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Golf instruction entails equipping and training golfers in the art of playing improved golf games. The golf instructor is a professional golfer who coaches another golfer to improve their awareness of club handling, swing, and general etiquette of golfing!

Like any sporting activity, the golf game follows a set of rules and disciplines requiring a player to comply with the tenet of the sport. By adhering to these principles, a golfer develops a few common elements for greatness.

A golf player must develop core golfing skills, including swing repeatability and endurance, and a self-believe spirit to enjoy the game. The right instructor prepares his students golfing skills in five core areas, including shots from a teefull shots from the ground (called iron shots), pitchingand putting and course strategy.

Traits of a Good Golf Instructor

Before you become a pro golfer, you are once an amateur who needs an excellent instructor to learn basics and advanced golfing practice.

Understandably, the game equipment might have changed; the rules have not!

With golf lessons now everywhere, an aspiring golfer needs to learn a pro-grade golf game and know how to choose the right instructor.

Choosing a reliable golf coach requires knowing the qualities of an excellent golf instructor.

The following five traits should help you find the best golf instructor:

  1. Professional mindset

A good golf instructor understands that his job is about his student and not himself. The right coach is interested in his student’s progress and wants to know his objective for the training.

The coach understands that no two students are the same and are driven by different purposes. For example, one student’s goal may be to become a professional golfer to participate and win.

Another student might be interested in learning about golfing as a hobby for recreational reasons. A third student may not know what he wants, and the instructor will help him discover his goal.

  1. Simplicity

Another good instructor’s quality is to know their limit and that their role is not to show off, but to show their students how to achieve their objective.

The right golf coach takes time to make things simple for his students to learn without much stress.

  1. Continue learning

The good instructor knows that the golf game needs continued improvement as a coach because it is always evolving. He learns to stay ahead and within the game’s standard practice and show his student current moves and strategy to play well.

  1. Not proud to refer their student

Due to the complexity of the golf game, the good golf instructor is happy to refer his student to another coach for training.

The right coach understands that to develop quality golfer, the trainer must be knowledgeable in the sport’s body and spirit.

Therefore, he wastes no time to recommend another coach or refer his student when necessary.

  1. He is a regular player

A good golf instructor is a doer. He is a person who lives by his instructions. A golfer who doesn’t play regularly will be less versatile in the art of the game.

How to Choose a Good Instructor

Like all endeavors in life, finding the right instructor is a challenge for the amateur golf player. You will come across different golf teachers, and it is often confusing to choose the right one to teach you.

Using the qualities of a good golf instructor discussed above, you can match it with the following tips to select the right golf coach.

  • Technical knowledge. The right golf instructor has a sound understanding of golf.
  • Good observation and analytical skills. A good teacher should combine these skills.
  • Ardent golf lover. Teaching the game takes passion; the right teacher must show this trait.
  • Excellent communication and teaching ability. If he wants to communicate and lacks the necessary teaching skills, he’s not your man.
  • Open-minded. A teacher should accommodate his students learning progress; no question is stupid to ask for a learner who desires to know, and the good teacher should tolerate this.


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