How Often Should I Add Water to Electric Golf Cart Batteries?

How Often Should I Add Water to Electric Golf Cart Batteries

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In the winter months, add distilled water to your electric golf cart battery every three months. In colder months, evaporation is minimal; hence batteries may not need refilling often.

In summer, when temperatures are high, evaporation occurs, and water levels go down faster compared to winter months. Therefore, add distilled water at least once every month in the summer. This way, you ensure water levels are good throughout.

How Often Do Golf Cart Batteries Need Water
How Often Do Golf Cart Batteries Need Water

How Do I Add Water to My Electric Golf Cart Battery?

Open each battery cell and top off the level using distilled water. Using the watering gun improves precision while refilling battery water and ensures the right amount.

Note that overfilling the water level dilutes the electrolyte, resulting in a decline in charging power. Besides, you should not add acid to the battery since the electrolytes are set at a perfect balance during the battery manufacturing process.

How Do I Know if My Golf Cart Batteries Need Water?

Open the battery cell and check the battery water level indicator. Each battery cell has a water level indicator showing the correct water level. Ensure the water is at the gauge level and not below or above the gauge. If the water level is below the gauge level, add some distilled water.

Why Do Battery Water Levels Decrease?

The water level decreases during the charge, discharge and recharge cycles of the electric golf cart battery. As you keep charging the battery, the water level keeps dropping. The water decrease intensifies in the summer months when water evaporates due to high temperatures.

Can You Put Too Much Water in Golf Cart Batteries?

Overfilling the golf cart batteries overflows the battery electrolytes, and too little water causes sulfation, damaging the lead plates.

Before adding water to your electric golf cart batteries, check the water gauge on each cell to determine the amount of water needed to reach the recommended level. Avoid the temptation of overfilling the water, as this dilutes the electrolytes and eventually affects how the battery charges.

Can I Use Tap Water in My Golf Cart Batteries?

The battery contains ionized electrolytes that need water to dilute. Only use distilled (deionized) water to refill the battery water level because tap water or bottled drinking water contains minerals and natural content that causes corrosion. Distilled water is free from calcium and lacks mineral deposits present in water that comes directly from the spring.

Is Purified Water the Same as Distilled Water?

Distilled water is a type of water that has contaminants and minerals removed. On the other hand, purified water has pollutants and chemicals removed but could still contain minerals. The distillation process involves boiling the water and condensing the steam back into a liquid, a procedure that removes all salts, impurities, and minerals.

Should I Charge Golf Cart Batteries After Adding Distilled Water? 

Under no circumstances should you add water to a discharged golf cart battery. Please make sure the battery is on a full charge before you attempt refilling it. Remember, overwatering or underwatering will damage the golf cart battery.


How Much Distilled Water Do You Put in a Golf Cart Battery?

The amount of distilled water to add to the golf cart battery depends on the current water level after recharging the batteries. Check the battery cells after each recharge to ascertain that the battery water level is correct. Ideally, you should add as much distilled water as necessary to achieve a water level approximately one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch below the bottom of the vent when the battery is on a full charge.


Maintenance-required golf cart batteries come with electrolytes and sulfuric acid that submerge the lead plates that store the energy. The battery water level is responsible for the electrolytes and the acid available for the lead plate. If the battery lacks enough water, the lead plates dry out and suffer irreversible damage.

You or a technician should check the golf cart battery to ascertain optimal water level. Only use distilled water to refill the battery.

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