Is it legal to drive a golf cart in a neighborhood?

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Once you own a golf cart, you will realize that it has some restrictions regarding its usage. One of those restrictions is places you can drive it. These regulations are set to protect both you as the golfer, and the people you interact with. Therefore, is it okay or allowed to drive a golf cart in your neighborhood? Let’s find out.

What Determines Where The Cart Can Be Driven?

Where you live defines your neighborhood, though not accurately, but basically. Just like any vehicle, your golf cart needs to have the essential motor elements to be driven around. So, why is it important to evaluate the status of your cart, and your immediate neighborhood before you drive it around? One of the reasons will be security.


  • The Type of The Golf Cart


Golf carts come in different types, and that’s good for choice. Most manufactures and assembly points have gas, diesel, and electric carts as the main types that can be driven. The power source differentiates the three. Gas carts have engines similar to that of a regular motor vehicle, diesel ones are similar to gas, but they are specifically made to use diesel fuel. Electric carts use batteries as their primary power source.

So, how does the type of cart influence where it can be driven?

You see, diesel carts and gas carts are quite noisy, whereas electric ones are less noisy. For that reason, the latter can be allowed in a neighborhood that is quiet while the other two can’t. Also, gas and diesel carts emit fumes that are dangerous for the environment; thus, they will be restricted in some neighborhoods.


  • Who Is Driving?


In most states, some laws stipulate the driving eligibility criteria for all motor vehicles, golf carts included. These laws mostly focus on age and mental status. In South Carolina, for instance, it’s illegal for children under 16 years to drive, be it in your neighborhood, or on the streets.

Driving while drunk is considered a crime in several areas as well. Even when one is of age, they will not be considered fit to drive under the influence of substance abuse. It’s also useful for you in that you will be preventing a lot by following these recommendations. A child who is not experience might cause an accident just as a drunk driver.

What is Your Immediate Neighborhood?

As a regular golfer, you want to live near a golf course. This will provide convenience with access to the golf course. However, there are pros and cons to living in a golf course — for example, security. As an advantage, you will be in a community of like-minded people, while as a disadvantage, a stray golf ball might hit you while you are relaxing in your gazebo.

Also, the geography of neighborhood matters. As we know it, golf carts have the extent to which they can tolerate mileage. As a maintenance tip, you always need to ensure that your golf cart is getting driven on a road that it can sustain. This is not so much focused on the law, but remember that insurance policies are there to scrutinize you. That is, if say you have a comprehensive cover that excludes collision and your cart bumps in a trench, you will be disadvantaged.

What Will Ensure Your Golf Cart Is Eligible For Driving In The Neighborhood? 

Simple, convert it into a car. No, seriously – make it roadworthy. A golf cart that is not street legal will not be eligible for driving on the neighborhood. And, there are ways to ensure that your golf cart is street legal. One way to do that is by adding the essential components that are found in a car. These elements include safety belts, lights, horns, mirrors, and speed monitors. These are regulations set by government bodies to control golf carts usage in public.

However, if your golf cart meets the basic operational standards, the men in blue will not have a problem with you driving it in your neighborhood.

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