What to do if your Golf won't Charge

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Most often, when your golf cart isn’t charging, the problem is with the battery rather than the charger.

What Do You Do If Your Golf Cart Won’t Charge?

First of all, make sure you have checked if the golf cart did not stay for long without charging or being used. This will gauge you on what to do next.

If you see that the reason is staying longer, then check the voltage for your battery with a voltmeter to see if there is a possibility of a nominal charge.

The solution for this is making sure you don’t keep your cart for long without charging. If you are lucky and the first time you check the nominal charge, and it starts to charge. Make sure you charge the cart repeatedly for sometimes without losing the entire charge so that you bring the battery to its reasonable condition.

Replacing A Depleted Battery

Well, sometimes, the reason why your cart isn’t charging is simply that the battery is dead. Now at this time, what you need to do is replace your battery.

Adding Water To The Battery

You see, sometimes golf carts fail to charge due to their batteries depleted of water. To help it come back to a healthy life, check to see if the battery cells have enough water.

Battery with enough water should show a marker which indicates the maximum level of water for the battery life. To make sure you don’t kill your battery, use distilled water and add until you see the mark of the maximum level.

Checking The Battery Hydrometer

It is the battery hydrometer that is used to measure the specific gravity of your battery’s electrolyte solution on your cart. The higher it shows the specific gravity, the better your battery will be charging.

Here Is What To Do When You’re Dealing With The Battery Hydrometer.

Do not allow any of the battery acid to fall, even a drip from the hydrometer onto the cart. The battery acid will damage the entire body of the cart. So when you make drips on the body, make sure you wipe immediately.

Turn the key switch of the cart off and remove the key. Again, place forward reverse switch and make it into the neutral position.

Wear a face shield. This is to make sure no acid falls on you.

Notice the colors of your battery hydrometer as an indication of the battery back to normal.

When your golf cart isn’t charging, the options are the first steps to follow.

When you’ve checked them all, and you’ve reached to the hydrometer, safety is essential; that is why you have to follow the steps on battery hydrometer as things to do when your cart isn’t charging.

Speaking of the hydrometer, check out for these colors as an indication of help or not in your charging:

Red- if your hydrometer shows this color, it means your battery is dead and needs replacement

White– this color tells you the battery is weak but not inadequate. You can charge the battery and use it but keep recharging it before the power dies completely

Green- This is an indication that the battery is good. With this color, please charge the battery until it is fully charged then use instead of half-way charging.

Again, when there is green color; make sure you don’t recharge the golf cart until its power is depleted.

Additionally, when your cart fails to charge, it might be because your battery did not charge enough when it was new. If this is the case, you can decide to charge for longer than usual, so it gets the power intake it is supposed to have.

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