How to Load a Golf Cart Correctly on a Truck's Bed

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When it comes to transporting a golf cart, the question of whether it will fit in the bed of a truck is daunting, but the short answer is yes.

Before you plan on transporting your cart, know that the only truck option you can use for transporting a golf cart is a full-size pickup and not frontiers, rangers, or Tacomas.


Even better, a suitable transporting truck needs to have a bed that is about four feet wider between the tires and wells – to make sure your golf cart fits nicely. If you have a full-size truck that has a standard bed, transporting your golf cart will only be possible by leaving the truck’s tailgate down and then securing the cart solidly with hauling straps.

Fitting your golf cart perfectly in the bed of a truck takes individual special requirements you should have in mind. Such demands are:

  • Selecting the right Ramps

Selecting a reliable ramp and knowing how to use it properly is far and above the most straightforward ways through which you can load your golf cart into the bed of a truck. Below are the considerations to keep in mind while selecting the right ramps.

  • Capacity

Golf carts are mostly imbalanced vehicles. This means that while transporting it, it is wise to check the axle weights before you decide on the ramp to use. An excellent ramp’s capacity is based on two axles that come with equally distributed loads.

The best ramp capacity that can excellently help you fit a golf cart in a truck’s bed should measure about 3,000 lbs. This capacity is mostly recommended if your golf cart is a two-person sized cart. When you have selected the right ramps, make sure you have considered the weight of the person driving the cart into and out of the truck’s bed.

  • Offset wheels

This is a factor for golf carts that have offset wheels. If yours have these wheels, it is vital to factor them into your ramp selection. This is because ramps that perfectly help fit carts into trucks need to be wider to accommodate the space difference between the back and front wheels.

  • Wheelbase and ground clearance

Most golf carts come with low ground clearances of about 4 feet. Also, they have relatively low wheelbases of about 98 inches or more. Because of these measurements, such golf carts are prone to bottoming out at their crests if you use straight ramps. To help you transport and easily fit your golf cart perfectly at the truck’s bed, consider using arched ramps.

  • The loading height

Based on most ramps applications, the distances from the ground to the truck bed presents the overall length of the required ramp. The idea in this is, the greater the loading height, the longer the ramp needed to load the cart. When it comes to the loading height, it is excellent to use discount ramps because they usually come with loading height calculators.

Make sure you use the calculator to help you determine the correct length of the ramp that would help you load your cart securely.

How to load a golf cart correctly on a truck’s bed

After your truck is in acceptable conditions and you have selected the right ramps, you are left with one task, which is getting your golf cart into the truck’s bed. To make sure you have done that smoothly, quickly, and safely, here’s a short walkthrough:

  • Make sure you have parked your truck in a flat place with the truck’s tailgate facing a slight incline position. This position is to make sure you have reduced the steepness of the loading angle. Also, make sure the parking brakes are set on.
  • Unfold your ramps and place the finger or ramp’s plate edges on the edge of the truck’s tailgate.
  • Using tie-down straps, secure the ramps to the truck via the steel bumpers or the trailer hitch.
  • Set your cart’s parking brakes and tie it down.
  • If your cart fits well, remove the truck’s roof. Removing the top is also excellent to make sure you prevent wind damage and accidents while transporting.
  • While transporting, make sure there’s periodically stopping to ensure straps are entirely and firmly fixed.

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