How long should a golf cart charge last?

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If you play golf often, you’d know that a golf cart is an integral part of the game. However, there is no golf cart without its battery. The battery is as important as the golf cart. That’s why you have to ensure a regular golf cart charge to serve you more.


Thus, a regular golf cart charge makes moving around the golf course easy and convenient. There is so much information to know about the golf cart battery charge; that is what this discussion will tell you!


All You Need to Know About Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries are similar to car batteries – both are lead-acid batteries. However, similarities don’t mean they are the same thing; there are differences between the two cells.


Significant differences between a golf cart and car batteries

  • Golf carts batteries are 6 volts while car batteries are 12 volts, so you can’t interchange them.
  • Unlike your car batteries that recharge as you drive, the golf cart batteries discharge, so you always have to recharge.

Charging Your Golf Cart

Golf cart batteries need to get fully charged to prevent bad performance. Using your golf cart when the batteries aren’t fully charged can affect the range of your batteries and performance. Ensure your cells have enough time to complete a charge before you use your cart.

How Long Should Golf Cart Charge Last?

It is advisable to charge your batteries every day that you use your golf cart. Don’t drive the golf cart till the battery dies; if you do, it will not last long.


Getting the right chargers

It is essential to charge your batteries properly. But if you overcharge your cells, you could reduce the lifespan and damage them. If you know that you might forget charging and overcharge your batteries, have someone attend to it. Instead, get an automatic charger that shuts off after the batteries are charged; that will save you some stress.


However, if you have the older model charger, you’ll have to remember to turn it off when it’s fully charged. To save yourself all that stress, buy the automatic ones or set the alarm to alert you when it’s time to unplug.


How Long Should Golf Charge Last?

Overcharging is the fastest way to damage your golf cart batteries. Fortunately, there are automatic chargers that switch off when the batteries get fully charged.


But not everyone has an automatic charger. Thus, it would help if you switched it off manually. So how long should golf charge last? The surest way is to determine how long it would take to charge fully and time it.


Once you have an idea of estimated full-charge time, set the alarm to alert you to disconnect the charger. That way, you will prevent overcharging and damage to the battery.


It is recommended to charge the batteries every time you use the golf cart. It is not right to wait until the cells die before recharging it.


Try as much as possible to make sure that battery discharge is not more than 70%. The longer it takes to charge, the more it will overheat and reduce its lifespan. If your battery packs up, replacing it will cost you the money. You may want to regularly budget for battery replacements.


Also, you should make sure there is enough time to charge the battery fully. Don’t charge for a few minutes when you’re in a rush to get to a game.


Maintaining Your Golf Cart Batteries

If you want the batteries to last longer, you have to manage it effectively. Try to check the water level and ensure to clean your cells frequently. Make sure you use distilled water and don’t exceed the set level markings.


Also, remember to switch off everything when not using the golf cart. That includes lights, electronic devices, and everything connected to the batteries. If you leave devices on, it will lead to a total discharge of the cells, which will reduce its life.


Your driving style can also affect the life of the battery. Try as much as possible to avoid the steep terrains. If possible, go round or leave the cart at the bottom of the hill and walk uphill.


Always avoid carrying more people than needed and maintain the recommended weight capacity.



Golf carts are an essential part of the golf game. It offers a convenient way to move around the golf course. But golf carts are only useful if the batteries are functioning.


Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that batteries are fully charged and well maintained.

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