What does an electric golf cart cost?

Costs of electric golf carts

According to a report, about six billion dollars was spent in the United States in 2018 on golf supplies, apparels and equipment. The report also added that personal golf carts took the lion share of the spending. As always, golf is a game for the top bracket of society, and with the need nowadays to have loved ones watch you play, golf cart customs would be a priority.


Golfing equipment and accessories are valuable resources to enhance a golfer experience on the course. Traversing the vast golf courses isn’t a thing the golf spectators would readily do unless if they have a compelling interest to walk the 18-holes. Considering the benefits of luxury electric golf carts, it is every golfer’s dream to own one. Also, you could have a customized golf cart to meet personal needs and comfort.

Now the big question; what does an electric golf cart cost? 

The electric golf cart is the preferred choice for most golf courses, their communities and golfers because of the advantage it has over other golf carts. They are battery-powered with zero carbon emissions and very beneficial to the green environment and people.

Most electric golf carts have 36 or 48 volts electric power. With the voltage ratings, it is evident that a 48 volts electric model golf cart would deliver higher performance than its 36 volts cousin. Infrequently, however, you would find the 72 volts model; usually found among customize golf carts.

With golf cart customs, you can have the cart tailored to your taste to give you that sense of class and comfort you desire. 

What does an electric golf cart cost?

The cost of electric golf carts varies according to functionality and accessories. It is not every electric golf cart that is luxury in design, although you can have some basic electric golf carts optimized for your comfort.


Below are ideas of what an electric golf cart cost:

  • Minimalist model cost around $4,000
  • Customize the basic, stripped-down model will cost around $15,000
  • Majority of electric golf carts price between $5,000 and $10,000

The lower the price, the more stripped-down you will have in the features of your golf cart.

However, the price of electric golf carts will depend on the manufacturer, the aesthetics and performance built into it. Also, the amount will depend on the place of purchase, as there are different dealers with varied business objectives and customer service. For the ideal luxury electric golf carts, prices will definitely be higher because of additional functionalities and services you will get.

What does an electric golf cart cost?

Finding the best electric golf cart dealer

A golf cart customs from the best electric golf cart dealer would give you the unique cart to meet your golfing needs. The best golf cart dealership understands you are making a considerable investment, and there is the need to tailor the cart to your requirements, tastefully.

Therefore, before you settle for a dealer, make sure they have what it takes to deliver a real customize golf cart that will meet the definition of the luxury electric golf cart you seek. 

Before you search for “golf cart dealerships near me” on the internet, it is crucial to consider your needs and comfort requirements as a first step. Doing so would give you the idea of what you can get from any dealer or if you need a dealer that specializes in what you require.



Having a customized electric golf cart means you can use it for other purposes outside the golf courses. The cart can serve as an inexpensive means of transportation and for running errands. Some golf carts are street legal, especially luxury ones with an average speed limit of about 35 miles per hour.

When your family members want to see you play, everyone can join you in the cart while you move across the 18-holes playing golf. As beautiful as it sounds, having the right dealership with the best customer service will add to the beauty of owning a luxury electric golf cart.

Refurbished or Re Manufactured Golf Cars, What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference between a Refurbished or Re Manufactured Golf Cars and many people are unaware of these differences. We wanted to share this video with you so you can make an informed decision about they type of Golf cart you want to be driving. This is especially true if you are in the market for a used golf cart. We have provided the transcript of the video below for you too so you can read if you dont want to watch it…  enjoy


I just want to respond to an email that I just received. Is all re-manufactured golf cars the same? coming to ya live from the LUXE showroom. We’re going to cover that in just a second.

Refurbished or Re Manufactured Golf Cars, What’s the Difference?

You know, I get this question all the time. What is the difference between a Refurbished or Re Manufactured Golf Cars? And I’m gonna s- explain it to you today in a story, where I just had a client come in and he sold his home. And he said, “Jason, I need to sell my golf car that I bought for you, a re manufactured golf car, four years ago. And I also have another cart in my garage that I’d like you to come and look at.”

Well, once I went to his home and looked at the other cart that we did not build at LUXE it was a refurbished golf car. I knew that by simply driving the car. All the parts on the refurbished car were original. They painted the exterior, they put brand-new rims and tires on the car. They made it look pretty, but the guts of the car were original. Therefore, the warranty was only one year on the car, and not three years like our re manufactured cars here at LUXE

What we do at LUXE is, we strip it all the way down to the frame. We rebuild it with all-new Club Car OEM components. So what does OEM mean? OEM means that we buy the parts through Club Car that are brand-new. Those components are the motor, the controller, the shocks, the bushings, the batteries. Everything mechanically underneath our cars is brand-new. And that’s why we put a three-year warranty on it. If you bought a brand-new 2020 Club Car, what’s the warranty? Three years. How much more are you going to pay? 20 to 25% more. That’s why purchasing a re-manufactured car over a new car makes more sense.

So, the moral of the story is, what happened with my client that sold his home and needed to sell his two carts? Guess what? I sold the re-manufactured car the next day. The client was interested in the second one. He drove the car and can tell the difference, that this car had to have been much older than the re-manufactured car that LUXE built. So that car is still for sale, and it’s not going to sell for near the amount that I sold his re-manufactured car for.

So okay, when you’re out there looking to purchase a golf cart, make sure you ask the right questions. When you go in and look at a Club Car or an E-Z-Go or a Yamaha and it says re manufactured, ask the salesman, “What does that exactly mean? Are you replacing all the parts with new parts?” What is the warranty? If the warranty is only six months to a year, that’s a signal that the parts are not new on that car.

Also, you got to drive the cart. Drive the cart and you can tell the difference between a truly re manufactured car and just painting an exterior of a golf car, making it look pretty, and putting a price tag on it with the low warranty.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m Jason Weir, coming to you live from LUXE Electric Car. See ya next time.


We hope that explains the difference between a Refurbished or Re Manufactured Golf Cars.


What are luxurious electric golf carts?

We have gone past the days when you have to walk 18-holes golf course with your caddie, pulling your golf bag behind. Today, golf carts have taken over and for good. To have the most elegant leather seats luxurious electric golf carts on the courses while playing our favourite game isn’t something ordinary.

What are luxurious electric golf carts?

Luxurious electric golf carts are statements of success and a bold declaration that you love the game. Contrary to the uninformed notions that it’s a needless show of wealth; no, I say it’s a show of wisdom to use your money to buy equipment that will enhance your love for the game with minimal risks. Corroborating this fact is the golf carts Palm Desert program, proving that health is the essential possession in life. Without good health, life is meaningless!

Benefits of luxurious electric golf carts

Meteorological information continually warns about the depletion of the ozone layers. Our forest landscape is turn deserts, and global warming is taking its toll. Of course, man is made the master over the earth. The only to prove we are indeed masters is to use our wealth wisely. I wonder what our beloved golf game would become without the greenery and lush lawn that traverse the golf course landscape. Having gas car pollute that serene haven that is like a second home where we find so much joy and happiness playing golf, would mean not acting wisely!

Optimized luxurious electric golf carts for your comfort

The luxury electric golf carts are designed to provide comforts for the user. If you are on the course playing your game, it’s there to keep you company and leaving for home to retire for the day; you have everything you need to be okay. You don’t need the extra spending on converting your old golf cart to meet your needs; everything is delivered as a package. The golf cart customs are comfort optimized!

Value for your money

Luxurious electric golf carts are the embodiment of class and aesthetics at its best. They come in all shades of designs and functionalitiesLuxurious electric golf carts are the embodiment of class and aesthetics at its best. They come in all shades of designs and functionalities – regular, convertible, solar-powered, pure rechargeable electric carts and much more.

Your decision to choose luxury electric golf cart is an affirmation of your belief in the beauty of the courses which deserve your protection from carbon footprint eating us up daily. If we just complain and do nothing, the result will not spare anyone! Read about the Palm Desert program, where golf carts palm desert is making life a better place, to know the importance of a clean environment.

Golfing is a lifestyle sport where we find Health and Relationship, and Network to expand our empires, investing in a clean environment that guarantees longevity to enjoy our wealth is too little a sacrifice, unless you don’t have the means.


What to consider before buying a luxurious electric golf carts

I wouldn’t list money as part of things to consider when shopping for luxury electric golf carts. Prices would differ according to the type and functionality of your chosen brand and model.

Let’s find out the critical things to ask when searching golf cart sales near me.

  • Posh leather seats
  • GPS with navigational function
  • DVD player
  • Maximum speed
  • Street legal
  • Battery power and reliability
  • Battery recharging duration
  • Availability

Luxurious electric golf carts are the embodiment of class and aesthetics at its best. They come in all shades of designs and functionalitiesWhen you find the big automobile brands like Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and Escalade producing luxury electric golf carts, what does that tell you? These brands understand the trends because they have their searchlights on the goings-on in the golfing industry. Your decision to buy a luxury electric golf cart today is keying into the future in golf game mobility vehicle. You are also making an investment that will put your money where your mouth is.


As you search for luxurious electric golf carts,  act on your passion for golf, I say make it worthwhile by choosing the coolest golf cart customs that meet your taste and need!

What is the best battery for a golf cart? Lead-acid vs Lithium

Lead-acid Batteries vs. Lithium Batteries

As a modern-day golfer, learning about the battery for your golf cart is as essential the sport. Electric golf cart batteries ensure your movement on the golf course and the street. In choosing batteries for your cart, it’s necessary to compare Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries to select the right one.

Indeed, choosing Lead-acid batteries vs. lithium batteries can be confusing unless you understand the key differences. For performance, maintenance, and cost, lithium batteries stand out.


What is the best battery for a golf cart? Lead-acid vs Lithium

Lead-acid batteries are first-generation rechargeable power units with history well over 150 years. While lead-acid batteries are still very much around and doing great, more serious competition emerged from the latest battery technologies, including lithium batteries.

However, this article will shed light on the best batteries to choose for your cart as an existing golf owner or a prospective owner.


Lead-acid Battery

The lead-acid batteries are the patriarch of all batteries. It was invented in 1859 by Gaston Plante. These batteries supply high surge currents and are very affordable, making them suitable for automobile starter motors. Despite the emergence of other batteries, Lead Acid batteries are still the most used rechargeable batteries today.


Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries were created in the late 70s but commercialized 1991 by Sony. At first, lithium batteries target small scale applications like laptops or cell phones. Today, they are used for larger-scale applications like electric cars. Lithium batteries have high energy density and have specific cathode formulations for various applications.


Comparing Lead-acid Batteries and Lithium Batteries


When it comes to cost, the patriarch battery takes the Lead as it is more affordable compared to the lithium battery. Although lithium has high-performance benefits, it comes at a high price, which is usually 2-5 times higher than lead battery.

Lithium batteries are more complex; they need more mechanical and electronic protections than Lead. Also, expensive raw materials such as cobalt are used in the production of lithium batteries, making it costlier than Lead. However, when you compare longevity and performance, the lithium battery is more cost-effective.


Lithium batteries have higher performance compared to lead batteries (3 times higher than one of the lead batteries). The longevity of a lithium battery is higher than the lead battery. Lead-acid batteries rarely perform well after 500 cycles, while lithium is excellent after 1000 cycles.

Not to confuse you, a cycle life indicates the battery’s lifetime of complete charge or discharge times before it loses its performance. When it comes to charging, Lithium batteries are also faster and more effective than lead batteries. Lithium batteries can charge in an hour, while lead-acid batteries can take up to 10 hours to charge fully.

Lithium batteries are less affected by external conditions compared to lead batteries. Hot conditions degrade lead batteries quicker than lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are also maintenance-free, while lead batteries need frequent replacement of the acid and maintenance.

The only time lead batteries have equal, if not higher, performance over lithium batteries are in very cold temperatures.


When it comes to design, the lithium batteries are better compared to the lead batteries. The lithium batteries weigh 1/3rd of the lead-acid batteries, which means it consumes less space. As a result, lithium batteries fit in compact environments compared to the cumbersome, old fashioned lead batteries.


Lead batteries use a tremendous amount of energy and produce considerable pollution. Also, lead-based cells can be detrimental to animal and human health. Although we cannot say that lithium batteries are entirely free from environmental issues, but their higher performances make them better than lead batteries.

When changing batteries for your golf cart, what should you choose?

If you want to change your batteries for your old golf cart, you can choose Lead-based batteries if you are constraint with finance. The reason for this is that your old golf cart might not be energy-demanding compared to Street legal electric golf carts with high energy need to power various luxury accessories like a refrigerator, sound system, and so on.

For golfers buying a brand new electric golf cart, it is better to choose lithium batteries to supply all your energy needs and more durable.

Conclusion-Lead-acid vs Lithium

In comparing Lead-acid and lithium batteries, the essential factors are Costs, Performance, Longevity, and the environment. While Lead-based cells are excellent for initial low-cost investment, lithium batteries require a substantial initial investment. However, lithium batteries can support you long enough to justify the initial high-cost investment.

Electric Golf Car – The Best Choice – Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries

Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries

The effort to choose between lead based Batteries and lithium batteries for your electric golf cart is an endeavor well directed. It’s like finding out the best gas to power your automobile, and you need to choose the right because so much depends on your decision.


The difference between lead based batteries and lithium batteries is a matter of technology. Evidently, Lithium batteries are an advancement over lead based batteries.

Today, old battery technologies stand side by side with newer ones; your decision should be about performance.

This article compares lead based batteries and lithium batteries for your golf cart. In doing so, we consider golf cart owners wanting to change batteries and a new buyer, choosing the best battery.


What are lead-based batteries?

lead batteries vs Lithium batteriesThese are rechargeable lead-acid battery invented by a French physicist, Gaston Planté in 1859. The system comprises of lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid solution to provide a reliable power supply for equipment and devices needing instant power. They have initial low cost and excellent high-surge currents.


In the evolution of batteries, lead based batteries are the patriarch of battery family. Lead-acid battery technology counts on centuries of improved power technology and still very much in contention today.


Benefits of lead-based batteries

  • Performance stability. With such long years of existence, most of its shortcomings have been overcome. What you get from lead-based batteries today are power and performance.
  • The lead-based battery is non-inflammable, designed at standard pressure, and very safe for use without risk of explosion.
  • High working voltage. Lead-based batteries guarantee consistent high voltage supply suitable for hybrid vehicles and applications needing high rate discharges.
  • Suitable for a variety of needs. Excellent for applications requiring peak performance of shallow charge and discharge, unique for peak load and valley clipping etcetera.
  • Excellent for large scale energy storage. Offer convenient means to store substantial energy requirements, ideal for applications needing energy for later uses.
  • Easy maintenance. Easy to maintain because of the simple composition and availability of parts.
  • The cheapest secondary batteries in the market.


What is Lithium Battery?

The Lithium battery was first produced commercially in 1991 by Sony. The battery has four key components, including Cathode, electrolyte, anode, and separator. All parts work as a unit, and all are needed for it to function.

Lithium battery, called lithium-ion, is excellent for renewable energy uses. The technology is extremely stable and high performing compared to its predecessors. The lit-ion has six different chemistries, with each one unique in performance.

Benefits of lithium batteries

  • Maintenance-free. Unlike lead-based batteries, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  • Makes your cart lighter. Lit-ion batteries are lightweight, making it ideal for a luxury electric golf cart.
  • Never a downtime. Offer 100% uptime for golf cart.
  • Adequate power supply. You don’t need to worry about your cart, not climbing hills because of its robust power output.
  • Highly tolerant of abuse. The lithium batteries will respond anytime you need it.


Comparing lead based batteries and lithium batteries

  • Lead-based batteries are cheaper compared to lithium batteries at the initial investment.
  • Lead-based batteries are versatile but not as lithium batteries in terms of weight-to-performance ratio.
  • Lead-based batteries need regular maintenance, but lithium batteries need no support at all.
  • Life cycle. Lithium batteries have a higher life cycle between 2000 and 5000 times, compared to 500 and 1000 for lead based batteries.
  • The Charging speed. It takes up to 8 hours to fully charge lead based batteries and 3 hours for lithium.
  • Lithium batteries can serve up to five years of regular use, while lead based batteries last about two years.


What batteries should you choose?

If you are considering between Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries for your old golf cart or you want to know what battery to choose between the two technologies, here are what to consider.


  • The Carrying capacity. If you put your cart to more rigorous uses, you need lithium batteries.
  • You cart energy needs. If your cart requires more energy in addition to riding, you need lithium.
  • Frequency of use. Frequently used cart requires more charging time and maintenance, choose lithium batteries.
  • Can you afford a high initial investment? If yes, choose lithium; if no, go for lead based.



Whether a current owner or new looking to buy the best battery, we recommend the lithium batteries. However, if you have an issue with initial cost and your cart requires less energy to function, you can settle for the lead-based batteries.


Are electric golf Carts Street legal? 

Times are changing, and so many things are moving with it. One of the things we know has changed and continues to evolve, is the golf cart – electric car golf cart to be precise. Gone are the days when a golf cart’s place is strictly on golf courses cruising around the course, today electric golf carts are regular sights on our roads.

Are electric golf Carts Street legal?

The electric car golf carts are on the list of officially recognized vehicles for the roads, giving that they meet certain basic functionalities. The Department of Transportation has a list of federal requirements for electric golf carts to be roadworthy.

Find below list of items that qualify your electric golf cart to drive on the road:

  • Horn
  • Seat belts
  • Speedometer
  • Windshield wiper
  • DOT approved tires
  • Working lights – Head, Brake, Taillights and turn signals
  • A lighted license plate bracket
  • Reflex reflectors on all corners of the cart
  • Interior and exterior-mounted mirrors
  • A 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Minimum top speed ranging from 20 and 25 mph

Is your golf cart street legal?

Are electric golf Carts Street legal? Each state in the US has its replica of the requirement for the use of electric golf cart on its roads, so you are advised to find out what makes your golf cart street legal in your state. You will need to find out if your current electric golf cart has all the listed federal requirements from the department of transportation. If anything is missing, it means your golf cart should not be on the road.

By classification, the electric golf carts are Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV). By that, it means a vehicle that has what is considered low speed compared to other automobiles on the road. However, the law requires that for a golf cart to be street legal, it must have a minimum speed level of between 20 and 25 miles per hour. For golfing purposes, a cart does not need such speed to move around a golf course, now that additional responsibility is being added to your golf utility vehicle, meeting the allowed speed limit is essential.

What are Street Legal Laws for golf carts across the states in the US?

I stumbled upon a handy resource on Street legal laws across the states in the US. If you want to find out what makes your electric car golf cart street legal in the state you live, please check here. Laws are essential for the good of society, and it helps when you comply with legal requirements. There are various options available to make your golf cart street legal. One way to make your cart street legal is to meet your golf cart dealership to discuss your intention to go to drive your car on the road.

What options do you have to make your electric car golf cart street legal?

You have the option to modify your current electric car golf cart, and with a little expense, your cart is street legal and ready to move. You can also trade-in your current golf in a swapping deal and get a street legal golf cart. And if you have the fund, you could buy a new electric golf cart and sell the one you are using now. Of course, there is a market for used golf carts, and it can be an excellent way to raise money or recoup your expenses on the cart.

What are the benefits of a street-legal electric car golf cart?

Apart from using your electric car golf cart for golfing, it will also serve as means of transportation for street runs. Electric Golf Carts are energy efficient and environmental friendly; that means you are saving more by using your golf cart as a means of transportation on the street. Think about the health benefits and more money in your pocket to use for other equally important things.

Your electric car golf cart has the same right as other vehicles on the road as long as it is street legal. In that regards, feel free to drive around without harassment or whatever situation you might be thinking as the downside of using your cart on the road.


Electric car golf carts are becoming the new bride on our roads, and many counties are asking for their use because they promote a greener environment. If you are concerned about climate change and want to contribute to reducing the effect on our planet, having a street-legal electric car golf cart is an excellent way to help. Talk to an electric golf cart dealership and make your golf cart street legal today.

What are Luxury Electric Golf Carts?

What are Luxury Electric Golf Carts?

Have you ever wondered why golf is so exciting and yet so challenging at the same time?

Well, we could say that it’s the struggle and anticipation to get the ball in each of the eighteen holes with the fewest strokes possible, but let’s assume that’s obvious. The other thing that makes it exciting is the carts.

I remember when I was a child, I used to follow my dad into the golf course to hop into the tiny cars or big toys as I used to think of them.

Those days, I would enjoy the ride, and I cared less about anything concerning the carts. As I grew older and got into golf, I learned more about them, and thus today, I am going to share all of it with you.

Sounds good? Well, let’s get cracking.

So, What Are Golf Carts – You Ask?

Golf carts are basically a means of transportation around the golf course. You see, most golf courses are extensive, and the mode of gameplay is unlike most pitch games where you pace from one end to the other to get the ball.

Therefore, these small electric vehicles facilitate movement to a minimum of two golfers and their gear. On the plus side, these movements act as a replenishing therapy for you. Think of a situation where you had a thrilling and blood pumping game at a palm desert under the scorching sun? Wouldn’t a ride do you good?

That’s what I thought.

Golf carts come in different brands, specifications, and qualities; however, they all have a primary function – transport.

But since you love the game and you wouldn’t mind spending some more money on the best gear and accessories, you might need to consider getting a luxury golf electric cart.

Luxury Electric Golf Carts

You don’t want to get into the action with a sore back left by hauling a heavy bag full of clubs, right? In fact, having a sore back might affect your swing that you have taken ages to perfect, and you would definitely not wish for that.

Luxurious electric golf carts are not very different from the regular ones, just that these offer more comfort, class, and convenience.

That being said, you expect to find high-end leather seats in the carts, better motor capabilities, and general performance in these carts.

Why Luxury Electric Golf Carts?

Ever since the advent of golf, people from all walks of life have cultivated an interest in the game. These days you will even find people with a disability playing the game.


Electric cars have made golf courses navigable and fun. These carts have made this possible due to their low maintenance costs, durability, speed, and versatility. For instance, the majority of the new models’ roofs are made of solar panels and thus providing an effective energy source.

Furthermore, as luxury is all about convenience, owning a luxurious supplement to your favorite game is a big step towards setting yourself up for success. By this, I mean that you will associate it with a milestone, and you will have to do whatever it takes to prove your point.

Final Thoughts

We have come from far, and our forefathers would congratulate us on the steps we have left behind us. For a game like golf, fans and cheerleaders are always looking for the minute details about the golfers since there isn’t much to watch.

Therefore, to win the hearts of many, you have to invest in your gear as much as you invest in your skills as a golfer.

Investing in gear does not only mean getting everything set but also getting the best of everything set – and starting with a luxurious golf electric cart will undoubtedly bring it out.


How Much Does A Luxury Golf Cart Cost?

How Much Does A Luxury Golf Cart Cost?

When it comes to the valuation of commodities, several aspects and features are normally put into consideration. This approach ensures that the best prices that are neither too exaggerated nor too understated are set.

But you are not here for an entrepreneurship 101 lesson, right?

You are here to find out the cost of a luxury golf cart. Therefore, to help you answer or address this question, we are going to break down the major aspects of a luxurious golf cart and see how much it would cost as a package. Let’s get in.

But first…

What Makes A Golf Cart Luxurious?

Honestly, I have struggled with this question too.

When Mercedes launched their super luxurious golf cart concept, we couldn’t help it but turn our heads. But why did we? Simple, the features it came with.

Needless to say, the primary function of a golf cart is to ferry you around the course. But I think with luxury golf carts, that is way too cliché.

This claim is due to the insane features that come packed into these futuristic electric systems. And without further ado, we are going to look into them and their value.

Crazy Amenities

How Much Does A Luxury Golf Cart Cost?Yes, they are insane.

I mean, imagine a refrigerator inside a golf cart. As tiny as it might be, that’s a sure deal to raise the price point of a golf cart.

Apart from the refrigerator, some luxury golf carts come pre-packed with weather update systems for God knows what for, just kidding.

High-level Tech

Luxury golf cart manufacturers understand that in the future, we will still need to enjoy the game as we do right now. In that case, you will find that most carts go to the extent of incorporating Artificial Intelligent into their systems that makes the life of the owner simpler and more effective.

Did you hear about the driverless golf cart made by Infosys

Better and High-Quality Material

Wealthy people like you are not only looking for aesthetically looking carts; you need something that lasts. With that knowledge, companies that manufacture these carts have invested a lot in the design of the final products.

Recently, carbon fiber has been used by the majority of the manufacturers of automobile companies. Cart manufacturers recognized this trend, and they decided to incorporate it into their designs to spruce up the models.

More Space

We have already established that luxury spells out comfort, among other things. A luxurious golf cart designed to offer you comfort will have to take the interior design into quite some consideration for it to work.

Given the fact that comfort is vital for golfers like you and me, cruising the course in a luxury cart puts in a much better position when it comes to productivity.

There are literally a thousand and one features that make us draw a line between luxury golf carts and regular carts. As a matter of fact, it is possible to get a custom-made golf cart made to your specifications. How cool is that?

The Price

Right off the bat, I will tell you that luxury golf carts are not cheap, and for good reasons. With many carts going for up to $28,000, that’s enough to categorize them as valuable. However, based on the target market, the price point of most of the luxurious models is affordable. I believe that you are one of the target audiences, so be informed that there is a luxurious golf cart near you.

Come on down to LUXE Electric Cars and see our showroom…  we have carts for everybody