Why is my electric golf cart not charging?

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Many reasons could lead to your electric golf cart not to charge. For you to understand why it is not charging in the first place, it is wise to follow the courses and what to do in such situations.

Right off the bat, electric golf carts fail to charge when batteries are not hooked up correctly. Also, the cause might be due to the battery connection being weak or frayed.

Why Is My Electric Golf Cart Not Charging?

To help your cart when it isn’t charging because of battery connection issues, do the following:

Check the battery terminal to see if there is corrosion. Note that any corrosion build-up will impede the flow of electricity, which cuts the charging power of the cart.

Other reasons why electric golf carts fail to charge are:


  • When The Battery Has Sat For A Long Time Without Use


If you keep the electric cart for long without using the battery, which is frequently charging, the voltage of the battery depletes or discharges.

Charges for deep cycle golf carts batteries need to detect some voltage to start charging once again. To help your electric golf cart come back to life and recharge, follow these steps:

Check the energy of the battery with a voltmeter and find if there is nominal charging. Electric golf carts that have not been charged for long do have their cells damaged.


  • When The Electric Golf Cart Has Been Driven And Used, And The Battery Is Completely Depleted


The reason as to why your electric golf cart isn’t charging might be due to depleted battery. This is because a drained battery doesn’t have enough voltage to trigger the charge.

Driving an electric golf cart or any other type of cart without checking the battery life brings about killing or shortening the life of the deep cycle battery, which in most cases leads to permanent damages.


  • When There’s No Water or Enough Liquid Inside The Batter Make-Up


Most golf carts, even the electric ones, are designed with battery cells that use some liquids or some water for those which aren’t electronic.

Now, when this liquid inside the battery isn’t enough or depleted, your electric golf cart will fail to charge.


  • A Problem With The Battery Hydrometer


We all know that golf carts do have battery hydrometers.

It is your golf cart’s battery hydrometer that measures the specific gravity of the electrolyte solution in your golf cart battery. The higher this gravity is, the higher the excellent state of your battery and its ability to charge appropriately.

With that said, when your electric golf cart isn’t charging, and you’ve determined the reason, here is how to troubleshoot the battery:

Check the connection properly.

If you’ve hooked your battery, check again for weakness and if it is frayed. These two are the top reasons why your battery loses power quickly or fails to charge completely.

Generally, when you have plugged in your battery, and it fails to charge, the problem is mostly the connection. To know whether you need to change your battery, you should first get a voltage tester.

By testing your battery, a strong indication of the issue will be realized.  If you see that your electric golf cart fails to charge or operate with half-way or full – charged battery, know that you need a new one.

Another thing to note for your battery that fails to charge is clicking sounds. When you plug your golf cart, and you hear clicking noise but then no charging, you should start to examine it. This is how to note battery issues and troubleshoot them.

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