What happens if you damage your cart?

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The golf cart is an accessible mode of transportation in many gated neighborhoods. It is not every golf cart driver that is the owner, but the rental company. When you crash and damage a rented golf cart, what happens?


A golf cart in the hands of an expert driver is safe, but the same cannot be said of a learner. Usually, not all who mount the driver’s seat are experts; they lack knowledge about driving the golf cart.

What Happens If You Damage a Golf Cart?

If you signed up to use a cart and got it damaged, the responsibility is on you. The best way to prevent liability is to prove the accident results from a faulty cart.


A fault with the golf cart would mean negligence on the part of the cart owner.


Don’t Conclude Before an Investigation

It is difficult to determine what comes next until the proper assessment of the damage. Most often than not, the user of the golf cart is at fault. Although, you may have an accident may happen if the golf cart is not in serviceable condition.


However, there is a need to assess the causes and extent of damage to determine the next line of action.

Golf Cart Accidents Are Serious Incidents

Golf carts serve a useful purpose where they are in use. In a standard golf course, for instance, carts provide an easy way to move around the golf course. You will prefer to use a cart than walk the entire 18 holes in a standard course with challenging terrain.


But while thinking of the benefits of a golf cart, imagine the dangers lurking around in the guise accidents. Also, consider the cost implication of fixing a damaged cart if you are culpable. Apart from damage and cost, a fatal golf cart accident could result in death!


How to Avoid Damaging a Golf Cart

Will you jump in a car to drive if you have no driving knowledge or driver’s license? You probably won’t do that!


The first reason you won’t dare is the fear of accident that may take your life. Another is to obey the law that requires you to have a driver’s license before driving.


But why would you jump in a golf cart to drive without the skill and certification to drive?


Golf carts aren’t toys! It would be best if you obeyed the law in respect of golf carts. You need to think of your safety and protect yourself from avoidable trouble.


It would help if you did the following to avoid golf cart-related troubles:

  • Don’t drive without a valid driver’s license
  • Avoid restricted roads; use only approved paths for golf carts
  • Take necessary precautions when operating a golf cart
  • Avoid wet terrain as carts do not have the same holding powers as your car on a wet road
  • Be careful in a steep; the regular cart only has the rear brake
  • Please don’t go too fast when negotiating a bend; it could cause a tip-over
  • Avoid joyriding with a golf cart


After a Golf Cart Damage, What Next

If you are the owner of the cart, or you hire it from the golf cart rentals, the first thing to do is come out to a safe place. Do a quick assessment of the damage.


Usually, because of the materials used for the cart, the damage to the cart will likely be more.


Report the accident and damage immediately to the cart owner and get them to the scene for inspection. If you are at fault, do not play smart, find out the solution. Sometimes, the cart owner would let go, or they may invoke necessary clauses in terms of the agreement.


If the damage is reasonable, discuss settlement and move on. If it’s not, bargain with the owner or call in your golf cart accident attorney to take up the case. You should weigh your options carefully not to fight the case and end up with more costs.


Is Your Golf Cart Insured?

Like cars, you can get insurance coverage for your golf cart nowadays. If the cart has an insurance cover, call on your insurance to take over from there. That is if you have used the cart according to the policy you have.



Damaging a golf cart can be serious trouble if the damage is more. Before admitting responsibility or place blame, do assess the situation and cause, first. Whatever is the case, do not panic, call the cart owner if you are not the owner, and reach a mutual solution.


In case you are culpable, discuss a soft landing with the owner. Call your insurer to step in and take over from there, if you have a policy.


Or, call in your golf cart accident attorney, where it is difficult to reach an amicable solution.

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