do, but rather, is it necessary? As a rule of thumb, anything that makes your life easier and more effective is a necessity. That’s why we believe golf cart insurance is vital.


However, before you get your cart insured against the various types of covers, it’s imperative to weigh the options. Make the decision based on factors such as value for the protection, cost, and usage of the cart. That way, you will have made an investment that’s worth it.

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