How are Electric Golf Carts Wired?

How are Electric Golf Carts Wired

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Do you often wonder how the 36-volt club car’s golf cart wiring is done? The electric golf carts need a collection of batteries, called a battery bank. Sometimes, the bank may produce 48 volts to meet the higher energy requirement of the model of the car you drive.

Golf cart battery wiring is specialized, and every owner should be skilled at doing it. This knowledge will save you from battery-related difficulties at any time. The connection produces 48 or 36 volts, and this can be achieved by the wiring option you choose.

After reading this article, you will understand the 48-volt golf cart battery wiring diagram, as well as the 36-volt option. However, we will be focusing on how to achieve both.


Understanding Series and Parallel Wiring

The choice of wiring depends on the voltage output required for the intended application.

  • Parallel Wiring

Parallel wiring helps to sustain battery storage capacity without increasing the voltage. E.g., the parallel connection of two 6 volts batteries will produce 6 volts with added reserve capacity.

  • Series Wiring

The series wiring increases the total voltage output. In this installation option, the total voltage output increase in multiple of the voltages wired. E.g., when you connect two 6 volts batteries in series, the output will be 12 volts, with the battery reserve capacity being the same.

Technically, most electric golf cart battery banks use series wiring.


Configuring 36 Volt Club Car Golf Cart Wiring

The 36-volts club car golf cart wiring requires a set of six batteries of 6 volts capacity each. You will also need five equal size connection cables. We will connect the batteries using series wiring to add up to 36 and 48 volts, as shown in the diagram below.
How are Electric Golf Carts Wired?

Figure 1: 36 volt club car golf cart wiring

How are Electric Golf Carts Wired?
How are Electric Golf Carts Wired?

Figure 2: 48 volt golf cart battery wiring diagram


Steps to wire 36 volts and 48 volts battery bank for a club car 

If you own a club car, you should be familiar with the arrangement of the batteries. Ideally, it’s a simple pack arranged in two batteries of three columns. The battery module is numbered from right to left, one through six.

As seen in the diagram, the batteries are connected in series as follow:

  • Battery #1. The positive post of Battery No. 1 will connect to the positive main motor cable of the car, while the negative post will go to the positive terminal of Battery No.2. Ensure you tighten the connector securely.
  • Battery #2. You will connect the negative post of the battery to the positive pole of Battery No. 3. It would help if you tightened the connector to limit partial contact.
  • Battery #3. Grab another cable to connect the battery’s negative terminal to the positive post of Battery No. 4. Connect it tightly to prevent partial contact.
  • Battery #4. Use another wiring cable to connect the battery’s negative post to the positive terminal of Battery No. 5. Also, make sure you tighten it securely.
  • Battery #5. Connect the negative post to the positive terminal of Battery No. 6 to complete the connection of the batteries. Ensure the link is adequately secured to prevent electrical problems.
  • Battery #6. The negative pole of the battery will power the cart and the motor from the ground of the car.


Test the Wiring

The wiring system adds up the voltage. If you want more power, use the 48-volt golf cart battery wiring diagram. For 48 volts battery bank, you need 8 volts battery stacked together. To have 36 volts, use a 6 volts battery.

Before you start your car, it is critical to determine if it works perfectly before starting your golf cart. You need to test it using a voltmeter to ensure you have the required 36 volts or 48 volts. If your batteries are good and connected to perfection, the voltmeter should read 36 or 48 accordingly.

Do You Need Help with Your Electric Golf Cart Battery Wiring?

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