How Electric Golf Carts Work

How Electric Golf Carts Work

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Knowing how a Golf Car Electrical System works will help you understand how to manage your car efficiently. Such skill comes in handy in case of any challenges in the course of use. If you use an electric golf cart, it is essential to know how it works. Golf carts can be gas-powered or run on an electric current. This article will discuss battery-powered golf carts called “electric golf cars” and explain how they work.

The Golf Car Electrical System

When discussing the golf cart electrical system, it is necessary to know the major electrical components of a typical golf car. Such knowledge helps us to understand why electric golf cars work the way they do.

Typically, a golf cart needs the following electrical components to work:

  1. The Battery Pack. It contains some batteries wired to provide the voltage need for your cart. It could be 36 volts or 48 volts, depending on the electrical system of the golf car.
  2. Solenoid. It regulates the use of electricity to drive the cart. Without it, the car will be out of control. Its main job is power regulation. It comprises of steel and coils in order to function optimally.
  3. Speed Controller. It’s like the throttle in a gas-powered engine. It functions as an electric current regulator in the golf car electrical system. Without the speed controller, the cart will be way out of control as it will receive a good dose of energy.
  4. Throttle. This component controls both the solenoid and the speed controller. Just like the gas-powered car throttle, the throttle is an inductive sensor. It pushes the acceleration lever to send electricity to the solenoid and speed controller and drives the motor.
  5. Electric Motor. The electric motor requires the right amount of electricity to turn the cart’s wheel. The working of the electric motor is somewhat complex and needs a consistent flow of energy to keep moving. It works in conjunction with other components to deliver the driving force to move the cart.
  6. Electrical Accessories. A golf cart needs other electrical accessories for your convenience, including a horn, headlamp, wiper, refrigerator, music system, mobile phone charger, and lots more.
How Electric Golf Carts Work
How Electric Golf Carts Work

How do the golf cart’s components work together to get you to your destination?

  1. The battery pack receives an electrical current to charge the batteries. The power bank provides the energy need of the golf cart either 36 or 48 volts.
  2. By design, the golf cart electrical system delivers the energy provided by the battery bank through several channels to regulate the electricity supply to the motor.
  • The device has a steel plunger and coil cable for moving in and out to regulate the flow of electric current.
  • When you start an electric golf cart, power moves to the solenoid. It helps to deliver the right amount of electricity required.
  • Speed controller act as a voltage regulator to increase or reduce voltage needed to power the car. The more the current, the faster the electric motor will turn and make the vehicle move faster.
  • Throttle is the communication device between the golf cart driver and the electrical system to release more current or reduce it. When you want more torque, simply throttle down and vice versa!
  • The electric motor receives electric current through the electrical system to move faster or slow down. When the electric motor receives the electric current, it turns the wheel to get the golf cart to move. The more current it produces, the faster it turns!


Basic Sense of How Electric Golf Carts Work

Electric golf carts work by sending power from the battery to the motor. Upon receiving electric energy from the power bank, the motor turns the wheel, and the car will start to run. Of course, this is a simplified description. But there is more to it than receiving electric energy to get it to work.

Imagine for a moment! How would the electric motor perform if power is gotten directly to it from the battery without the Golf car electrical system?
How Electric Golf Carts Work

Let’s use the analogy of a cooling fan!


The blade will turn very fast if you connect the fan to the mains without the control system. The speed would be very uncomfortable for you. But if the current passes through an electrical control system, the fan would provide the comforting breeze you need.

If you understood how the electric fan works, let’s turn our attention to how electric golf carts work.

Earlier, we talked about the golf cart electrical system and its components. It is with these components that an electric golf cart operates in a way beneficial to you. Apart from Golf car electrical system, other mechanisms help a golf cart work more efficiently.

For instance, the golf carts clutch system. This mechanism controls your car. It helps transmit torque and could cause electric golf cart slipping if it ever malfunctions. Another critical but replaceable golf cart component is the solenoid. Solenoids are so crucial that the cart will not function without them. Thus, you want to know how much a solenoid for a golf cart costs. Knowing this will help in case you need a replacement.

While it is important for you to know how electric golf carts work, it is vital to contact the golf cart experts in your area. By meeting the golf car technicians, you can protect your golf cart investment.


Need Golf Cart Expert Advice?

Today’s golf cars are luxury-defined! The more sophisticated they are, the more technical they become. Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, there is a limit to what you can do. Therefore, you need the experts to have your golf car serve you better.


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