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I bet you own a car, and you are quite familiar with its maintenance. You need to attend to your golf cart, maybe not exactly the same way, but something like it!

Regular maintenance of your golf cart can extend its lifespan without constituting undue financial drain. A well-maintained golf cart, irrespective of the type, would run smoothly and give you the peace of mind you ever wanted in an automobile.

Golf cart maintenance comes with a long to-do list as listed below:

  • Regular cleaning of your golf cart to look good at all times.
  • Routine checking of the batteries to ensure they are in working conditions.
  • Checking the tire for the right air gauge.
  • Checking the brake system to be sure they are in top states.
  • Making sure you’re lighting and relevant illumination at working fine.
  • Check for body rust or dent and fixing it ASAP!
  • If you use a gas-powered engine, change the engine oil as and when due.

This article will discuss golf cart maintenance to touch on both the battery and gas-powered varieties.

Let’s get to it!

How do you maintain a golf cart?

Maintaining your golf cart battery

The battery is an essential item in an electric golf cart. It better be hale and hearty; otherwise, you won’t get a ride from your golf cart, sorry!

The golf cart battery is like gas in your car tank; without it, your vehicle won’t run. Usually, the battery has up to a 10-year lifespan, but it can be shorter with improper maintenance. Avoid situations that will make you repair or replace your battery often due to the cost implication.

Before maintaining your battery, you need to take the following precautions. Remove any metal finger rings, chain necklaces you wear to prevent electrical shock when charging. Also, wear protective rubber gloves and safety goggles to avoid corrosive acid burn.

How to maintain the electric golf cart battery:

  • Always charge your golf cart battery after use.
  • Avoid completely discharging before recharging to prevent accelerated depreciation.
  • After each fully charged, check to see that the battery water covers the metal plates.
  • Ensure the use of only distilled water to refill your battery when the water level is low.
  • Check that the battery terminal connectors are tight, secure, and corrosion-free.
  • Clean the top of the batter and surrounding to be free of debris, dust, or grass.
  • If in doubt, call us here at LUXE Electric Carts on (760) 340-2944 

How to maintain a gas golf cart engine:

As with motor cars, a gas engine requires regular maintenance.

  • Change the engine oil, air filter, and spark plug once in a year for optimum performance.
  • Service the clutch once a year to prevent sudden breakdown that may be costly to fix.
  • Develop a routine general maintenance plan to have a golf cart service expert on schedule.

How to maintain your golf cart tires


You don’t want to wait until your tire develops a fault before you have it checked. Of course, this could be hard to do sometimes, as we often do with cars. Things to check on your tire include:

  • The wear and tear of the tire to determine the road worthiness.
  • Have the tire expert check the pressure (Psi) to ensure having the right pressure.
  • Check the tire alignment and balance for optimum performance and longevity.
  • Look for cracks on your tire; if there are, you should prepare to replace them soon.

Have the brakes checked

While every part of an automobile is essential, your golf cart brake is of high priority. Never wait for the brake to breakdown before examining it. Once you notice a little variation in the effectiveness of your brakes, see the expert immediately.

However, the expert recommends you check your golf cart brake once in six months. The following brake elements need checking, adjustment, or replacement according to their conditions: A brake pedal, brake pads, cables, and the drums.

Call Jason at Luxe

Other essential items

If it’s a street legal golf cart, you need to check for wipers, headlamp, reverse light, horn, indicator lights, and accessories.

Take away for How do you maintain a golf cart?

Regular maintenance of a golf cart isn’t a luxury; it is an essential routine to ensure your cart is in a functional state always. Regularly charge your electric golf cart battery and maintain your gas-powered engine on schedule.

It is also essential to maintain the recommended weight, don’t overload it for a long-lasting result.

Maintaining a golf cart, just like your motor car, call the expert’s attention when needed.

If you are anywhere near Luxe Electric Car in Palm Desert, call in to talk to a golf cart expert.

LUXE Electric Car

LUXE Electric Car is the only Luxury, Custom, Electric Golf Car manufacturer in the Coachella Valley.

Not only does LUXE Electric Car Custom Build them right here in the desert, but their showroom, located at 74-125 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, is open and ready to help you decide what style and extras you want for your next new golf cart.

As one of the leading electric golf cart companies in the United States, they are also the trailblazers for innovation, including the power plants. Seeing the future in power shifting from Lead Acid Batteries to Lithium, LUXE Electric Car can not only fit your new car with batteries that need no maintenance, a warranty of five years and change the life of up to 100 miles between charging, but they can retro-fit existing carts with Lithium Batteries.

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