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Best Country Clubs in Palm Desert

Golfing is a renowned sporting activity in Palm Desert. The community has a beautiful and stunning landscape perfect for adventurous souls. If you are a fun seeker, you can find the best country club in Palm Desert for a sunning afternoon by the poolside!

Palm Desert golf courses are iconic and ideal for beginner and veteran golfers. In case you find choosing the right golf club in palm desert difficult, don’t fret; we got you covered.

We have compiled the five Best country clubs in Palm Desert to choose from.

1.Classic Club

Classic Club is one of Palm Desert’s best country clubs and undoubtedly an iconic golf course in Palm Spring! You can locate the club at 75-200 Classic Club Blvd, Palm Desert, CA 92260. The club offers a picturesque and scenic location with a mixture of lush greenery, calm, and beautiful water landscape with distributed elevated highlands.

Arnold Palmer designed the golf course, which was once hosted by the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Highpoints of the Classic Club is its luxury course made possible by its management, Troon Golf!

The club’s beauty and class find the right match in the employees who works hard to sustain this terrific and scenic course. Thus, the friendly and caring workers are not just an impression; it is a tradition! From the moment you stepped into the Classic Club environment, you will notice a culture of exquisite comfort aimed at making your time memorable!

2.La Quinta Resort Mountain Course

In the neighborhood of Palm Desert is La Quinta Resort Mountain Course, opened in 1926. It is an upscale country club with charm and a serene atmosphere located at 50200 Avenida Vista Bonita, La Quinta, CA 92253. It offers both children and adults exhilarating activities, including swimming pools, sports pro shop, and golfing. The country club is a legendary hideaway and accounts for 90 holes of America golfing activities. La Quinta offers PGA WEST Stadium Golf Course and the picturesque Mountain Course. Whether you play golf or not, there is so much fun at La Quinta Resort Mountain Course for everyone. You will get a full-service spa, a tennis complex with 19 courts, and various dining options.

3.Oasis Country Club

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Oasis country club is a beautiful Country Club in Palm Desert. You should see this club if you genuinely love golfing! It offers a well maintained 18-hole high-class golf course – the delight of every golfer! The club is at 42330 Casbah Way, Palm Desert, CA 92211.

David Rainville designed Oasis Country Club. The facility was opened in 1983 and operating as a semi-private golf club featuring a 60-par executive golf course, 22 lakes, and lots of lush green environment. Oasis has both easy and challenging holes, with the longest and shortest holes being #18 and #3, respectively.

4.Silver Rock Resort

It is Robert’s Arnold Palmer Classic Golf Course facility with 7239 yards of golfing challenges spread over 200 acres of land. SilverRock Resort featured stunning water and native bunkers. The City of La Quinta owns it and is managed by Landmark Golf Management and at 79179 Ahmanson LN, La Quinta, CA 92253.

If golfing is not a reason to be at SilverRock Resort, the picturesque environment is spot-on for a great photo shoot! The natural beauty and the Santa Rosa Mountains backdrop provide the perfect reasons to visit and enjoy!

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Take away

Selecting the Best Country Clubs in Palm Desert would not come easy because of the community’s many excellent clubs.

However, we use a carefully designed user rating and ranking metrics by authority reviews providers to find the best clubs you can trust. We also get social approval (Instagram) for the club to confirm the rating and ranking.

If you want the best country club in Palm Desert, you can confidently choose any of the five listed in this article.

We would like to hear your comments.

How do you maintain a golf cart?

I bet you own a car, and you are quite familiar with its maintenance. You need to attend to your golf cart, maybe not exactly the same way, but something like it!

Regular maintenance of your golf cart can extend its lifespan without constituting undue financial drain. A well-maintained golf cart, irrespective of the type, would run smoothly and give you the peace of mind you ever wanted in an automobile.

Golf cart maintenance comes with a long to-do list as listed below:

  • Regular cleaning of your golf cart to look good at all times.
  • Routine checking of the batteries to ensure they are in working conditions.
  • Checking the tire for the right air gauge.
  • Checking the brake system to be sure they are in top states.
  • Making sure your lighting and relevant illumination at working fine.
  • Check for body rust or dent and fixing it ASAP!
  • If you use a gas-powered engine, change the engine oil as and when due.

This article will discuss golf cart maintenance to touch on both the battery and gas-powered varieties.

Let’s get to it!

How do you maintain a golf cart?

Maintaining your golf cart battery

The battery is an essential item in an electric golf cart. It better be hale and hearty; otherwise, you won’t get a ride from your golf cart, sorry!

The golf cart battery is like gas in your car tank; without it, your vehicle won’t run. Usually, the battery has up to a 10-year lifespan, but it can be shorter with improper maintenance. Avoid situations that will make you repair or replace your battery often due to the cost implication.

Before maintaining your battery, you need to take the following precautions. Remove any metal finger rings, chain necklaces you wear to prevent electrical shock when charging. Also, wear protective rubber gloves and safety goggles to avoid corrosive acid burn.

How to maintain the electric golf cart battery:

  • Always charge your golf cart battery after use.
  • Avoid completely discharging before recharging to prevent accelerated depreciation.
  • After each fully charged, check to see that the battery water covers the metal plates.
  • Ensure the use of only distilled water to refill your battery when the water level is low.
  • Check that the battery terminal connectors are tight, secure, and corrosion-free.
  • Clean the top of the batter and surrounding to be free of debris, dust, or grass.
  • If in doubt, call us here at LUXE Electric Carts on (760) 340-2944 

How to maintain a gas golf cart engine:

As with motor cars, a gas engine requires regular maintenance.

  • Change the engine oil, air filter, and spark plug once in a year for optimum performance.
  • Service the clutch once a year to prevent sudden breakdown that may be costly to fix.
  • Develop a routine general maintenance plan to have a golf cart service expert on schedule.

How to maintain your golf cart tires

How to maintain your golf cart tires

You don’t want to wait until your tire develops a fault before you have it checked. Of course, this could be hard to do sometimes, as we often do with cars. Things to check on your tire include:

  • The wear and tear of the tire to determine the roadworthiness.
  • Have the tire expert check the pressure (Psi) to ensure having the right pressure.
  • Check the tire alignment and balance for optimum performance and longevity.
  • Look for cracks on your tire; if there are, you should prepare to replace them soon.

Have the brakes checked

While every part of an automobile is essential, your golf cart brake is of high priority. Never wait for the brake to breakdown before examining it. Once you notice a little variation in the effectiveness of your brakes, see the expert immediately.

However, the expert recommends you check your golf cart brake once in six months. The following brake elements need checking, adjustment, or replacement according to their conditions: A brake pedal, brake pads, cables, and the drums.

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Other essential items

If its a street legal golf cart, you need to check for wipers, headlamp, reverse light, horn, indicator lights, and accessories.

Take away for How do you maintain a golf cart?

Regular maintenance of a golf cart isn’t a luxury; it is an essential routine to ensure your cart is in a functional state always. Regularly charge your electric golf cart battery and maintain your gas-powered engine on schedule.

It is also essential to maintain the recommended weight, dont overload it for a long-lasting result.

Maintaining a golf cart, just like your motor car, call the expert’s attention when needed.

If you are anywhere near Luxe Electric Car in Palm Desert, call in to talk to a golf cart expert.

How to make golf cart batteries durable?

How to make golf cart batteries durable?

The golf cart battery is the energy it uses to move and take you around. Unlike your car battery that charges as it works, the golf cart batteries get drained the more it used. Thus, the golf cart batteries need extra care than you would of your motor car battery.

Another vital thing to note about frequent charging of the golf cart batteries is that it increases the wear and tear. Frequent charging also impacts the water level and durability of the batteries.

However, regular maintenance can make your golf cart battery last longer. With the following tips well taken, your batteries can reach an expected lifespan between 6 and 10 years. Regular and proper maintenance can achieve a decade of meritorious service.

Buy quality batteries

You can only expect your battery to last longer if the quality allows for long-lasting use. The best advice regarding getting quality batteries is to talk to golf cart experts who understand batteries and recommend the right brand and type.

When buying your golf cart, please take note of the old battery to know what to buy when replacing it.

Avoid overly cheap batteries when replacing because that is a license to imminent battery failure. No matter how you keep up with maintenance, a low-quality battery will eventually fail.

Use reliable distilled battery water

Don’t be tempted to play down on the quality of the water you feed into your batteries. Make sure to get your distilled water from a trusted battery store or talk to your golf cart dealer for recommendations.

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Use the Proper Battery Charger

Golf cart experts recommend using a three-phase battery charger for longevity. Also, they advise you to ditch any idea of using rapid or fast charging types of chargers. The use of these chargers can severely affect the health of your battery and reduce the lifespan.

It is advisable to follow experts’ advice on using the three-phase charge for bulk charging, absorption, and float sections.

  • This charging system shows about 80% of charging time is in the bulk mode where most of the charges get to the battery.
    • About 20% of charging time is when absorption takes place to give the batter quality charge time.
    • The float time is the climax of the charging to take the battery to its full level of charge.

Therefore, a trickle charger helps your battery last longer and powerful enough to serve you better, in all weather, without any backlash.

Keep strict maintenance regime

To ensure longevity, you should have a routine maintenance check well documented and followed to the letter.

  • Start with the battery water inspection to check the water level.
  • If the water is low, refill but mind the level gauge to avoid overflow as a water spill could damage the golf cart components due to corrosion.
  • After each day of using your cart, recharge the battery to be ready for work the next day.
  • Avoid complete discharge of your golf cart battery before your recharge if you want it to last.
  • Ensure to rub little lubricant on each battery terminal to prevent corrosion and battery failure.

Take away

A golf cart may be similar to your car; they are not the same in usage. Your vehicle is designed to maintain the battery and charges when in use, but your golf cart won’t do that.

Also, the car charger is optimized to keep the battery in optimum use. The car alternator takes over the car’s electrical energy needs when the engine is running; it is not the same with your golf cart.

Therefore, you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding using your cart to ensure the batteries’ longevity.

In addition to the discussions in this article, we recommend talking to a golf cart dealer near you. If you live in Palm Desert, you can call at the Luxe Electric Car golf dealership to speak to an expert on your concerns.

How often do you change the engine oil in a golf cart?

Now, before we go any further, all of our Golf Carts at Luxe Electric Cars are…well…electric! So, that means that you never have to change the oil like you do in an Gas powered golf cart.

However, we still get asked about this topic, so we thought that we would give you a solution to that issue, and remember, none of the following is needed if you get an energy-efficient Golf cart from Luxe…

How often do you change the engine oil in a golf cart?

Scheduled engine oil change in a gas-powered golf cart can substantially increase your golf cart’s performance and longevity. If you change your golf cart engine oil after 125 hours of running as recommended by the experts, you would have a superb engine performance!

The role of oil in an automobile engine

Engine oil lubricates the internal combustion, helping all the moving parts to run smoothly. The primary function of oil is to reduce friction and wear of the moving parts. It cleans the engine of sludge, serving as a dispersant and detergent.

Oil is responsible for these functions in an automobile engine:

  • Minimize Friction
  • Prevent wear and tear of the components
  • Transfer Energy.
  • Protect Against Corrosion
  • Cleaning power
  • Seal
  • Cooling
  • Dampen Shock

When to change engine oil in a golf cart

If you own a gasoline-powered golf cart, it has an engine similar to your car engine. Unlike the electric golf cart, a gas-powered golf cart uses petrol, and the engine must fire up to get the machine moving.

Therefore, for the smooth running, there is a need for engine oil to lubricate and minimize friction and wear of the parts. For efficiency and protection of the engine, the oil needs to retain viscosity.

As a result of the combustion and need for efficiency, experts recommend changing the engine oil at a stipulated time of 125 hours of operation or twice yearly.

How to change golf cart engine oil

For an efficient golf cart engine, following these tips and guide:

Tips to change engine oil

  • Drain the engine oil when still warm (for efficient draining).
  • Observe the drained oil, ensure it’s pure and clean without any large object in it.
  • Jack up the golf cart, let it tilt to allow all the content to drain.
  • Remove the oil filter, replace or clean with a solvent to reuse.
  • Use recommended engine oil only (usually SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40).
  • Ensure to maintain level gauge of oil refill; don’t overfill!
  • Guide to change engine oil

Before attempting a DIY engine oil change, you need to know it’s a technical task requiring specific tools. Here are things you will need to change your golf cart oil engine:

How often to change the engine oil in a golf cart?
  • Wrench
    • 10W-30 grade engine oil
    • Oil drain pan
    • Funnel
    • Lint-free rag
    • Engine degreaser and paintbrush

With all the items ready, you can follow these guidelines to change the oil.

  • Warm the engine and park on a level surface, secure the parking.
  • Open up the engine cover.
  • With the lint-free rag, clean the top of the engine oil cap and surrounding area.
  • Position the oil drain pan underneath the oil filter located within the triangular metal housing.
  • Unbolt the oil filter retainer bolts using the wrench; pull out the filter and let the oil drain into the pan. Don’t lose the O-ring rubber around the filter.
  • Use engine degreaser to clean the oil filter or use compressed air or get a new oil filter.
  • After the oil is thoroughly drained, clean the oil with a lint-free rag and replace the oil filter to its position on the engine and bolt with a wrench!
  • Remove the engine oil cap and position the funnel. Pour the replacing engine oil and periodically check the oil level using a dipstick until it reached the desired fill point.
  • Remove out the funnel and clean the mouth of the engine oil cap opening and replace the cap, be sure it’s properly tightened.

You are done!

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Take away

A simple engine oil change brings long and healthy life to your golf cart. There is nothing more desirable in a golf cart than top performance! However, changing golf cart engine oil isn’t an exercise for the unprepared; your preparation is to have the skill and idea of accomplishing the simple but delicate task.

If you anywhere around Palm Desert and you want to visit our showroom and see for yourself how good our golf carts are, then give us a call today on 760 340-2944

5 Best Golf Course Restaurants in Palm Desert

5 Best Golf Course Restaurants in Palm Desert, Ca

No matter what golf course you play at, it got to be social! Unlike most other sporting activities, golfing is a sport that promotes social hangout and family bonding. Behind every social gathering is a gastronomic feast to keep the spirit of oneness and bonding alive!

Therefore, modern golfers and their friends and family are excited to find the golf club with a stellar meal and drink for an idyllic golf outing. We looked through golf courses in palm desert and bring you 5 top golf courses, according to customer words, with top scale restaurants.

5 Best Golf Course Restaurants in Palm Desert, Ca

No matter what golf course you play at, it got to be social! Unlike most other sporting activities, golfing is a sport that promotes social hangout and family bonding. Behind every social gathering is a gastronomic feast to keep the spirit of oneness and bonding alive!

Therefore, modern golfers and their friends and family are excited to find the golf club with a stellar meal and drink for an idyllic golf outing. We looked through golf courses in palm desert and bring you 5 top golf courses, according to customer words, with top scale restaurants.

1. JW Marriott Desert Springs

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa restaurant serves the freshest and authentic American and Asian cuisines in a cozy and romantic palm desert environment. The golf course is located on 74-855 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, and play host to golfing enthusiasts in and around California and across the United States.


There are different restaurants to pick from according to your preference for American, Asian, or local delicacy. The Rockwood Grill, for instance, offers American foods made from freshly picked local ingredients to serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner from its water views patio location of the resort.

Customer words

If I am spending nights at the property… or having dinner, there is one consistent thing: happy, friendly, helpful employees! Go for a boat ride to a restaurant, or take a tour of the property. – Dennis W. Azusa, CA


2.     Desert Willow Golf Resort


Desert Willow Golf Resort hosts Terrace Restaurant that sits on sunny Palm Desert at 38-995 Desert Willow Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92260, United States. The spectacular clubhouse restaurant offers a scenic outdoor view and serves Lunch, Brunch, and Breakfast.


Among cuisines served in Terrace restaurant include delicious American cuisines made from the freshest local ingredients suitable for healthy eating and keep-fit enthusiasts. For Palm desert residents and golf lovers from across the country who want the best gastronomy and enjoy golf game, this is the place to be.

Customer words

Great place for lunch… a beautiful view and a nice restaurant… lots of seats outdoor that you can enjoy when you eat. – Lily W. 拉金塔, CA


3.     Escena Golf Club

Escena Lounge and Grill offers delicious California-fusion cuisine with excellent vintage appeal. The restaurant is located at Escena Golf Club to treat golfers and their friends to a world of excellent gastronomy. The menus served are delicious and phenomenal with American and South American taste to cater to guests for their meals and happy hour.

Customer words

Ordered take-out for brunch… it was delicious each time; breakfast burritos are really good, the grilled salmon and the scallop fettuccine were good as well. – Carlo A. San Francisco, CA


4. Bellatrix Restaurant Classic Club

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Bellatrix Restaurant at Classic Club in Palm Desert is a delicious gastronomy paradise with private dining, bustling barroom, expansive patio, and dinner seating for guests in and around palm desert.

The restaurant is within the gorgeous Classic Club built for the pros. Bellatrix Restaurant serves standard and high-end meals under the careful watch of a veteran chef and appealing to all appetites.

Customer words

The food at Bellatrix Restaurant was much appreciated, amazing! It came with a grain and veggies… nonvegans had the choice of chicken or beef served with mashed potatoes; vegans and nonvegans all very happy with their food. – Britney M. Palm Springs, CA


5. The Lakes Country Club

The Lakes Country Club is a 27-hole Championship Ted Robinson-designed privately-gated golf course featuring social, golf, and high-quality dining with recreational experiences in a breathtaking environment. It is one of the county’s oldest golf courses, spotting a glimpse of wildlife, unique vegetation and unique to Boiling Springs Lakes, located on a 6,700 yards on Old Ranch Road Palm Desert, CA 92211.

The player-friendly, well-maintained golf course gastronomy features Charlie’s Menu and cooking with the chef, including a collection of Asian inspired delicious and simple recipes by chef Kellen woodcock.

Customer words

I love the Lakes and visiting for years; a warm culture, easy to meet many types of people for a golf game, or simply to enjoy life at the restaurant or grill. – Brian J. San Francisco, CA

Take away

In the past, golf courses aren’t go-to places for gastronomy, but the game of golf now has many enthusiasts where friends hang out. Apart from playing golf, the serene golfing environment makes it a delight to cool off and reenergize.

If you have developed a thing for the golf game, the hobby could be enhanced with a golf cart.

Check at Luxe Electric Car today for more information.

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How Often Should You Take a Golf Lesson?

How Often Should You Take a Golf Lesson?

Diversity is a rule of the game when it comes to golfing. Regardless of whether you are getting the lesson from a pro at a locally available club or PGA pro from a guru, the rule of diversity still applies in that different players require a unique approach to perform better at golf. Let us explore the considerations you need to make to answer this question.

A Range Of 7-21 Days Is Recommended

Some of the PGA Tour players often require regular feedback from their trainer, while other golfers only need lessons when they indulge in a bad habit. Depending on the consistency of practice and desired outcomes from golfing, most of the time, taking another golf lesson should range between 7-21 days. Less than seven days is too soon to learn a new lesson because it puts less emphasis on the dynamics of the course, leaving little room for practice and perfection.

Also, a period of fewer than seven days is only sufficient to take a golf lesson only when you invest a few hours on a daily level. Consequently, less than seven days is too soon to implement a new golf lesson, without fully utilizing skills from the previous lessons. On the other hand, more than 21 days may amount to a behavioral change, which may potentially damage your capacity to take a golf lesson.

Possibility of Creating New Habits After 21 Days

This shows that it is possible to create a new habit after 21 days without any significant efforts to learn a new golf lesson or without any substantial efforts to grow. To review this, players who visit the course several times a week can benefit from at least one lesson per week, better than other players who visit once or twice monthly.

Possibility of Creating New Habits After 21 Days

However, all golfers are different in terms of mastery of skills, the level of practice, and the nature of the golf course enrolled for, and the skillset of the golf trainers. These are critical determinants of the expected outcomes in terms of progress and taking new lessons.


Mastery of Skills for Each Lesson Is Key

The main idea is to ensure that you refine the skillset acquired at the end of the initial lesson before proceeding to a new lesson. With loads of information available on the golf swing, it is possible for you to get distracted and jungle between lessons, thus the importance of keeping journal entries for proper monitoring of progress.

Establishing sustained growth and consistency in golfing requires continued efforts and a customized approach that addresses diversity.

Likewise, certain aspects in one lesson are easier to adapt than others, thus the need to sustain communication with the trainer to increase the prospects for each lesson.

Another important aspect is the need analysis, which creates motivation and synergy throughout a new lesson. Knowing what you want to achieve will enable you to strike a balance and understand the most suitable turnaround times.

Taking Golf Lessons Regularly Pays

Once you can identify your unique approach and the nature of the course that you have enrolled for, it is easy to recognize the strategic plan to ensure that you are learning and making remarkable goals towards achieving your needs. Rectifying any potential limitations towards learning makes it possible to set weekly and monthly goals to sustain progress in golf. It becomes possible to hit new shots that will make your game even better as well as scale higher.

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Is it worth getting golf lessons?

Is it worth getting golf lessons?

Golf is a sport to cherish. Your love for the game would drive you to learn how to play and become a master. Every human endeavor, including golfing, takes learning, and if you want to be happy as a golfer, you need to learn how to play.

Thus, getting golf lessons is worth every investment – your time and money.

Whether you are into golfing for recreational or competition, you need to learn how to play to justify your investment as the equipment needed is getting more expensive every day.

Improved technology and the need to master the game you love are enough reasons to get lessons.

Of course, you might not see the need to get golf lessons until you need to show your skill to friends or family and discovered you know next to nothing about your hobby.

There are different types of golfer:

Your stage in the game should push you to improve and move up the next ladder until you become the best.

  1.   Beginner/High Handicap

As a beginner, you want to be the best in the game. Becoming the best golfer in your league demands you take lessons to improve your skill. Of course, the more you can play the game, the better you will enjoy it.

  Beginner:High Handicap

Apart from becoming a competent golfer, you also want to discuss the game with a level of authority that you know what you are talking about when it comes to golfing.

After hitting the ball a few times, you begin to realize that training is essential for improvement. All these would drive your desire to get trained.

  1. Intermediate (11-18)

If you are an intermediate golf player with 11-18 handicap, learning to improve your playing skill can improve your chances of winning.

Many golf competitions have produced players on 15 handicap dropping to single figures in a season.

Many amateur golf players have used their handicap and a few lessons from good instructors to become great at playing the game.

  1. Junior (5-11)

Why should you be in a single figure handicap and not aspire to greatness? After all, the pros started this way, and with more lessons, they become unbeatable.

Of course, the sportsmanship in the game means anyone can be a winner, and why shouldn’t you be the next?

Consistent play, the right strategy, and gameplay are possible with more lessons from the right golf coach. With time and focus, you can be among the high scorers, and the accolade in being a top-scoring player is a great feeling!

With more training comes the desire to aspire for a higher stake in the game.

  1. Senior (0-4)

Little by little, your consistency in taking more golf lessons is rewarded as you climb to top-level as a senior golfer.

Even when you finally get to the top, mixing among seniors, your investment in lessons from the right golf instructors will compensate you with high-class golf skills and knowledge.

Usually, a golf coach is a high-calibre golf pro who is an all-rounder in the game. While a coach remains a teacher of the game, he must get lessons from other highly rated golfers to learn new things to maintain his top position in the game.

Golf lessons are essential for your success

The saying that no knowledge is lost couldn’t be more accurate for golfers!

As with all sporting and recreational games, a golfer needs a strategy to stay on top of the game.

As long as golf is competitive and hobbyists invest in the game, getting lessons to improve your skill will surely be worth the investment.

Are you looking for a golf coach?

Whatever your stage in golfing, you need a coach to take you to the next level or maintain your authority.

Golf lessons are essential for your success

With improved skills and knowledge as a golfer, it’s time to upgrade your equipment and resources for happy golfing.

Of course, you can always look like a pro on the golf course with a Luxe Custom electric car. These cars will take the focus of your golf game and make you the automatic star!

Call us today to see if a new Golf cart is right for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Clubs?

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Clubs?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, making some prior planning to choose the right golf clubs is an absolute requirement for achieving the performance metrics. Choosing right and strategic golf clubs will enable you to play well. Moreover, golf equipment, particularly a golf club, is a decision that should come at ease as you progress with the game. What about golf clubs? How do you choose?

The Right Beginner’s Pack

For a beginner, there is a need to familiarize with the game and decide whether they would want to progress. This eliminates the need to purchase new clubs, therefore borrowed or used clubs will serve the purpose. You should include at least three woods, a range of irons, and a putter, with no need for a driver. Afterward, if you chose to progress with golf, you might decide to purchase your own beginner set of clubs.

The Right Beginners Pack

However, customized, or top brand names are an expensive investment if you quit the game later. At this stage, the strategic approach would be to go to a discount shop or department store to purchase a new beginner set of clubs.

The best composition should be.

  • A driver,
  • Three wood, odd-numbered irons,
  • A putter, and
  • A carrier bag.

You will make a choice between the male and female, right or left-handed clubs. Likewise, there is a need to distinguish between steel and graphite shafts, but for a beginner, a steel shaft is more durable and cheaper.

What to Focus on After Sustaining Progress?

After playing for a year, with interest to improve in your game, you may set up a full set of clubs. This will include a driver, three and five woods, and three through pitching wedge irons. At this stage, you will need to purchase a separate putter, and a blade type putter is sufficient. This excludes the need for specialty clubs such as wedges, long – irons, and new woods.

However, there is still the need to choose between graphite and steel shafts, where you should stick to steel at this early stage.

You may consider offsetting heads that will increase your trajectory and cavity back irons that will enlarge the spot, a significant spot for the handicap golfer. As you progress with your game, you may complement your basic set with specialty clubs such as sand or lob wedge. A 60-degree lob wedge is significant to escape any greenside trouble.

If you experience any challenge with fairway woods, you may opt for a long iron or a hybrid club that combines the benefit of wood and iron.

If you still experience trouble with longer irons, you may replace a three iron with a seven wood. However, always remember that you can carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in a bag without any penalties. Likewise, you may shift your putter from a blade to a mallet if you experience challenges with putts because 50 percent of the shots are with a putter for a par-golfer.

Achieving the ultimate purpose

Over the years, you may integrate better golf clubs that are more customized and specific to your game. By this time, you have made a lifetime decision to be a committed golfer, and the investment becomes less risky than the beginning. At this time, you may consider the brand names, graphite shafts, grips, the level of stiffness of the shafts, cast or forged irons, and of utter significance customized club fitting.

Achieving the ultimate purpose

In conclusion, a customized club-fitting modifies the club shaft length and flex, and the head lies angle and loft to suit your unique size and swing, as you invest in fine-tuning your game.

And did you know that ALL of the custom Golf carts that LUXE build are suited to carrying whatever golf clubs you use.

So give us a call today and we can show you some special Carts for your needs

What makes a good golf instructor?

What makes a good golf instructor?

Golf instruction entails equipping and training golfers in the art of playing improved golf games. The golf instructor is a professional golfer who coaches another golfer to improve their awareness of club handling, swing, and general etiquette of golfing!

Like any sporting activity, the golf game follows a set of rules and disciplines requiring a player to comply with the tenet of the sport. By adhering to these principles, a golfer develops a few common elements for greatness.

A golf player must develop core golfing skills, including swing repeatability and endurance, and a self-believe spirit to enjoy the game. The right instructor prepares his students golfing skills in five core areas, including shots from a teefull shots from the ground (called iron shots), pitchingand putting and course strategy.

Traits of a Good Golf Instructor

Before you become a pro golfer, you are once an amateur who needs an excellent instructor to learn basics and advanced golfing practice.

Understandably, the game equipment might have changed; the rules have not!

With golf lessons now everywhere, an aspiring golfer needs to learn a pro-grade golf game and know how to choose the right instructor.

Traits of a Good Golf Instructor

Choosing a reliable golf coach requires knowing the qualities of an excellent golf instructor.

The following five traits should help you find the best golf instructor:

  1. Professional mindset

A good golf instructor understands that his job is about his student and not himself. The right coach is interested in his student’s progress and wants to know his objective for the training.

The coach understands that no two students are the same and are driven by different purposes. For example, one student’s goal may be to become a professional golfer to participate and win.

Another student might be interested in learning about golfing as a hobby for recreational reasons. A third student may not know what he wants, and the instructor will help him discover his goal.

  1. Simplicity

Another good instructor’s quality is to know their limit and that their role is not to show off, but to show their students how to achieve their objective.

The right golf coach takes time to make things simple for his students to learn without much stress.

  1. Continue learning

The good instructor knows that the golf game needs continued improvement as a coach because it is always evolving. He learns to stay ahead and within the game’s standard practice and show his student current moves and strategy to play well.

  1. Not proud to refer their student

Due to the complexity of the golf game, the good golf instructor is happy to refer his student to another coach for training.

The right coach understands that to develop quality golfer, the trainer must be knowledgeable in the sport’s body and spirit.

Therefore, he wastes no time to recommend another coach or refer his student when necessary.

  1. He is a regular player

A good golf instructor is a doer. He is a person who lives by his instructions. A golfer who doesn’t play regularly will be less versatile in the art of the game.

How to Choose a Good Instructor

Like all endeavors in life, finding the right instructor is a challenge for the amateur golf player. You will come across different golf teachers, and it is often confusing to choose the right one to teach you.

How to Choose a Good Instructor

Using the qualities of a good golf instructor discussed above, you can match it with the following tips to select the right golf coach.

  • Technical knowledge. The right golf instructor has a sound understanding of golf.
  • Good observation and analytical skills. A good teacher should combine these skills.
  • Ardent golf lover. Teaching the game takes passion; the right teacher must show this trait.
  • Excellent communication and teaching ability. If he wants to communicate and lacks the necessary teaching skills, he’s not your man.
  • Open-minded. A teacher should accommodate his students learning progress; no question is stupid to ask for a learner who desires to know, and the good teacher should tolerate this.


Get a Good Golf Instructor today

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5 Best Golf Courses in Coachella Valley

5 Best High-end Golf Courses in Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley is richly endowed with a serene environment and vibrant landscapes and mountainous views, making it ideal for golfing. Of course, we love our golf here at Luxe Electric Golf Cars.

So we decided to do a little bit of a different post this time… Now, we all have our favorite courses for various reasons, so to somewhat settle the arguments, we turned to our friends at TripAdvisor to see who the guests rated as the best golf courses in the Coachella Valley.

The following is an analysis of five best golf courses from renowned resorts and courses


  1. Desert Willows Golf Resort



With an average of 4.5 travelers rating, this resort stands out, with unique, customer-centric, friendly, and knowledgeable golf professionals who sustain excellent standards for diversified needs.

The serenity of the environment includes well-maintained greens, a mountain view, a Fire cliff, a terrace clubhouse restaurant, and patio. The courses are designed excellently, and with a platinum card come discounts, to allow 21 days advance tee times.

The resort prides in scrumptious appetizing and timely meals to give their customers a first-rate experience with ample self-parking such as handicap and valet.


  1. Escena Golf Club



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Escena has received a 4.5 travelers rating, as an excellent place for any level golfer. It offers a unique mountain view, with an immaculate and beautiful golf course. It is an impeccable golf course, with rewards for well-planned shots and penalties for mistakes, with guidelines for the most strategic ways to navigate through the challenges.

This is a great test of golf in an idyllic setting that is framed against the Mountain View. The sand traps and water can be strategically fit to intensify the nature of the challenges.

The layout offers a unique challenge with wide fairways and picturesque. With the Escena Bar and Grill come quality and timely meals to meet various utilities.

  1. Indian Wells Golf Resort


One of the storied golf clubs in the desert is one of the host clubs for the Bob Hope desert classics. With a 4.5 start traveler rating, it offers first-class customer-centric services from a team of professionals.

It is a beautiful course with sets of tee for all abilities, green fairways, contrasting colors, and views, with white covered mountains to compliment the serenity.

The Carts have digital scoring and distance to pin in meters and miles. The nature of the golf challenges is impeccable with the Players course designed to offer so many different looks. The celebrity course is shorter but offers unique challenges to train the golfers on course management.

The classes are part of Troon, which offers great rates for members.


  1. Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Golf Club


It’s an ideal location on the Coachella Valley, the Shadow Ridge Golf club enjoys blissful climatic conditions annually. The ridge is often referred to as the “golf capital of the world” because of the idea playing settings and abundance of courses that challenge each golfer to go beyond the norm.

There are tons of exciting perspectives, water, and sand trap galore to scale higher in gaming. It is an expansive golf club, with the rounds wide, enough apart to avoid any rash decisions. The greens are well maintained, but challenging in terms of the slope. The wind is also a factor to consider.

However, it has a 4.5 traveler rating in terms of unique customer value and experience.


  1. Classic Golf Club


It integrates a serene environment with an inclusion of a wildlife sanctuary and a daily happy hour from 3-6 pm. The golf course is well designed so that the holes have clear obstacles that dare you to go for the pin.

With a four-star traveler, rating comes a unique customer service from a team of professionals and excellent standards. The serenity of the environment comprises a varied terrain, short trees for beginners. Likewise, there is a $15 discount coupon on the food at the unique Bellatrix cafe.

The course is impeccable and challenging, with water and lay-up shots required with extensive and beautiful fairways, disadvantaged by the occasional wind.


Which One Did You Like?

Like you, we would love to continue with the list, but we have to stop here. Coachella Valley is indeed a one-stop place if you are looking for some of the best golf courses in California. Let us know which golf course you liked the most.