Size Trailer for Golf Cart

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If you have been to LUXE Electric Cars to transform your golf cart into something more beautiful or powerful, you will find many golf cart owners come to the golf cart dealership trailers.

There will be a time you need to transport your golf cart over a long distance, how do you go about it? For most owners, the best way is to use a trailer, but what size is best?


Golf cart trailer types and sizes

You will find three types of golf cart trailers, including Enclosed Cargo Trailer, Open trailer, and Low Profile Dump Trailer.


You need to consider the size of a trailer when transporting your golf cart. The standard is 5X10 in size; this model would accommodate the average golf cart. However, situations may warrant a different sized trailer.


Using the standard trailer is an easy way to load up your cart. But where you have a smaller golf cart, you can go with the small-sized variety, which is 5X8 in size or smaller. Of course, whatever trailer size you choose, consider the unique advantages each one brings.


While choosing the perfect trailer, make sure it is cost-saving, safe, and easy to use.


Among the various trailer sizes available are:

  • 4X6 feet
  • 4X8 feet
  • 5X8 10 feet
  • 6X10 – 14 feet
  • 7X12 -20 feet
  • 8X20-24, and 8.5X20-24 feet


Note: your choice of a trailer relates to the type of your golf cart. If you own a bigger sized cart, your best option is a larger sized trailer. For small-sized golf carts, you can go with a 5X8 sized carrier.


Consider the trailer weight

Apart from trailer sizes, the weight also matters. Whatever the size you choose find out the weight as this could make a lot of difference when hauling.

The material used for building a trailer determines its weight profile. There are steel and aluminum frame trailers with varying weights!


Of course, you should expect the steel models to be heavier than their aluminum cousins.


Tips for choosing the right size trailer

If you have read this far, I suppose you already have ideas about what to look for in a trailer. However, it won’t hurt to discuss it again for emphasis.


Let me say from the onset that there is no hard and fast rule to choosing a trailer. The only factor to consider is the size of your golf cart and maybe, distance to travel and the car you are using to pull.


However, other considerations may apply for your comfort and finances when hauling it.


We look at various factors to guide your selection of a trailer below.


  • Distance. You don’t want to go on a long haul under stress. If your golf cart isn’t sitting correctly in a trailer on a long ride, it could pose some challenges along the way. Get something more appropriate.
  • Fuel efficiency. The heavier the trailer, the more weight your car has to pull, which means more fuel.
  • Safety. The awkward load of a cart could result in an accident or damage along the way; consider security in your selection.
  • Convenience. How you attach the trailer to your car for towing counts. You should know if the carrier is connected with the back hitch as a ramp. Knowing this helps to load and unload during transportation.


Ask the experts

In every industry, some people have more information than others. Seeking experts’ opinions is essential to avoid silly mistakes and, in the case of long-distance travel, prevent avoidable accidents.


Finding the expert in golf cart trailers shouldn’t be a problem, visit LUXE Electric Car Rental for guidance.


For more exciting golf cart content, go here.


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