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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, making some prior planning to choose the right golf clubs is an absolute requirement for achieving the performance metrics. Choosing right and strategic golf clubs will enable you to play well. Moreover, golf equipment, particularly a golf club, is a decision that should come at ease as you progress with the game. What about golf clubs? How do you choose?

The Right Beginner’s Pack

For a beginner, there is a need to familiarize with the game and decide whether they would want to progress. This eliminates the need to purchase new clubs, therefore borrowed or used clubs will serve the purpose. You should include at least three woods, a range of irons, and a putter, with no need for a driver. Afterward, if you chose to progress with golf, you might decide to purchase your own beginner set of clubs.

However, customized, or top brand names are an expensive investment if you quit the game later. At this stage, the strategic approach would be to go to a discount shop or department store to purchase a new beginner set of clubs.

The best composition should be.

  • A driver,
  • Three wood, odd-numbered irons,
  • A putter, and
  • A carrier bag.

You will make a choice between the male and female, right or left-handed clubs. Likewise, there is a need to distinguish between steel and graphite shafts, but for a beginner, a steel shaft is more durable and cheaper.

What to Focus on After Sustaining Progress?

After playing for a year, with interest to improve in your game, you may set up a full set of clubs. This will include a driver, three and five woods, and three through pitching wedge irons. At this stage, you will need to purchase a separate putter, and a blade type putter is sufficient. This excludes the need for specialty clubs such as wedges, long – irons, and new woods.

However, there is still the need to choose between graphite and steel shafts, where you should stick to steel at this early stage.

You may consider offsetting heads that will increase your trajectory and cavity back irons that will enlarge the spot, a significant spot for the handicap golfer. As you progress with your game, you may complement your basic set with specialty clubs such as sand or lob wedge. A 60-degree lob wedge is significant to escape any greenside trouble.

If you experience any challenge with fairway woods, you may opt for a long iron or a hybrid club that combines the benefit of wood and iron.

If you still experience trouble with longer irons, you may replace a three iron with a seven wood. However, always remember that you can carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in a bag without any penalties. Likewise, you may shift your putter from a blade to a mallet if you experience challenges with putts because 50 percent of the shots are with a putter for a par-golfer.

Achieving the ultimate purpose

Over the years, you may integrate better golf clubs that are more customized and specific to your game. By this time, you have made a lifetime decision to be a committed golfer, and the investment becomes less risky than the beginning. At this time, you may consider the brand names, graphite shafts, grips, the level of stiffness of the shafts, cast or forged irons, and of utter significance customized club fitting.

In conclusion, a customized club-fitting modifies the club shaft length and flex, and the head lies angle and loft to suit your unique size and swing, as you invest in fine-tuning your game.

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