What Does an Electric Golf Cart Cost to Operate in 2022?

What Does an Electric Golf Cart cost to operate in 2022

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Many people are looking for alternative energy to power their engines. They want clean energy that leaves no carbon footprint. It is no wonder that many are opting to purchase electric-powered golf carts.

Is it cost-effective to own an electric golf cart? What is the cost of operating an electric golf cart?

What is an electric golf cart?

Electric golf carts are designed for use on a golf course, but there are some that can also be used on the street. An electric golf cart runs off electricity, not gas. You need to charge the cart’s battery to power it.

Electric golf cars are not limited to golf courses. You will spot these electric golf carts around the neighborhood where people use them for short trips, and they are a popular mode of transport on college campuses. 

If you are conscious about saving the environment, you will be pleased to know that these carts help reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost of operating an electric golf cart

What does an electric golf cart cost to operate? It needs electricity, meaning you must charge it and change batteries whenever possible. 

On a full charge, an electric golf cart in perfect condition travels up to 35-40 miles.

What is the cost of charging an electric golf cart?

It will cost you $0.48 to $1.98 to fully charge your electric golf cart. The cost translates to $0.8 at its lowest to $0.33 per hour of charging, which is cost-efficient. 

How fast your golf cart battery drains depends on many factors, such as battery condition, electric golf cart model, the slope of the golf course, and how often you use it in your day-to-day activities.

An electric golf cart with a new battery and a heavy-duty charger will take one to three hours to fully charge. A lightweight charger with a very discharged battery can take ten hours to charge fully.  

Electric golf cart batteries

As a proud electric golf cart owner, you need to change the batteries, so they take a shorter time charging and to get more miles coverage. This change of batteries automatically adds to the cost of operating an electric golf cart.

To keep your cart running efficiently, you need to replace the batteries every five years. However, you should note that the batteries last five years if you take good care of them. 

Poorly maintained golf cart batteries only last for a short period of time before you have to replace them.

Maintaining an electric golf cart

The maintenance needed for an electric golf cart is minimal compared to other types of carts. There is no oil needed, so you do not need to change it as you would with a gasoline engine. 

How to prolong the lifespan of your electric golf cart

The lifespan of your golf cart depends on how well you take care of it. A well maintained, regularly serviced, and cared for golf cart lasts for years. However, a poorly maintained and neglected golf cart will soon show signs of wear and tear and could become hazardous to drive.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s service guidelines, but there are some general tips that help prolong the life of your golf cart regardless of its make or model.

Battery care

The battery of your electric golf cart is the most important component, and you should treat it with great care at all times.

  • Charge after every use. A fully charged battery lasts longer than one that’s constantly drained and recharged
  • Use the recommended charger
  • Make sure to charge fully before storing it away for long periods of time
  • Clean terminals monthly to remove corrosion
  • Keep your battery topped up at all times. You will permanently damage your battery if the battery runs low, and you try topping it back up only when you need to use your cart


A golf cart is like a car, but with a few key differences. You don’t drive it on the road, so it doesn’t need to stand up to the same hazards as a regular vehicle. However, you do drive it on rough terrain, so its wheels might be subject to more wear and tear than those of a normal car.

Check the tire pressure regularly and keep them at the recommended level. Under-inflated tires create more resistance as they roll across the ground, which means they wear out faster and also use more energy, thus draining your battery faster. 

Over-inflated tires are equally bad. They cause an increase in wear and tear and a decrease in traction.

Advantages of electric golf carts


Electric golf carts are quieter and are environmentally friendly as they produce fewer emissions than gas-powered ones. 

Fewer moving parts

Electric golf carts have no starter belts or spark plugs and have less than 50 moving parts. This means they have fewer components that need replacing compared to gas-powered golf carts that have over 1,000 moving parts. This means fewer visits to repair shops as there are fewer things that may break.

Less maintenance 

Electric motors require little or no maintenance compared to traditional internal combustion engines that need oil changes, tune-ups, filters, and other routine maintenance. All you have to do religiously is ensure your golf cart is always fully charged.

Electric golf carts have no filters that need changing. The only thing you need to do is change the batteries periodically as they eventually run out of juice, keep them clean and charged up, so they work properly whenever you need to use them again.

electric golf cart

Quieter operation 

Electric motors are quieter than gas-powered engines, so they do not cause noise pollution while driving on the course.

Smooth ride

There is no jerking and jolting, a feature that is most common with gas-powered gasoline golf carts.

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