Who is responsible for a golf cart accident?

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The regular golf cart is a recreational vehicle, which provides cheaper means of transportation. Their safety and reliability make them accessible in retirement communities and gated neighborhoods. Also, the safe speed at 11 mph max, makes them appropriate ride alongside pedestrians. But what happens when an accident occurs?


Golf cart accidents happen all the time! But you might be thinking, ‘it’s just a golf cart, no one can get injured.’ Research shows that about 15,000 golf-cart related accidents happen every year, severe enough to get their victims to the emergency room. Accidents can change your life; it could lead to huge damages and expenses.


Most times, you can prevent golf cart accidents if you or the golf cart owner takes necessary precautions. But sometimes, accidents are inevitable, but no one cares about that, especially the injured. That begs the question, who is responsible for a golf cart accident?


It would help if you remembered that when the weather gets better for a ride, the higher the chance of accidents on a golf course or areas where golf carts are used regularly. So, who should we blame for the accidents, nature, or you?

Who is Responsible for Golf Cart Accident?

Golf carts are becoming a common form of transportation. Most communities want safe, environmental-friendly mobility to run errands and move around the neighborhoods.


Good idea, right?


But what if there was a golf cart accident and one of your friends was killed. Who would you hold responsible for the accident?


Well, that will depend on the circumstance of the incident. It is very easy to put all the blame on the golf cart owner, but not all the time. If the golf cart was leased through a country club or golf course, then you might want to seek compensation from them.


If the accident happened on a golf course, then the golf course may be held responsible. But if it involved a collision of two carts, then the golf course cannot be held accountable. Drivers that caused the collision may be liable, especially if they were under the influence of a controlled substance.


Types of Golf Cart Accidents

Golf cart accidents come in different ways. No matter the form of an accident, drivers, and occupants of the golf carts are at risk of injury. The common types of golf cart accidents include:

  • Tip-over
  • Rollover
  • Loss of control of a golf cart
  • Golf cart pile-ups
  • Passenger ejection
  • Golf carts striking pedestrians
  • Golf carts hitting stationary objects
  • Driving a golf cart into a body of water
  • Golf carts running into other vehicles


What to do When in a Golf Cart Accident

If you are involved in a golf cart accident, you should first gather evidence to prepare your case. The evidence should include photos of the accident scene and golf carts, police reports, witness statements, rental agreements, and maintenance records for the golf cart.


The next thing to do is to contact an experienced personal injury legal team that would help you to find the culprit and seek compensation for your injuries or defend you against any claims.


Should You Insure Your Golf Cart?

Yes, it would help if you insured your golf cart. Golf cart insurance policies offer coverage for the cart. However, since golf carts are recreational vehicles, it is not compulsory to insure them.


When a golf cart accident occurs with fatal injury, paying for hospital or surgery can be financially daunting. It is here your insurance coverage takes over.



While an accident is inevitable, knowing who is responsible for a golf cart accident is essential. It helps to place fault and know who to hold accountable for damages and possible lawsuits.


If your loved one or you is involved in a golf cart accident, don’t hesitate to call an experienced golf cart attorney. They are more experienced and can help to determine who is responsible and guide you on the next steps to take.

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