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A golf cart battery is supposed to charge and discharge and recharge again in that cycle while it last. Leaving your golf cart plugged all the time is not an ideal maintenance practice for the longevity of your battery. If you are an individual owner, experts recommend unplugging your golf cart battery when it’s fully charged.

A golf cart battery is like the fuel in your car; it needs to be at its optimum all the time. The construction of a cart battery requires regular maintenance to supply the energy for your golf cart. The minimum maintenance for a battery is recharging it soon after use; unplug it when fully charged.

Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?

Disconnect your golf cart from charging when fully charged

Depending on your type of charger, some chargers indicate when the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is charged, and the charger has shut off, it is recommended to disconnect the DC power cord.

Although automatic chargers will remain shut off until the battery needs a charge, disconnect it to prevent the unintended crises. If left plugged, the circuit might trip or fuse blown to turn the charging back on and damage your battery.

What is the lifespan of a golf cart battery?

Depending on the use and maintenance, your golf cart battery can last up to seven years. However, regular maintenance can make your battery serve its intended lifespan.

If your batteries require topping the water level, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guide. Also, if your cells need no water topping, make sure to follow the proper charging and discharging cycle for longevity.

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What is the proper battery charging cycle?

When your battery is fully charged, you are expected to use your golf cart optimally. You are not to use up the battery energy before recharging. And when the battery completes the charging process, you are to unplug it until the next charge. By following this routine, your battery life would be extended.

What will happen if your golf cart is plugged all the time?

The golf cart is a product of technology, and its best to deal with it as such. While some people had no unfavorable consequence leaving their cart plugged all the time, you may not be as lucky. The best practice is to unplug your golf cart when it’s fully charged. Else, you risk shortening the lifespan of your batteries.

Research has shown that heat is more detrimental to a battery than cold. Leaving your gold cart plugged always heats the cells. It is cost-saving to observe proper battery maintenance to avoid replacing your battery soon.

How to store your golf cart in winter

With proper storage in off seasons, you can protect the life of your golf cart battery. Before storage, there is a need for preventive maintenance to ensure your cart returns to regular operation without a hiccup!

The following are tips to store your golf cart without problems when it resumes operation.

  • Check the condition of your battery cable. It should be tight, clean, and corrosion-free.
  • Ensure the batteries are clean. Never store your battery in a dirty condition before storage; this could destroy the terminals.
  • Check the water level and state of the electrolyte. If your batteries use electrolyte, it is essential to ensure proper water levels. Also, make sure the electrolyte is active to sustain the charge during storage.
  • Fully charged. Ensure your golf cart is fully charged before storage.
  • Disengage the brake. Free the hand brake and ensure the cart is secured from rolling.
  • TOW Position. Turn on the Tow switch to disable the regenerative braking system and free the cart battery from the load. Doing this prevents your cart from completely discharging before the storage period is over.


Caring for your golf cart battery with regular charging is a way to extend its longevity. However, experts advise not to leave your cart unplugged all the time. It is essential for golf cart batteries to undergo a charge-discharge-recharge cycle for durability.

Try to follow the recommended manufacturer’s battery maintenance guide to give your battery good health.

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