All of our LUXE custom models can be customized with any of our ASTON, CREWE, MUNICH, ROVER or MBZ front ends and a choice of the GT, Signature Sport or L.S. 4 passenger rear.

    • We have designed and utilize our own LUXE chassis on all LUXE customs

    • 18 Horsepower A.C. Drive

    • Built in Charger

  • 5 Year Warranty

Click link below to view our remanufactured LUXE customs:

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Custom 6 or 8 passenger also available!

What Does It Mean to Build Custom Electric Golf Carts?

Custom Electric Golf Carts are slowly becoming the new norm for most golfers out there. Their comfortable, aesthetic build makes them the perfect option for the car to move around the golf course and also on the streets. The good thing about golf carts is that they can be easily customized to your specifications.

What Are Custom Electric Golf Carts?

Golf carts come out as a luxury to some extent. Do you know why? Yes, that’s right – because they are. Since the advent of golf carts earlier in the days, different car manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to create these arguably effective means of transport for golfers like you and me. 

Custom electric golf carts are simply golf carts made according to your specifications. You see, most of these cart manufacturers are there to make ready products and release them to the market. However, some companies (like us 🙂 )understand that consumer preference varies and thus, they allow their customers to specify what features to see on their golf carts.

Therefore, some things are considered custom when building custom carts, so we are going to share the major ones with you.

What Can Be Customized In A Golf Cart

One thing you have to note is that not everything in a golf cart will be in a position to be customized, and for an obvious reason – it’s expensive. Although, if you need to build a brand-new golf cart, you can choose everything that goes into the electric golf cart. Yes, we offer that too.

Items and aspects that can be customized on your cart include;


  • The Body Color. We understand that you are in charge, and you have your color preference. Therefore, you are in a position to dictate one which you prefer by choosing across a variety of color palettes. 
  • Tires and Wheels. The right wheels are essential since terrain differs in a different location. You can make the decision, with the help of our professional electric golf cart manufacturer, about the right wheel size and tires.
  • The Interior of Your Cart. Golf carts, like any other means of transport, need to provide comfort to you as you use it around town or even on the golf course. Therefore, you can decide to choose the right seats, rooftop, and the interior material for your cart. Don’t forget about the added aircon features, the stereo, the mood lighting…just to name a few!
  • The Lift Kit. Depending on your terrain also, you need to customize the tire height to enable smooth rides. It’s also a great feature since it lets you have a seamless off-loading experience as well as making it possible to use bigger wheels and tires.

There are three types of lift kits you can choose from;

  • Spindle Lifts – these are popular since they do not require much adjustments to the factory suspension.
  • Axle Lifts – installation takes long since it requires the rods to be adjusted to fit correctly.
  • Long Travel Lifts – Appropriate for rough terrains though their installation is quite complicated.


  • Adding Extra Accessories. Electric golf cart accessories are unlimited. Luxe Electric cars have created all sorts of amazing custom designs for our clients… some have drink-cooling systems that can be installed in the golf cart to improve your experience during summer holiday games. Most cup holders on golf carts have the cooling feature built onto them that you can opt for to enhance your experience. 


The above is certainly not the only electric golf cart elements you can customize to your standards. The art of customizing golf carts has the primary objectives of improving usability, uniqueness, and to account for the value of the golf cart.

What is your next step for a Custom Golf Cart? 

Building a custom golf cart does not have to be that big of a deal if you know what exactly you want the cart to look like. We say this because, at Luxe, we excel in electric golf carts customization, and you are free to come to check out our expose in our Palm Desert Showroom.

74125 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA 92260