How to Care for Your Golf Cart During the Summer

How to Care for Golf Cart During Summer

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How to Care for Your Golf Cart During the Summer

Summer is not only the season of outdoor fun and sunbathing but also the time when many golf cart owners take their carts out for a spin. If you own one, It is important to know proper summer maintenance for golf carts.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to care for your golf cart during the summer.

Should You Leave Your Golf Cart Plugged in All the Time?

Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha have contradicting recommendations on charging golf cart batteries. If you are using an auto battery charger, you should always leave your golf cart plugged in to prevent damage, especially in winter when you aren’t using the cart.

You should charge your golf cart every night after you use it for the day — whether you used it for an hour or only ten minutes. Your golf cart should take eight to ten hours to fully charge. If you have an electric golf cart and want to keep it running during the summer months, it is best to charge it until it is full.

The unit shuts off when your golf cart is fully charged to prevent the battery cells from absorbing too much electricity in one charging session.

Ensure your golf cart batteries are charged if you don’t plan to use them for a while, so the battery life is not affected. Deep-cycle lead batteries tend to discharge on their own when not in use, so it’s important to charge them fully to prevent permanent damage.

How to Protect Your Golf Cart from the Summer Heat

How Do I Protect my Golf Cart from the Hot Weather?

Golf carts can stay outside for short periods. However, you should not leave them in the hot weather for a long time without protection. The sun wears out the exterior surface. This may cause damage to your cart and even render it immovable.

Here are some tips to help protect your golf cart in hot weather:

Take Care of Your Batteries

Summer heat evaporates water in your cart’s batteries, and you need to monitor the water level. Use distilled water and refill water levels to ¼ inch above the plates. Ensure the battery is fully charged before refilling water because the electrolyte levels rise while charging.

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Pressure in golf cart tires falls over time. If you use it when the tires have too little pressure, the tire treads wear down prematurely.

When the tires have too much pressure, the traction lessens, which could be dangerous on slick surfaces. Also, the tires could blow out at high temperatures if you over-inflate them.

Ensure your tire pressure is not too much or too little. Frequent tire checks help your cart to be at its optimal best.

Wash and Wax Your Golf Cart

Too much direct sunlight causes your cart’s body paint to fade. You can protect your cart’s body paint by washing and waxing it. Waxing keeps the sun’s rays from damaging your golf cart. Storing your golf cart under the shade or in your garage is a great way to protect the paint.

How to Safely Store Your Golf Cart in the Summer

How to Safely Store Your Golf Cart in the Summer

To safely store your luxury golf car in summer, you need to do the following:

  • Fully charge your golf car batteries
  • Refill the battery’s water levels
  • Disconnect the battery charger from the AC outlet
  • Store your luxury golf cart off the floor to prevent the tires from getting flat spots

Best Summer Maintenance

Summer golf cart maintenance is important if you want to enjoy golfing, gardening, or cruising around your neighborhood or college. Here are several golf cart summer practices you should do.

  1. Check the brakes. Apart from checking your batteries and air pressure, you should also check the breaks, the cables, pads, and pedals once a year.
  2. Check if there are oil leaks. Look for excessive dirt and oils outside your golf cart, and if you find some, get it repaired.
  3. Service your golf cart yearly. Regular maintenance from a professional will find any internal damages and correct them. Professionals also make sure the steering, suspension, and wheels are working fine.
  4. Clean your golf cart batteries. Batteries corrode and accumulate dirt, so you should clean them with water and baking soda to keep them functioning properly. The gases produced when batteries charge cause the battery to corrode and damage cables and terminals.


Summer is the best time of year to hit the driving range with your friends and family in your luxury golf cart. To enjoy your favorite pastime, you must practice the preventative maintenance mentioned above.

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