How Long Does an Electric Golf Cart Last?

How Long Does an Electric Golf Cart Last

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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Electric Golf Car

Have you always wanted to own an electric golf cart? A question you may have is, how long does an electric golf cart last?

I understand that spending thousands of dollars on an electric golf cart is a tough decision. That alone justifies your concern about how long golf carts last.

Furthermore, getting the most out of your golf cart requires certain maintenance practices.

In this post, I explain how long a golf cart lasts and unveil the secret to getting more years out of your electric golf cart.

Let’s dive in!

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance and a Free Lithium Battery Upgrade

How Long Do Electric Golf Cars or Carts Last? 

The average lifespan of an electric golf cart is between 20 and 40 years.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you do not keep up with the proper maintenance, there is no guarantee that the electric golf cart will last even ten years.

Anyone investing thousands of dollars in a golf cart needs to understand that golf cart maintenance improves its lifespan.

How do you make the electric golf cart last? Let’s take a look.

How to Make Your Electric Golf Cart Last Longer 

  • Charge the Batteries When Your Electric Golf Cart Isn’t in Use

Electric golf cart batteries lose 1% to 3% of their charge daily. Furthermore, the electric components on your cart draw small but constant power from the battery pack. Therefore, you need to recharge the batteries often, even during the off-season.

Dead batteries can freeze, and when frozen, they become junk. Also, some battery chargers do not come back on after finishing the charging cycle. You must unplug the charger from the cart and plug it back to start a new cycle.

  • Check the Battery Water Level Often 

Brand new batteries use very little water at first. With average use, your electric golf cart batteries will need water. During summer, check your batteries once a week. Humidity and extreme heat cause the water to evaporate faster than during cooler months.

As the batteries age, they take longer to reach full charge levels, resulting in using more water.

Check the battery water level, and if it is low, top it up with distilled water.

  • Fill Up the Tires Whenever They Are Low and Inspect the Breaks at least Once a Year

Inspect the golf cart tires at least twice a week, and if low on pressure, ensure you fill them up to optimal levels before driving. By filling up the tires, you prevent them from wearing out faster than expected. Besides, it makes the golf carts ride much smoother.

Golfers don’t drive the carts fast, which means brakes do not wear out as quickly as other vehicles. But, you still need to inspect the brakes at least once a year.

Typically, the brake pads, drums, and brake cables need inspection and potential adjustments to keep them functioning optimally. Check for brake fluid leaks and change worn wires.

  • Avoid Overloading the Golf Car 

Some owners use golf carts to transport items around their properties. Whether using your golf carts strictly on the golf course or moving things around your warehouse, do not overload them.

As part of golf cart maintenance, check how much weight golf carts can hold and avoid overloading. Lessening the load reduces the strain you subject to various golf cart parts. If your employees drive the golf cart, warn them about overloading.

  • Bring Your Electric Golf Carts in for Professional Service 

No matter how strict you are when it comes to golf cart maintenance, the chances are that you will miss certain things.

Schedule professional golf cart service, preferably, with the manufacturer every 12 months for the first few years and more often depending on its usage.

The professionals check all issues, including what you might miss with your regular golf cart maintenance.

Why is Golf Cart Maintenance Critical?

Driving your electric golf cart subjects various parts to strain. For instance, tires and brake pads wear out; batteries drain, and electrical components regularly require replacement. Golf cart maintenance ensures you check all parts and replace them as needed. Ultimately, you enjoy optimal performance, and your golf cart lasts longer.

How Long Will a Set of Golf Car Batteries Last? 

The golf cart batteries last between five to ten years with proper maintenance. It is essential to charge the batteries correctly and maintain water levels with distilled water. Check the battery connections and clean up the terminals. Keep the connections clean and tight to ensure optimal charging and avoid corrosion.

How Often Should I Do Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

How Often Should I Service the Electric Golf Cart? 

We recommend bringing your golf cart in for professional servicing at least once a year. Depending on the electric golf cart’s usage, you may need to regularly bring it in for professional servicing. And don’t forget to ensure regular maintenance, such as changing the brake pads, checking battery water levels, and recharging the batteries even during the off-season to avoid battery freezing.


Proper golf cart maintenance translates to optimal performance and better durability. Remember, keeping the golf cart out of nasty conditions minimizes damage and increases its lifespan.

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