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You have probably wondered how far an electric golf cart can go. However, you are not sure whether you need to put yours into the test. This quest and uncertainty might have led you here. Over the duration we have been in this golf industry, we have come across many questions about the extent to which golf carts can go. You are justified to question that since golf carts are not meant to work as regular motor vehicles.

How Far Can An Electric Golf Cart Go?

To answer you, we will have to introduce you to some of the factors that determine how long a golf cart can endure on the road.

  • Speed

Depending on the customers’ preference, it is worthwhile to note that electric golf carts have a high speed of up to 25 miles per hour (mph) compared to their counterparts – gasoline-driven golf carts, which speed up to 19 mph.

At such slow speeds, moving from a point A to B that are separated by vast distances becomes a challenge for you.

  • Range

This also becomes a debatable topic when it comes to our question. Electric golf carts are convenient on short trips of between 30 to 40 miles. They are primarily utilized when visiting a grocery, a restaurant, or a nearby town. Furthermore, they are street legal.

It is also vital to note that the Yamaha model has a range of 261 miles. Therefore, gasoline golf carts have a range of up to 6 to 7 times the electric golf carts. Consequently, in this case, if the range is a factor to put into consideration, then electric golf carts will get overshadowed for once by gasoline-powered carts.

  • Zero Fume Emission 

Electric golf carts have the upper hand as they do not emit fumes to the environment. And if they do, at insignificant amounts. Motor vehicles that emit dangerous fumes to the environment tend to be unroadworthy, and they never make long distances.

  • Lower Maintenance And Operational Costs

Electric golf carts require less maintenance and operation.This is due to few having less moving parts that need regular replacement coupled with servicing, which is costly of the gas drive golf carts.

Luxe Electric Cars

How Far Can An Electric Golf Cart Go?

How Far Can An Electric Golf Cart Go?

Varying Opinions Amongst Golfers 

Diversity amongst individuals has attracted much attention, especially in deciding how fast, in what range, the level of noise produced, the extent of the fumes produced, maintenance, and or operational costs involved with electric golf carts.

This has forced manufacturers like us to become innovative and try to fix the gap. But before that, we have to understand that the manufacturer does not entirely control the extent to which a golf cart can go.

In that case, here are some reasons golf carts have short commute capabilities.

Why Your Golf Cart Can Only Do Short Distances

  • The Original Design 

It was not until recently that we saw the influx of golf carts in the streets. What this means is that before then, golf carts were only confined to golf courses. The reason for that is simple – they were built for that.

Golf carts used to be designed for short commutes from your home to the golf course, around the course and back. Although you can now use them outside that context, remember that they were meant for the golf course.

  • Low Endurance on Rough Terrains 

Building-up on the fact that golf carts are usually manufactured mostly for use at golf courses, and around, we can say that they have low endurance. On rough terrains such hilly regions, golf carts will be challenged to cruise on.

This will be contributed to by their engine system that is not intended to work with rough roads. Therefore, unless otherwise, a regular golf cart will get challenged in certain terrains, thus limiting how far they can go.

  • Source of Power

The other factor that determines the distance that a golf cart can cover is the source of the power it uses. As of now, we have two major sources of power for golf carts; batteries and gas. Golf carts that rely on batteries tend to be less suited for long commutes while those that use gasoline can sustain long distances.

This shows you that if you have plans to go past 40 miles with your golf cart, you will need to consider buying a gasoline-powered golf cart.

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