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Now, before we go any further, all of our Golf Carts at Luxe Electric Cars are…well…electric! So, that means that you never have to change the oil like you do in a Gas powered golf cart.

However, we still get asked about this topic, so we thought that we would give you a solution to that issue, and remember, none of the following is needed if you get an energy-efficient Golf cart from Luxe…

How often do you change the engine oil in a golf cart?

Scheduled engine oil change in a gas-powered golf cart can substantially increase your golf cart’s performance and longevity. If you change your golf cart engine oil after 125 hours of running as recommended by the experts, you would have a superb engine performance!

The role of oil in an automobile engine

Engine oil lubricates the internal combustion, helping all the moving parts to run smoothly. The primary function of oil is to reduce friction and wear of the moving parts. It cleans the engine of sludge, serving as a dispersant and detergent.

Oil is responsible for these functions in an automobile engine:

  • Minimize Friction
  • Prevent wear and tear of the components
  • Transfer Energy.
  • Protect Against Corrosion
  • Cleaning power
  • Seal
  • Cooling
  • Dampen Shock

When to change engine oil in a golf cart

If you own a gasoline-powered golf cart, it has an engine similar to your car engine. Unlike the electric golf cart, a gas-powered golf cart uses petrol, and the engine must fire up to get the machine moving.

Therefore, for the smooth running, there is a need for engine oil to lubricate and minimize friction and wear of the parts. For efficiency and protection of the engine, the oil needs to retain viscosity.

As a result of the combustion and need for efficiency, experts recommend changing the engine oil at a stipulated time of 125 hours of operation or twice yearly.

How to change golf cart engine oil

For an efficient golf cart engine, following these tips and guide:

Tips to change engine oil

  • Drain the engine oil when still warm (for efficient draining).
  • Observe the drained oil, ensure it’s pure and clean without any large object in it.
  • Jack up the golf cart, let it tilt to allow all the content to drain.
  • Remove the oil filter, replace or clean with a solvent to reuse.
  • Use recommended engine oil only (usually SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40).
  • Ensure to maintain level gauge of oil refill; don’t overfill!
  • Guide to change engine oil

Before attempting a DIY engine oil change, you need to know it’s a technical task requiring specific tools. Here are things you will need to change your golf cart oil engine:

  • Wrench
    • 10W-30 grade engine oil
    • Oil drain pan
    • Funnel
    • Lint-free rag
    • Engine degreaser and paintbrush

With all the items ready, you can follow these guidelines to change the oil.

  • Warm the engine and park on a level surface, secure the parking.
  • Open up the engine cover.
  • With the lint-free rag, clean the top of the engine oil cap and surrounding area.
  • Position the oil drain pan underneath the oil filter located within the triangular metal housing.
  • Unbolt the oil filter retainer bolts using the wrench; pull out the filter and let the oil drain into the pan. Don’t lose the O-ring rubber around the filter.
  • Use engine degreaser to clean the oil filter or use compressed air or get a new oil filter.
  • After the oil is thoroughly drained, clean the oil with a lint-free rag and replace the oil filter to its position on the engine and bolt with a wrench!
  • Remove the engine oil cap and position the funnel. Pour the replacing engine oil and periodically check the oil level using a dipstick until it reached the desired fill point.
  • Remove out the funnel and clean the mouth of the engine oil cap opening and replace the cap, be sure it’s properly tightened.

You are done!

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Take away

A simple engine oil change brings long and healthy life to your golf cart. There is nothing more desirable in a golf cart than top performance! However, changing golf cart engine oil isn’t an exercise for the unprepared; your preparation is to have the skill and idea of accomplishing the simple but delicate task.

If you anywhere around Palm Desert and you want to visit our showroom and see for yourself how good our golf carts are, then give us a call today at 760 340-2944

LUXE Electric Car

LUXE Electric Car is the only Luxury, Custom, Electric Golf Car manufacturer in the Coachella Valley.

Not only does LUXE Electric Car Custom Build them right here in the desert, but their showroom, located at 74-125 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, is open and ready to help you decide what style and extras you want for your next new golf cart.

As one of the leading electric golf cart companies in the United States, they are also the trailblazers for innovation, including the power plants. Seeing the future in power shifting from Lead Acid Batteries to Lithium, LUXE Electric Car can not only fit your new car with batteries that need no maintenance, a warranty of five years and change the life of up to 100 miles between charging, but they can retro-fit existing carts with Lithium Batteries.

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