How the Golf Industry has Changed Since the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Bright Times Ahead

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If you play golf or you are a lover of the game, I have news for you. Your favorite game is changing for the best!

While the Coronavirus pandemic dealt an uneasy blow on many industries in 2020, the game of golf has actually benefited. During these unprecedented times, golf became the perfect leisure activity for most people.

Golf courses had no trouble implementing social distancing, and reassuring their patrons of safety. The sunshine, fresh air, and serene environment typical of golf courses, became the perfect setting for both young and old, as an escape from pandemic stressors.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, courses implemented no touching safety rules. The usual approach to flagsticks, cups, bunkers, dishwashers, and benches, changed.

Golf courses have offered solace and peace of mind. The environment is eco-friendly and people feel more peaceful in the outdoor environment.

Some Notable Changes in 2020

Industry watchers have chronicled many of the changes witnessed during the pandemic. These trends will shape the golf industry for a long time to come.

  • More golf rounds played in 2020 than in 2019

While many industries suffered a great setback in 2020 because of the pandemic, golf actually made gains. Remarkably period, this created an end to growth stagnation in the game.

Many former golf players returned, and new converts were made. Families, children, and people of different backgrounds suddenly developed an interest in golf.

As a result of the influx of new players, the Golf Datatech and the National Golf Foundation (NGF) projected 50 million more rounds played, compared to 2019.

According to NGF, 2020 saw a 20 percent increase in new golfers and junior players with around 500,000 increases in each category.

So you will see new faces and golf enthusiasts in 2021, thanks to the pandemic!

  • Golf media experienced a surge

Social media contributed greatly, to sharing information on golf. There are more than 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Discussions about golf have generated a spike in interest among users across all social media platforms.

This past year has put an end to the stigma that golf is only for seniors, as more millennials now find love in the game. With this new development, industry watchers have predicted more advanced technologies within golf in the coming years. Improvements within the game, golf carts will be revolutionized, as well as other innovations.

  • Environmental impact

Golf courses have been the epitome of environmental excellence. The lush green fields, cozy forest reserves, top-grade water management, and uncompromising biodiversity conservation are the hallmark of golf courses.

However, the outbreak of COVID-19, triggered the reaction of cleanliness to an extreme. As a result, golf courses increased safety precaution and they are now even more pristine!


What’s in the future for the golf industry?

  • Expect more people in the game

The growth experienced during the pandemic will propel the golf market. Demands for golf carts will soar, golf infrastructure will transform and golf competition will get a cheering boost.

The existing 15,000 golf facilities across the country, will experience a dramatic boost to cater to the needs of new golf enthusiasts.

The coming years will experience an influx of new golf converts.

  • Golf courses will become social connect centers

The discovery of golf courses for relaxation will result in more usage for other lifestyle activities. Events like weddings, corporate parties and other social activities will be held on golf courses.

  • Drive toward eco-friendly golf lifestyle

Already, the use of golf carts has transcended the golf courses. Gated estates interested in zero carbon footprints, prefer golf carts to traditional gasoline vehicles for transportation. The coming year will see a drive towards more environmentally friendly golf items to protect our planet. Already, more cart manufacturers are turning to Lithium Batteries to power their carts.

  • Lithium batteries are the future for the golf cart industry

Already, electric golf carts is the topic of the day. Its eco-friendly nature makes it the preferred option for many climate change advocates. The need to improve golf cart efficiency and reliability led to lithium batteries being used to power carts. The development has proven to deliver the quality drive time required for eco-friendly lifestyle living.

Advantages of lithium battery

    1. Fully charges in 2-3 hours compared to 8-10 charge time for traditional Lead-Acid batteries.
    2. They last longer, 3x – 5x more, than regular golf cart batteries.
    3. They are light in weight! This makes your cart lighter and more efficient.
    4. They require no maintenance. No need to add water or clean corrosion or check acid levels.
    5. Lithium-Ion batteries do not lose power as voltage dips. Always ready to go, no weak periods.
    6. They make your golf course more eco-friendly.

LUXE changed to Lithium Batteries

As an innovative and exclusive luxury golf cart maker, LUXE ELECTRIC CARS turns to Lithium Batteries for its golf carts to increase efficiency and comfort for customers. Lithium batteries aren’t just any other cart battery. They are durable energy for golf carts.

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