Why a Luxury Electric Golf Cart Is Better Than a Gas Golf Cart

Why a Luxury Electric Golf Cart Is Better Than a Gas Golf Cart

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Electric golf carts or gas golf carts – which is better? You probably know how awesome it feels to ride in a golf cart. Golf carts provide superior mobility, affordable maintenance, and ease of use. 

In addition, golf carts are versatile, and that’s why when they are not transporting golfers, you are likely to see them being driven around private residences. 

If you are thinking about buying your first or second golf cart, you may be debating whether to get an electric or gas-powered golf cart? 

This post highlights important facts about the electric golf cart. If you are considering a second golf cart, here are some reasons to choose an electric golf cart over a gas one. 


From a broad perspective, gasoline-powered golf carts are expensive, while electric-powered golf carts are reasonably priced. 

Gas-powered golf carts require routine maintenance to keep the engine performing optimally. 

In addition, the cost of gas is increasing, so running the gas-powered golf cart requires digging deeper into your pockets. 

Environment Friendliness 

Refueling the gas-powered golf cart is quick and straightforward. However, gas impacts the environment negatively. The smell and exhaust from the gas golf carts could linger on the golf course. 

Besides, if the gas golf cart does not get proper maintenance, it could leak fluids on the grass. 

Electric golf carts are very clean operating vehicles, and they are sometimes even used in indoor locations. 

Also, electric golf carts are quiet. Therefore, you barely hear the electric golf cart working since it accelerates quickly and quietly. The quietness makes electric golf carts ideal for golfers as they can move the cart without bothering other golfers or speculators. 

In addition, gas golf carts emit carbon monoxide. Excess carbon monoxide can pose health issues.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Ideally, the amount of maintenance varies based on the golf cart’s size, model, and make. 

But electric golf carts require less maintenance than gas golf carts. This is considering that electric golf carts merely need to change the batteries up to every six years. If used infrequently, you may only need to charge the electric cart every couple of weeks. 

For gas golf carts, you need to replace the fuel filter, change the oil, and perform engine fine-tuning regularly. Overall, the cost of maintaining the gas golf carts is higher than that of maintaining electric golf carts. 

electric golf carts

You can Modify Electric Golf Carts to Accommodate More Passengers 

While golf carts are ideal for only two passengers, innovations in the sector have made it possible to carry more than two passengers. If you opt for an electric golf cart, you can purchase the back seat kit and modify the golf cart to carry four, six, or eight passengers. Or, use the extra space to carry more luggage. 


If you are looking for a golf cart, an electric golf cart is the best option. Electric golf carts are friendly to the environment and won’t impact the course nearly as much as gas golf carts. Plus, they are cheaper and easier to maintain than gas golf carts.  

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