What to Look for in an Electric Golf Cart Built for Luxury

What To Look For in an Electric Golf Cart Built for Luxury

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Golfing is about spending time outdoors and breathing the fresh air. The beautiful scenery, the stunning views, fresh air, sunshine, and wildlife watching are also some of the plentiful rewards of golfing. 

To experience the fun, buy an electric golf cart.

A luxurious golf cart with all the amenities takes away the hassles of golfing, so you can stay focused on the game. 

This post looks at the elements of a golf cart built for luxury. 

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Inbuilt HomeLink Wireless Control System 

LUXE golf carts feature the HomeLink garage door opener. The programmable transmitter conveniently and safely enables you to:

  • Open and close the garage door and the front gate
  • Turn on the homes security system
  • Control the outdoor lighting, interior appliances, and electronics. 

You access the above functions from the three buttons smartly integrated into your automobile’s interior. 

The HomeLink wireless control system enables you to access your garage conveniently and secures your home with the touch of a button. 

Comes with Bluetooth Stereo with Connectivity to Smartphone

The inbuilt Bluetooth stereo lets you connect your Smartphone to your golf cart speakers quickly and efficiently.  

The Bluetooth stereo augments your ability to connect with friends and family through phone calls as you drive around the golf course. 

Use the Bluetooth transmitter to stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, or other music services with no issues. 

Are you having trouble navigating around the city? You may need the Bluetooth function on your cart’s stereo to use the navigation app on your phone without breaking the traffic rules.  

Spacious Golf Cart with Modern Upholstery

As much as golfers may prefer walking the course, there is no denying the prevalence and importance of a spacious golf cart. The best golf carts transport four or six golfers and their equipment. 

When it comes to space requirements, the luxury golf cart wins! The LUXE electric golf cart has a seating capacity ideal for four to eight passengers. 

The spacious electric golf carts feature stain-resistant and easy-to-clean leather seats. Also, leather seats are more durable and hold up better in the long run. Overall, leather delivers a tremendous aesthetic and adds significantly to the golf cart’s resale value.  

Lithium-ion Batteries Deliver More Mileage on a Single Charge

The LUXE electric golf cart features Lithium-ion Technology delivering superior performance in different aspects. That means:

  • Easier maintenance
  • Better longevity
  • Faster recharging and longer charge retention
  • Higher voltage capacity providing 100 miles on a single charge

Overall, lithium-ion batteries are more economical compared to older lead batteries. 

InBuilt Navigation System 

Electric golf cart with an inbuilt navigation system means the operator maintains a full line of sight of all carriages in his fleet. In addition, it is easier for golfers to find their route from the golf course.

Golfers expect quicker rounds, which is not easy when using an ordinary golf cart.  A navigation system enables golfers to get around quickly, delivering faster play at the course. 

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Why Choose a Luxurious Electric Golf Cart Over a Regular Gas Cart?

The shift towards the use of more sustainable energy sources saw the increasing popularity of electric golf carts. LUXE electric cart provides an emission-free option suitable for a variety of services. 

The luxury electric cart is ideal for getting around the golf course, driving around private suburbs, and even for business-related use. 

With the growing interest in saving the environment, the electric cart has become the preferred option

Some of the benefits of an electric cart include:

  • Super quiet compared with gas-powered carts
  • Emission-free
  • Less expensive maintenance compared to fueling the gas-powered carts
  • More versatile as you can use it indoors, such as in a warehouse

Therefore, if you plan to invest in a golf cart, you have all the reasons to consider the electric golf cart.  

Serving the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, and Indio.

LUXE Electric Car is the only Luxury, Custom, Electric Golf Car manufacturer in the Coachella Valley.

Not only does LUXE Electric Car Custom Build them right here in the desert, but their showroom, located at 74-125 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, is open and ready to help you decide what style and extras you want for your next new golf cart.

As one of the leading electric golf cart companies in the United States, they are also the trailblazers for innovation, including the power plants. Seeing the future in power shifting from lead acid batteries to Lithium, LUXE Electric Car can not only fit your new car with batteries that need no maintenance, a warranty of five years, and change life of up to 100 miles between charging, but they can retro-fit existing carts with lithium batteries. Serving the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta & Indio.

To contact us – LUXEElectricCar.com



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