How do you Transport a Golf Cart

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If you are a golf enthusiast like us and you are looking to transport a golf cart, you will need a guide that has sifted through the best transportation options for you.

This article will be helpful to you. By the end of it, you will have all the possible transportation methods you can use to transport your golf cart conveniently.

It is worth noting that, in the absence of a vehicle that can safely transport and bear the weight of your valuable cart, ferrying it from the dealer’s company to your golf club or your desired location can be troublesome.

Consequently, before you start thinking of transporting your golf cart, make sure you have put into consideration all the unique requirements for golf carts transportation.

Let us start with the special considerations for transporting your golf cart before looking at the different methods of transporting it.

Golf carts come in different shapes and sizes. The mode of transporting your golf cart depends upon the size and shape of it. Secondly, golf cart transportation is also based on your preferences and your dealer’s safety recommendations.

Transporting golf carts is possible either through closed or open container options. These transportation methods are mostly preferred when you are transporting the golf cart for a long-distance or in situations where weather conditions are in question. If you are transporting your cart overseas, you will have to consider extra costs for the safety and secure placement of your cart at the delivery place.

The other special requirement is by making sure your cart is not transported with other vehicles in space. This is to make sure you have prevented damages at all costs. Based on your preferences, whether you select an open or closed container transport method, you will be issued with golf cart transport insurance by the transportation partner.

 Methods of transporting golf carts

Based on the transporting service provider you decide to pick, you will expect different ways to help you either get your golf cart from your dealer or transport somewhere from your current location. These methods are:

  • Using a Toy Hauler


If you have access to a motorhome that has extended the external cargo area, you can comfortably transport your golf cart using a toy hauler.


  • Transporting a golf cart using a truck


Well, this is not everyone’s best option, but if you have a substantial truck that has an extended hitch, you can comfortably place your golf cart at the truck’s bed and ferry it wherever you want. The only downside with this method is that it is hard to transport a golf cart to a longer distance.


  • Pulling it using a flatbed trailer


A flatbed trailer is designed explicitly to suitably transport bulk cargo and bulky containers. With a flatbed trailer, you can comfortably ferry your golf cart from your picking location to your terminus.  While using a flatbed trailer, it is wise to note that because these types of trailers lack roofs and walls that protect goods, you will need extra covers or strong holding materials to keep your cart safe and secure on the sides of the trailer.


  • Door-to-door delivery and pickup methods


With a closed or open transportation company, you will be offered transportation insurance while your cart is in transit.  Depending on the agreement and cost of transportation, you will be eligible to select from delivery and pickup transportation options.

If you are living next to or near the transportation company’s terminus or delivery offices, you may not want to incur extra door to door delivery cost. If you are staying far from the company’s terminus, paying door and home delivery payment is the best option you have got.


  • Using a utility trailer


A utility trailer is the type of unpowered vehicles that are towed by powered vehicles. You can hire a large utility trailer to transport your golf cart comfortably for shorter distances.


  • Location transportation method


Apart from the door or home delivery and pickup method, transportation companies offer location transportation options which are cheaper compared to the door-to-door approach. With this transportation option, you will agree with the transporting service provider in your desired location where the cart is to be delivered.

Best of all, the location transportation method also has an insurance policy to make sure you receive or send your golf cart safely.

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