How to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

How to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

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Are you considering an upgrade for your golf cart? Over the years, carts have evolved from conventional three-wheeled gasoline-powered carts to modern, powerful, and electric low-speed vehicles. This shift was in response to the growing demand for efficient and sustainable golf carts. Notably, regulations against vehicle emissions have contributed to the shift from gas-powered to electric carts. Then again, the power source is not the only change they have undergone.

If you are a golfer looking to buy a new golf cart, there are customization options available from most dealers. And, if you already own a golf cart and want to transform it, there are upgrade options available. This article highlights the best ways to upgrade your cart.

Common Golf Cart Modifications

Planning an upgrade helps you have an idea of what you want to achieve with the upgrade. Is it more power, security, a better look, or modern accessories? Whatever the goal, a renovation helps you achieve it. The following are the common modifications focused on enhancing power, aesthetics, safety, and adding personality.

1. Upgrade to lithium-ion batteries 

Lithium batteries are recommended for several reasons. They charge faster, have a low discharge rate, and have high power density. This means more energy retention when compared to alternatives like lead-acid batteries. Couple that with the low maintenance needs of lithium batteries, and you have the perfect battery for your golf cart.

Besides, switching to lithium batteries improves your safety because lithium is safer than other metals, such as lead. If you are ready for the switch, visit your local golf cart dealer for consultation on the brand, size, and the number of batteries to fit in your golf cart.

Change the tires

2. Change the tires

Golf cart tires affect its performance, especially given that these vehicles are used on the streets, on hilly golf courses, and in adverse weather conditions. A strong and durable set of tires can contribute to a more versatile golf cart. Standard or stock golf cart tires are often meant for paved surfaces. Therefore, a tire swap promotes the versatility required for these conditions if you drive your golf cart on the streets, gravel roads, and other surfaces.

Before buying a new set of tires, consider the size of your golf cart wheels and rims. The wheels’ design, color, and style should also be considered. Most golf cart experts recommend using all-terrain golf cart tires since they are adaptive to multiple conditions.

3. Mount front brush guards

This is another golf cart addition that serves multiple purposes. A brush guard protects the headlights and front cowl and gives your golf cart an aggressive and sporty look. Unlike grilles, brush guards are larger and protect the whole front part of a golf cart. In other words, brush guards are a necessity that makes your golf cart safer and more appealing.

Most new golf carts are fitted with low-quality brush guards or nothing at all. This is why you need to mount a custom brush guard if you are planning to use the golf cart on rugged terrains or if you want to enhance its appearance.

4. Equip your cart with seat belts

Seat belts are a requirement that makes a golf cart street-legal. Essentially, new golf carts do not come with seat belts installed. However, there are mounting surfaces inside the cart where seat belts can be attached.

Seat belts are more of a safety feature than a legal requirement. Just because golf carts are low-impact vehicles, it doesn’t rule out their chances of getting into accidents. In such cases, seat belts reduce the accident’s impact on the driver and passengers.

5. Install a golf cart lift kit

This upgrade ties back to improving ruggedness and better off-road driving experience. Raising your golf cart a few inches above the ground increases the ground clearance, which improves its performance in rough terrains. It also helps protect the bumper and the components under the hood from damage by bumpy landscapes.

There is so much more you can do to upgrade your golf cart, depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. The above modifications are a good starting point. As you continue using your golf cart, you will discover what needs to be added or refurbished.

Reasons for Upgrading a Golf Cart

Reasons for Upgrading a Golf Cart

Upgrading a golf cart comes with lots of benefits. Here is what to expect with a golf cart upgrade:

  • Upgrading your batteries provides more power
  • Installing newer items modernizes your golf cart
  • Customizing components reflect your personality
  • Strong essential parts increase its safety
  • Upgrades increase the value of the golf cart


Factors like performance and aesthetics are good reasons to plan a golf cart upgrade. Adding or replacing existing features improves your golf cart’s comfort, drive, look, and overall functionality. Get started with the simple upgrades listed above and work your way up to a better-looking, more powerful golf cart.

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