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The golf cart battery is the energy it uses to move and take you around. Unlike your car battery that charges as it works, the golf cart batteries get drained the more it used. Thus, the golf cart batteries need extra care than you would of your motor car battery.

Another vital thing to note about frequent charging of the golf cart batteries is that it increases the wear and tear. Frequent charging also impacts the water level and durability of the batteries.

However, regular maintenance can make your golf cart battery last longer. With the following tips well taken, your batteries can reach an expected lifespan between 6 and 10 years. Regular and proper maintenance can achieve a decade of meritorious service.

Buy quality batteries

You can only expect your battery to last longer if the quality allows for long-lasting use. The best advice regarding getting quality batteries is to talk to golf cart experts who understand batteries and recommend the right brand and type.

When buying your golf cart, please take note of the old battery to know what to buy when replacing it.

Avoid overly cheap batteries when replacing because that is a license to imminent battery failure. No matter how you keep up with maintenance, a low-quality battery will eventually fail.

Use reliable distilled battery water

Don’t be tempted to play down on the quality of the water you feed into your batteries. Make sure to get your distilled water from a trusted battery store or talk to your golf cart dealer for recommendations.

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Use the Proper Battery Charger

Golf cart experts recommend using a three-phase battery charger for longevity. Also, they advise you to ditch any idea of using rapid or fast charging types of chargers. The use of these chargers can severely affect the health of your battery and reduce the lifespan.

It is advisable to follow experts’ advice on using the three-phase charge for bulk charging, absorption, and float sections.

  • This charging system shows about 80% of charging time is in the bulk mode where most of the charges get to the battery.
    • About 20% of charging time is when absorption takes place to give the batter quality charge time.
    • The float time is the climax of the charging to take the battery to its full level of charge.

Therefore, a trickle charger helps your battery last longer and powerful enough to serve you better, in all weather, without any backlash.

Keep strict maintenance regime

To ensure longevity, you should have a routine maintenance check well documented and followed to the letter.

  • Start with the battery water inspection to check the water level.
  • If the water is low, refill but mind the level gauge to avoid overflow as a water spill could damage the golf cart components due to corrosion.
  • After each day of using your cart, recharge the battery to be ready for work the next day.
  • Avoid complete discharge of your golf cart battery before your recharge if you want it to last.
  • Ensure to rub little lubricant on each battery terminal to prevent corrosion and battery failure.

Take away

A golf cart may be similar to your car; they are not the same in usage. Your vehicle is designed to maintain the battery and charges when in use, but your golf cart won’t do that.

Also, the car charger is optimized to keep the battery in optimum use. The car alternator takes over the car’s electrical energy needs when the engine is running; it is not the same with your golf cart.

Therefore, you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding using your cart to ensure the batteries’ longevity.

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