How Much Golf Cart Trailer

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The golf cart is an everyday utility vehicle nowadays. It is no longer for the exclusive use of golfers. You probably would have seen one in your neighborhood serving commuting needs of the estate.

As a high utility vehicle, there are occasions when you need a golf cart trailer, either to convey the cart to a distant location or when you need more carrying capacity for a golf cart.


Before we dive straight into discussing the cost of a golf cart trailer, let me remind you of the importance of expert’s advice in making the best choice in matters relating to golf carts. You can get professional help from the experts at Luxe Electric Golf Car for the latest information on golf cart trailers and several issues.


Yes, the costs of golf cart trailers vary accordingly. The prices you will get will depend on the type, make, aesthetics, purpose, and size. As you would expect, the brand you are buying will influence the cost as well. Overall, you need to do your due diligence in shopping for the best price.


For this discussion, we look across the trailer markets to collect prices from different sellers for cost ideas. Notwithstanding our approach, you should make your independent finding to have a good guess on price, to know how much a golf cart trailer costs.


Types of golf cart trailer

You will find three types of golf cart trailers, including Enclosed Cargo Trailer, Open trailer, and Low Profile Dump Trailer. Whatever model you find out there, your concern should be the purpose for which you need it.


Factors influencing golf cart trailer prices

There is no one size fits all price for a golf cart trailer. The amount you get will depend on several factors. You can refer to our article, “What size trailer do I need to haul a golf cart” to learn about types of trailers to understand differences in price.

Also, the features of the trailer will significantly influence the price. Some features include:

  • Type: Travel Trailer/ Full Trailer
  • Shape: Flatbed, Galvanized
  • Loading Weight: 200kg/300kg/ 350kgs/750gks
  • Grade: Light Duty/ Semi-Automatic/ Heavy Duty
  • Self-dumping: Self-dumping/ Not Self-dumping
  • Material: Steel/Aluminum
  • Condition: New/Used
  • Axle Number: One Axle/Two Axles
  • Tire Number: Two Tires/four tires
  • ABS: Without ABS/With ABS


The price range for golf cart trailer

While it is difficult to say, precisely, how much a golf cart trailer cost, we can make an informed guess based on various types of trailer prices we discovered.


Prices start from $850 for the low profile, simple design trailers to up to $5000 for the sophisticated, enclosed type and dump type trailers.


It’s best to work with a golf cart dealership for the best price idea if you are interested in the prices.


If you consider the features above and also match your purpose with the very type to serve your need, you may have a price within budget. Perhaps, the trailer that will serve needs to be custom-made and cost more or less than what is on the market.


Talk to Luxe Electric Golf Cart for your trailer

If you need an innovative and exclusive golf cart builder, look no further than Luxe electric golf cart shop; LUXE is your one-stop-shop on golf cart matters.


Usually, finding the right golf cart for your peculiar need may take more than walking to a cart shop and making a choice, you need to go through the process of customer building to be happy.


Visit Luxe today to know about golf cart trailer price, even if it’s custom-made; you are in good hands!

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