LUXE Electric Car Rental Program

If you are a seasonal visitor to the Coachella Valley or if you just need a golf cart for the weekend; consider renting from LUXE Electric Car.

  • LUXE offers a unique rental program tailored to your budget.

  • All golf cars have been serviced by certified technicians.

  • If you are satisfied with the LUXE rental experience, a discount is applied towards your purchase.

Please call or email Debbie to schedule your rental today at: or (760) 851-5305.

So for you viewers out there that are coming to the Valley for maybe a week or a month. And you have your own golf cart back at home and you’re used to that and you’re thinking about maybe should I purchase a golf cart?

Well maybe another option is renting a golf cart here at Luxe Electric Car.

And we can do that for a day, a week or a few months.

It’s very simple. We have two passenger and four passenger golf carts available.

You talk to Debbie over at service at (760) 766-2949.

She can talk to you all about Golf Cart rentals in Palm Desert.  And also if you like the cart so much you want to purchase it, we’ll take a portion of that rental fee off the retail of the golf cart.

Are there any advantages of renting a golf cart cart?

If something happens to it, am I liable for it? In other words, if the batteries go bad or a tire goes flat. How does that handle?

Well that’s a good question because we’ve had people actually total golf carts. So in that instance, then the renter shows proof of insurance and whatnot and they’d be liable for that.

But no, if you get a flat tire or if maybe you have a bad cell in a battery, that happens. Luxe Electric Golf Cars  will come out, either switch out the  Golf cart so you’re not without a cart. Or we’ll just bring it in and bring it back to you fixed. So there’s no expense to the renter in that case.

How do I get the cart from Luxe to where I’m staying?

We have trucks and trailers on the road every day here at Luxe that transport golf carts for rentals, for sales and for service. So that’s all part of the rental fee.

LUXE Electric Car Rental Price Sheet

2 Passenger

4 Passenger










  • Fees:  There will be a one time $110 pick up and delivery fee to Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta  & Indio. To Palm Springs one time pick up and delivery fee $125.

    Please call or email Debbie to schedule your rental today at: or (760) 851-5305.