Lead Acid Lithium Batteries

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The effort to choose between lead based Batteries and lithium batteries for your electric golf cart is an endeavor well directed. It’s like finding out the best gas to power your automobile, and you need to choose the right because so much depends on your decision.

The difference between lead based batteries and lithium batteries is a matter of technology. Evidently, Lithium batteries are an advancement over lead based batteries.

Today, old battery technologies stand side by side with newer ones; your decision should be about performance.

This article compares lead based batteries and lithium batteries for your golf cart. In doing so, we consider golf cart owners wanting to change batteries and a new buyer, choosing the best battery.


What are lead-based batteries?

lead batteries vs Lithium batteriesThese are rechargeable lead-acid battery invented by a French physicist, Gaston Planté in 1859. The system comprises of lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid solution to provide a reliable power supply for equipment and devices needing instant power. They have initial low cost and excellent high-surge currents.


In the evolution of batteries, lead based batteries are the patriarch of battery family. Lead-acid battery technology counts on centuries of improved power technology and still very much in contention today.


Benefits of lead-based batteries

  • Performance stability. With such long years of existence, most of its shortcomings have been overcome. What you get from lead-based batteries today are power and performance.
  • The lead-based battery is non-inflammable, designed at standard pressure, and very safe for use without risk of explosion.
  • High working voltage. Lead-based batteries guarantee consistent high voltage supply suitable for hybrid vehicles and applications needing high rate discharges.
  • Suitable for a variety of needs. Excellent for applications requiring peak performance of shallow charge and discharge, unique for peak load and valley clipping etcetera.
  • Excellent for large scale energy storage. Offer convenient means to store substantial energy requirements, ideal for applications needing energy for later uses.
  • Easy maintenance. Easy to maintain because of the simple composition and availability of parts.
  • The cheapest secondary batteries in the market.


What is Lithium Battery?

The Lithium battery was first produced commercially in 1991 by Sony. The battery has four key components, including Cathode, electrolyte, anode, and separator. All parts work as a unit, and all are needed for it to function.

Lithium battery, called lithium-ion, is excellent for renewable energy uses. The technology is extremely stable and high performing compared to its predecessors. The lit-ion has six different chemistries, with each one unique in performance.

Benefits of lithium batteries

  • Maintenance-free. Unlike lead-based batteries, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  • Makes your cart lighter. Lit-ion batteries are lightweight, making it ideal for a luxury electric golf cart.
  • Never a downtime. Offer 100% uptime for golf cart.
  • Adequate power supply. You don’t need to worry about your cart, not climbing hills because of its robust power output.
  • Highly tolerant of abuse. The lithium batteries will respond anytime you need it.

Comparing lead based batteries and lithium batteries

  • Lead-based batteries are cheaper compared to lithium batteries at the initial investment.
  • Lead-based batteries are versatile but not as lithium batteries in terms of weight-to-performance ratio.
  • Lead-based batteries need regular maintenance, but lithium batteries need no support at all.
  • Life cycle. Lithium batteries have a higher life cycle between 2000 and 5000 times, compared to 500 and 1000 for lead based batteries.
  • The Charging speed. It takes up to 8 hours to fully charge lead based batteries and 3 hours for lithium.
  • Lithium batteries can serve up to five years of regular use, while lead based batteries last about two years.


What batteries should you choose?

If you are considering between Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries for your old golf cart or you want to know what battery to choose between the two technologies, here are what to consider.


  • The Carrying capacity. If you put your cart to more rigorous uses, you need lithium batteries.
  • You cart energy needs. If your cart requires more energy in addition to riding, you need lithium.
  • Frequency of use. Frequently used cart requires more charging time and maintenance, choose lithium batteries.
  • Can you afford a high initial investment? If yes, choose lithium; if no, go for lead based.



Whether a current owner or new looking to buy the best battery, we recommend the lithium batteries. However, if you have an issue with initial cost and your cart requires less energy to function, you can settle for the lead-based batteries.

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