How long do batteries last in golf carts

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Golf carts are unlike the regular motor vehicles you see on roads. Their make and general mechanics are designed such that they can only endure certain extremities. Therefore, its components are vulnerable to damage when exposed to harsh conditions.

Golf cart battery is one of the most significant elements that constitute a golf cart. Battery-powered golf carts are common nowadays as their convenience is notable. But did you know that the lifespan of the battery will highly depend on you, as opposed to the cart? This is to mean that certain practices define how long a battery will last in a golf cart.

How Long Do Batteries Last In Golf Carts?

The following are some of the factors that determine how long batteries will take.


  • Amount Of Care Given 


We all know that machines need some level of care and maintenance if we want them to serve their intended purpose effectively. For instance, golf carts that use deep cycle batteries require regular check-ups to ensure that their electrolyte levels are maintained. This implies that if the batteries are left unattended for a long time, they will undoubtedly become obsolete.


  • Level Of Usage


Most golf carts are being designed such that they can also be used as streetcars. However, that does not mean that you can park your SUV and replace it with your golf cart. This approach will see more usage of the cart batteries, which will automatically translate to over-usage tendencies. The batteries will drain fast and thus shorten their life cycle.


  • Exposure To Caused By Extreme Conditions 


Extreme conditions such as long periods of sunshine can damage your golf cart battery. However, you should not shrink on that thought just yet as the weather is a small portion of these extreme conditions. Other elements, such as rough terrains, might end up killing your battery’s life.

Now that we have seen some practices that will determine how long a golf cart will last in a golf cart, let us see what factors determine how long it can last.

What Influences The Lifespan Of A Golf Cart Battery

It’s worth noting that most golf cart batteries can take up to ten years before they become obsolete and call for a change. Also, given the fact that different golf carts perform differently, and there are different types of golf cart batteries.

Therefore, we have to look at weighing factors generally as well going into the specifics of the different types.


  • The Battery Type


At the most basic level, there exist two battery types; that is Lithium-based and Lead-based batteries. These two types have differences that define them, and that contribute to their effectiveness and ineffectiveness.

For instance, Li-based batteries have high resilience and hence they can sustain harsh conditions, unlike lead-based ones.


  • The Brand Of The Battery 


We are here to educate you, and therefore we will not hide the fact that some battery manufacturers are not worth your investment. And it’s also a no brainer since you understand that low-quality items tend to lose value fast. With that in mind, choosing the most coveted battery brand will serve to push the battery lifetime forward.


  • The Features Of The Golf Cart


We saw that the usage of the golf cart would determine how long a battery can sustain. This sustainability will be contributed by factors such as the elements and fundamental features that are being powered by the battery.
Most luxurious golf carts are made with high-end technologies that consume much power. In this case, it means that batteries in such a golf cart will wear out quickly if proper care is neglected.

How Long Exactly Can a Battery Last?

We have established that the direct answer to this question is that it will depend. However, as with any human-made item, golf cart batteries have a period that they can go up to.

The research was conducted that revealed that batteries can go for a minimum of three and a maximum of ten years.


Battery duration is not uniform. Some batteries will lose value before others. However, the lifespan of such batteries can still be extended by observing measures such as regular care and thus improving their state. By doing so, they might last as long as the golf cart itself.

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