What Regular Maintenance Does My Golf Car Need in the Summer?


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The weather is beginning to warm up in Palm Spring and around the country. Summer temperatures can soar to over 100°F. There is no better time to think about caring for your golf car than right now.

Summer is a sweet time for golf lovers and golf car owners. However, the intense heat requires that you take proper care of your golf car to serve you better.

Your electric golf car needs batteries to function. The batteries provide the energy it needs to move from place to place. Summertime heightens the activity of a golf cart which places more demand on battery use.

Whether you play golf or not, your golf car facilitates movement during summer as a means of transportation. The challenge of summer heat may have a huge effect on your cart.


The effects of summer on golf cars

Heat can affect your golf car in different ways. A high temperature could cause your battery to misbehave. It can also affect your car seat, body paint, and tires.

You cannot always avoid high temperatures in summer. But you can undertake regular maintenance of your vehicle to serve you optimally.

There are many ways excessive summer heat could affect golf carts. A few are listed below.

  • Motor Burnout. This happens when your golf engine overheats due to excessive heat from the sun. As a result, there can be frying of the wiring and components inside the golf car. If this happens, your cart will not function.
  • Evaporation. Summer hot weather can cause the battery fluid to evaporate. The season increases the flooded and sealed process of golf car batteries. Continued reduction of water in batteries reduces conductivity and charging power.
  • Corrosion. Acid leaks are common as the capacity of components in a battery declines. The corrosion could lead to an excessive drain of battery energy and increases its potential to fail.
  • Wear and fading. The hot weather could cause the furniture and body paint of a golf cart to wear and fade. Your car could lose its value without proper maintenance.


How to care for your golf car in the summer

Summertime is an invitation to a nonstop outdoor blast. Follow these maintenance routines to prevent your golf car from damage.


Observe a scheduled maintenance

You can prevent problems with your golf car with routine maintenance. Regular maintenance gives you early warning signs and helps avert potential troubles. As summer approaches, it’s recommended to have routine maintenance in place. You can read “how do you maintain a golf cart” for ideas.


Charge and clean your batteries often

Always keep an eye on your golf cart batteries to ensure they are in proper condition. Make sure to charge it properly and not overcharge! You should check for dirt around the battery and ensure the connection points are clean. Check for corrosion to save the batteries from depreciation. Read how to make golf cart batteries durable to learn more about battery maintenance.


Avoid flat spots and maintain optimum tire pressure

Hot weather can cause the air pressure in tires to rise and fall. Always check your tire gauge to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s recommended pressure and prevent flat spotting. Of course, summer will get your golf car moving and avoid flat spots from long parking. However, always maintain optimum tire pressure to ensure durable tires.


Check the brakes

It is a good maintenance habit to check your golf cart brakes a few times a year. See that the pads are in top shape. Do the same with the drums, cables, and brake pedal. Ensure the braking system is in good shape and function. Due to the importance of the braking system, it helps to have expert service at regular intervals.

Maintain proper loading

Your golf cart has its recommended load capacity and you need to adhere to it for optimal performance. You should note that overloading can affect battery performance. It can shorten the life of the tires. The excess load can stress out the chassis and other body parts of your golf cart.

The summer months require paying shrewd attention to your golf car maintenance. If you pay close attention to your golf cart in the hot season, it will serve you well.

Remember that heat is a double edge sword. It helps to sustain life when it’s not too much, but the excess of it can lead to extensive damage.

Do you have questions about golf car maintenance not already answered in this discussion or in our previous articles? You can request a solution in the comments.

It is not quite easy to maintain your golf car all by yourself giving your other tight schedules. A little help would help preserve your investment and give you a reliable golf car to use when needed.

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