Lead-Based Batteries vs Lithium Batteries – Which is Best?

Lead-Based Batteries vs Lithium Batteries – Which is Best?

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out whether to get an Electric Golf Cart that uses Lead-acid batteries or Lithium-based ones? 

Choices are good.

However, there are several considerations you need to take into place for you to choose between the two. In this article, we are going to explore what makes either a lead or a lithium battery better than the other. 

The Lithium-Ion Battery

Li-Ion battery technology dates to the 70s. 

They are composed of four major elements; 

  1. The part that determines the charge known as the cathode
  2. The part that enables current flow, also known as the anode
  3. Lithium ions stored in the anode
  4. Medium under which the ions flow is known as an electrolyte.

This battery technology has shown a high level of efficiency, which can be credited to the following features that it incorporates.

Features of Lithium-Ion Batteries

  1. The high energy density of up to 150 watt-hours (WH) per kilogram.
  2. A lower discharge rate of about 5 % charge loss per month
  3. Highly resilient in a way that they can lose 80% of their State of Charge (SOC) and still maintain potential cycles.
  4. Quite expensive compared to other types.
  5. The electrolyte in it is flammable.

These features create a basis under which the Lithium-based batteries are identified. When looking for a battery that’s best suited for an electric golf cart, some of the features enlisted here are what you should be looking for in a golf cart.

However, since you are here to choose between lithium-based and lead-based, lets first look at the features of the latter. 

Features of Lead-Acid Batteries 

  • High discharge rates of 4% of total charge per week.
  • Slow and inefficient charging.
  • Limited usable capacity if 100% of their rated capacity is used.
  • Low energy density of 80-90wh/kg
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • High maintenance required. Lead-acid batteries need to be topped up with distilled water now and then.

Lead-Based Batteries vs Lithium Batteries – Which is Best?


Lead-Based Batteries vs Lithium Batteries – Which is Best?

Now that you have seen how the two battery types compare to one another, you might be wondering which one is the best fit for your golf cart. For you to decide that there are some considerations you need to keep in mind.

But before that, 

To help you put the differences and similarities for the two battery types into context, here is a tabular summary of the points with help from this fact sheet.


Comparison of The Features For The Two Battery Types

Lithium-Ion Batteries Lead-Acid Batteries 
Discharge Rates Low (up to 5% of charge/mo) High (up to 4% of charge/week)
Energy Density  High (150wh/kg) Low (80-90wh/kg)
Initial Cost High Low
Regular Maintenance  Minimal  Repetitive 
Charging Rates Slow Fast
Resilience  High Low


The Best Battery Option For Your Electric Golf Cart

Just as with any other electric device, the power source matters a lot. With electric carts, it’s not a different case. Also, given the fact that the batteries will be used to power, among other elements, the motor aspect of the cart, the specifications of the battery need to be top-notch. 

When you consider factors like the specifications of your golf cart, your ideal battery type should be able to power it efficiently. For instance, luxury golf carts have high-end components, which translates to the need for a reliable power source that is not necessarily high but rather efficient. 

Looking at the features of lead-based and lithium-based batteries, it is safe to conclude that lithium-based ones are much more efficient. By efficient, we mean that they will not only power your electric cart but also power it for an extended time. 

On the flip side, however, we see that the lead-based batteries are ranking below their counterparts in terms of efficiency. That aspect makes them not the ideal option for you.

Last Thoughts 

If you were to choose between the two, we would suggest that you pick the lithium-based ones. We understand the fact that lithium-based technology is relatively new compared to lead-based tech might be a point of concern. Also, being that lithium-based batteries are quite expensive, the price point of lithium-based carts might be higher than that of lead-based. That being the case, though, we still recommend them for their reliability since we are all about quality and value for money. On a side note, lithium-based are eco-friendly, and when you think about it, that’s a positive contribution to the future of golf as a sport.

What Does an Electric Golf Cart Cost?

What Does an Electric Golf Cart Cost?

According to a report, about six billion dollars was spent in the United States in 2018 on golf supplies, apparels and equipment. The report also added that personal golf carts took the lion share of the spending. As always, golf is a game for the top bracket of society, and with the need nowadays to have loved ones watch you play, golf cart customs would be a priority.


Golfing equipment and accessories are valuable resources to enhance a golfer’s experience on the course. Traversing the vast golf courses isn’t a thing the golf spectators would readily do unless they have a compelling interest to walk the 18-holes. Considering the benefits of luxury electric golf carts, it is every golfer’s dream to own one. Also, you could have a customized golf cart to meet personal needs and comfort.

What Does an Electric Golf Cart Cost?

Now the big question; what does an electric golf cart cost? 

The electric golf cart is the preferred choice for most golf courses, their communities and golfers because of the advantage it has over other golf carts. They are battery-powered with zero carbon emissions and very beneficial to the green environment and people.


Most electric golf carts have 36 or 48 volts of electric power. With the voltage ratings, it is evident that a 48 volts electric model golf cart would deliver higher performance than its 36 volts cousin. Infrequently, however, you would find the 72 volts model; usually found among customized golf carts.


With golf cart customs, you can have the cart tailored to your taste to give you that sense of class and comfort you desire. 

What Does an Electric Golf Cart Cost?

The Costs

The cost of electric golf carts varies according to functionality and accessories. It is not every electric golf cart that is luxury in design, although you can have some basic electric golf carts optimized for your comfort.


Below are ideas of what an electric golf cart cost:

  • Minimalist model cost around $4,000
  • Customize the basic, stripped-down model will cost around $15,000
  • Majority of electric golf carts price between $5,000 and $10,000


The lower the price, the more stripped-down you will have in the features of your golf cart.


However, the price of electric golf carts will depend on the manufacturer, the aesthetics and performance built into it. Also, the amount will depend on the place of purchase, as there are different dealers with varied business objectives and customer service. For the ideal luxury electric golf carts, prices will definitely be higher because of additional functionalities and services you will get.


Finding the best electric golf cart dealer

A golf cart customs from the best electric golf cart dealer would give you the unique cart to meet your golfing needs. The best golf cart dealership understands you are making a considerable investment, and there is the need to tailor the cart to your requirements, tastefully.


Therefore, before you settle for a dealer, make sure they have what it takes to deliver a real customized golf cart that will meet the definition of the luxury electric golf cart you seek. 


Before you search for “golf cart dealerships near me” on the internet, it is crucial to consider your needs and comfort requirements as a first step. Doing so would give you the idea of what you can get from any dealer or if you need a dealer that specializes in what you require.



Having a customized electric golf cart means you can use it for other purposes outside the golf courses. The cart can serve as an inexpensive means of transportation and for running errands. Some golf carts are street legal, especially luxury ones with an average speed limit of about 35 miles per hour.


When your family members want to see you play, everyone can join you in the cart while you move across the 18-holes playing golf. As beautiful as it sounds, having the right dealership with the best customer service will add to the beauty of owning a luxury electric golf cart.

Street Legal Golf Carts

Street Legal Golf Carts

The most frequently asked questions by those who want to own a golf cart, is whether the street golf carts are legal. Street golf carts are electric vehicles meant for golfers to use as a convenient means of transport around. For a golf cart to be legitimate, it means there are conditions put in place to determine whether it is or not.

Legal Requirements For a Street Golf Cart

Some rules are for every electric golf cart owner to abide. An electric golf cart should not only be driven by a licensed driver but also should follow laid out rules. Below are general legal conditions that any street golf cart should follow.

  • Working lights: head, tail, and brake lights are essential before one hits the road. It can be dangerous if the lights are not working. To avoid accidents, the lights should be put in place and regularly checked.
  • Speedometer: Golf carts should have a minimum of 20 mph and a maximum of 25 mph.
  • Windshields: both wipers and AS4 windshields devices to keep passengers inside in case of an accident.
  • Rear view mirrors exterior mirrors mounted on both the driver and the passenger sides.
  • Red reflex reflectors on all corners of the cart to give an indication to the approaching drivers.
  • Safety belts: each seat should have a seat belt installed for life safety.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) of 17 digits that helps in figuring out the real identity or the golf cart.
  • Parking brakes to firmly hold the cart when putting in the park.
  • DOT-approved tires indicated on the sidewall. They have a five-year rule and shows when it should be replaced.
  • Front and rear turn signals to indicate the direction in which the driver wants to turn.
  • A lighted visible license plate label for its unique identity should be in place.
  • An electric horn to warn pedestrians of the golf cart’s approach.

Street Legal Golf Carts
Street Legal Golf Carts

Whom Are They Meant For?

Corporates mostly need them for mobility purposes to either transport employees, clients or guests from building to building in business premises and country clubs.

The street-legal golf cart is also referred to as the neighborhood electric vehicle. Corporates mostly need the carts for mobility purposes to either transport employees, clients, or guests from building to building in business premises and country clubs. They come in different models that can carry two to eight passengers. Here are the reasons you should have one.


  • Efficiency


With an electric golf cart, you are assured of comfort. Just like charging your mobile phone so it is the golf cart. You can charge it overnight and use it the whole day. A fully charged golf cart can go between 25 to 40 miles.


  • Great For The Environment


Carbon emitted by conventional vehicles is toxic to the environment. An electric golf cart plays a safety card to nature. Meaning your health is kept at bay.


  • Affordable


At LUXE, you can have a luxurious electric golf cart at an affordable price with competitive prices that fit your budget. With this time of rising costs of gas at the pump stations, the best alternative method of transport is a golf cart. 


  • Less Maintenance To The Technician


Technology invasion of lithium-ion in batteries has made golf carts almost maintenance-free. You will not have to undergo costly repairs often.


  • Pleasure


The fun that comes with cruising a golf cart in silence is compared to none. Running errands and local communicating made smoother.


  • Flexibility


A golf cart’s small size is its primary selling point. Most places allow golf carts that transport owners on a golf course anywhere.


  • Safety


Due to its low-speed movement, the passengers are assured of their safety. They are driven on roads that do not allow a speed of over 35 mph.

To experience the above benefits in a fun and practical way, you can check from LUXE remember the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number and paperwork. You are only required to take the paperwork to the department of transportation national highway traffic safety of your state. They will help you get licensed and registered.  

To Sum Up

Finding the right golf cart is hectic. As such, worry not as LUXE electric golf cart company offers a wide variety of electric golf carts with interiors, wheels, front/rear options. Get your dream car that is built to your specifications. There are different models and prices to cater for everyone. 


What Does it Mean to Build a Custom Electric Golf Car?

What Does it Mean to Build a Custom Electric Golf Car?

Contrary to popular beliefs, building a custom electric golf car leans more towards amplifying your personal preference, rather than portraying affluence. Besides, electric golf cars are more eco-friendly as opposed to their gas-powered counterparts.

Of course, when designing a customized golf car, you want to pay more attention to the aesthetic appeal. While this augments your preference and style, a cart’s aesthetics are not the only factor to consider. 


What Does it Mean to Build a Custom Electric Golf Car?

What Does it Mean to Build a Custom Electric Golf Car?

Here are other essential elements to prioritize:

  • Body Type 

Before building a custom electric golf car, you first have to choose its body type. There is a wide array of car bodies to choose from, including signature car brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Range Rover, among others. 

Note that there isn’t a single best or worst body type. Your budget and taste of style should influence your choice. 

  • Area of Use 

While a golf cart is typically used on the golf course, it’s common for golfers to drive their carts around the neighbourhood and off-road terrains. 

Informing the designers where you intend to use the golf car, allows them to install the right accessories suitable to different terrains. For instance, if you’ll drive your car on gravel roads, the designers will adjust the axles and chassis’ suspension to fit the rough terrain wheels. 

Moreover, other accessories add-ons such as rim size and headlights depend on where you’ll be using your electric golf car. A street legal golf cart, for instance, ought to have seat-belts, signal and brake lights, as well as a windshield for compliance with the traffic laws.      

  • Number of Passengers 

Usually, golf carts accommodate only two passengers. But you can add a few more to accommodate all your golfing buddies. For this reason, you may consider adding a rear seat to your electric golf cart to provide enough space to bring your whole team for a ride.   

The ideal choice of golf car seats is the two-toned seat style. These seats tend to be more comfortable and resistant to wear and tear from frequent use. In a similar vein, seat covers are also an excellent addition to protect the seats from weather elements. 

  • The paint job or Skin

Having your golf cart painted gives it a more personalized look while enhancing its appeal. Also, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, ensuring that you find a one that complements your style. 

Skins, on the other hand, are more affordable than custom paint jobs, though they come in limited choices. Nonetheless, if you are anticipating to change the look of your cart more often, consider going for the skin to cover your golf cart. 

  • Top Style 

The top of a golf car protects you from weather elements and debris as you in the outdoors. Your choice of a golf cart course depends mainly on the number of seats on your cart. 

The standard golf car top is suitable for a two-passenger car due to its small size. For golf carts with a back seat, an extended top is recommended as it long enough to shield all passengers, including those at the back. 

  • Optional Add-ons 

Add-ons help improve the driving experience and functionality of your golf cart. Smart add-ons include GPS navigation and stereo systems. To enhance the safety of your passengers, you may also want to add grab handles as well. You may also want to add extra compartments for more storage room for all your game gear.

Building Your Custom Electric Golf Car Today!

Designing a custom electric golf car can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. 

At Luxe Electric Car, we offer a wide range of custom options, including high-end models such as Bentley, Aston Martin, and Range Rover. All models provide a reliable horsepower for improved performance, even on off-road terrains. 

Be sure to contact us today to help you customize an electric golf car that expresses your style, at a competitive price.   




How Long Do Batteries Last In Golf Carts?

How Long Do Batteries Last In Golf Carts?

Golf carts are unlike the regular motor vehicles you see on roads. Their make and general mechanics are designed such that they can only endure certain extremities. Therefore, its components are vulnerable to damage when exposed to harsh conditions. 

Golf cart battery is one of the most significant elements that constitute a golf cart. Battery-powered golf carts are common nowadays as their convenience is notable. But did you know that the lifespan of the battery will highly depend on you, as opposed to the cart? This is to mean that certain practices define how long a battery will last in a golf cart. 

How Long Do Batteries Last In Golf Carts?

The following are some of the factors that determine how long batteries will take. 


  • Amount Of Care Given 


We all know that machines need some level of care and maintenance if we want them to serve their intended purpose effectively. For instance, golf carts that use deep cycle batteries require regular check-ups to ensure that their electrolyte levels are maintained. This implies that if the batteries are left unattended for a long time, they will undoubtedly become obsolete. 


  • Level Of Usage


Most golf carts are being designed such that they can also be used as streetcars. However, that does not mean that you can park your SUV and replace it with your golf cart. This approach will see more usage of the cart batteries, which will automatically translate to over-usage tendencies. The batteries will drain fast and thus shorten their life cycle.


  • Exposure To Caused By Extreme Conditions 


Extreme conditions such as long periods of sunshine can damage your golf cart battery. However, you should not shrink on that thought just yet as the weather is a small portion of these extreme conditions. Other elements, such as rough terrains, might end up killing your battery’s life. 

Now that we have seen some practices that will determine how long a golf cart will last in a golf cart, let us see what factors determine how long it can last. 

How Long Do Batteries Last In Golf Carts?

What Influences The Lifespan Of A Golf Cart Battery

It’s worth noting that most golf cart batteries can take up to ten years before they become obsolete and call for a change. Also, given the fact that different golf carts perform differently, and there are different types of golf cart batteries.

Therefore, we have to look at weighing factors generally as well going into the specifics of the different types.


  • The Battery Type


At the most basic level, there exist two battery types; that is Lithium-based and Lead-based batteries. These two types have differences that define them, and that contribute to their effectiveness and ineffectiveness. 

For instance, Li-based batteries have high resilience and hence they can sustain harsh conditions, unlike lead-based ones.


  • The Brand Of The Battery 


We are here to educate you, and therefore we will not hide the fact that some battery manufacturers are not worth your investment. And it’s also a no brainer since you understand that low-quality items tend to lose value fast. With that in mind, choosing the most coveted battery brand will serve to push the battery lifetime forward. 


  • The Features Of The Golf Cart


We saw that the usage of the golf cart would determine how long a battery can sustain. This sustainability will be contributed by factors such as the elements and fundamental features that are being powered by the battery.
Most luxurious golf carts are made with high-end technologies that consume much power. In this case, it means that batteries in such a golf cart will wear out quickly if proper care is neglected. 

How Long Exactly Can a Battery Last?

We have established that the direct answer to this question is that it will depend. However, as with any human-made item, golf cart batteries have a period that they can go up to. 

The research was conducted that revealed that batteries can go for a minimum of three and a maximum of ten years. 


Battery duration is not uniform. Some batteries will lose value before others. However, the lifespan of such batteries can still be extended by observing measures such as regular care and thus improving their state. By doing so, they might last as long as the golf cart itself. 

What Happens If You Damage a Golf Cart?

What Happens If You Damage a Golf Cart?

The golf cart is an accessible mode of transportation in many gated neighborhoods. It is not every golf cart driver that is the owner, but the rental company. When you crash and damage a rented golf cart, what happens?


A golf cart in the hands of an expert driver is safe, but the same cannot be said of a learner. Usually, not all who mount the driver’s seat are experts; they lack knowledge about driving the golf cart.

What Happens If You Damage a Golf Cart?

If you signed up to use a cart and got it damaged, the responsibility is on you. The best way to prevent liability is to prove the accident results from a faulty cart.


A fault with the golf cart would mean negligence on the part of the cart owner.


Don’t Conclude Before an Investigation

It is difficult to determine what comes next until the proper assessment of the damage. Most often than not, the user of the golf cart is at fault. Although, you may have an accident may happen if the golf cart is not in serviceable condition.


However, there is a need to assess the causes and extent of damage to determine the next line of action.

What Happens If You Damage a Golf Cart?

Golf Cart Accidents Are Serious Incidents

Golf carts serve a useful purpose where they are in use. In a standard golf course, for instance, carts provide an easy way to move around the golf course. You will prefer to use a cart than walk the entire 18 holes in a standard course with challenging terrain.


But while thinking of the benefits of a golf cart, imagine the dangers lurking around in the guise accidents. Also, consider the cost implication of fixing a damaged cart if you are culpable. Apart from damage and cost, a fatal golf cart accident could result in death!


How to Avoid Damaging a Golf Cart

Will you jump in a car to drive if you have no driving knowledge or driver’s license? You probably won’t do that!


The first reason you won’t dare is the fear of accident that may take your life. Another is to obey the law that requires you to have a driver’s license before driving.


But why would you jump in a golf cart to drive without the skill and certification to drive?


Golf carts aren’t toys! It would be best if you obeyed the law in respect of golf carts. You need to think of your safety and protect yourself from avoidable trouble.


It would help if you did the following to avoid golf cart-related troubles:

  • Don’t drive without a valid driver’s license
  • Avoid restricted roads; use only approved paths for golf carts
  • Take necessary precautions when operating a golf cart
  • Avoid wet terrain as carts do not have the same holding powers as your car on a wet road
  • Be careful in a steep; the regular cart only has the rear brake
  • Please don’t go too fast when negotiating a bend; it could cause a tip-over
  • Avoid joyriding with a golf cart


After a Golf Cart Damage, What Next

If you are the owner of the cart, or you hire it from the golf cart rentals, the first thing to do is come out to a safe place. Do a quick assessment of the damage.


Usually, because of the materials used for the cart, the damage to the cart will likely be more.


Report the accident and damage immediately to the cart owner and get them to the scene for inspection. If you are at fault, do not play smart, find out the solution. Sometimes, the cart owner would let go, or they may invoke necessary clauses in terms of the agreement.


If the damage is reasonable, discuss settlement and move on. If it’s not, bargain with the owner or call in your golf cart accident attorney to take up the case. You should weigh your options carefully not to fight the case and end up with more costs.


Is Your Golf Cart Insured?

Like cars, you can get insurance coverage for your golf cart nowadays. If the cart has an insurance cover, call on your insurance to take over from there. That is if you have used the cart according to the policy you have.



Damaging a golf cart can be serious trouble if the damage is more. Before admitting responsibility or place blame, do assess the situation and cause, first. Whatever is the case, do not panic, call the cart owner if you are not the owner, and reach a mutual solution. 


In case you are culpable, discuss a soft landing with the owner. Call your insurer to step in and take over from there, if you have a policy.


Or, call in your golf cart accident attorney, where it is difficult to reach an amicable solution.

Can I Use My Private Golf Cart On A Golf Course?

Can I Use My Private Golf Cart On A Golf Course?

Privately owned golf carts are a dream come true for most golfers. I get that having the knowledge that you have full rights over a golf cart is refreshing. It offers you comfort and privacy either on or off course. Talking about that, is it allowed to drive your privately owned golf cart on the golf course? What does it take to use it on course? Are there restrictions on usage? These are among the questions we get from golfers a lot.

Let us clarify that for you. 

Who Are In Charge of Golf Courses?

Golf courses are usually private or public. They extend to form the two types of golf clubs – private and private. Despite that case, there are some forms of management bodies that are in control of the courses. These bodies are in charge of the welfare of golfers as well as the state of the course. 

As an avid golfer, you will find yourself weighing the options between private or public golf carts. If that happens, here is what you need to know about the two.

Can I Use My Private Golf Cart On A Golf Course?

Private Golf Courses

Just as many settings in life, private golf courses are mostly used and visited by people with similar interests. You will find that most of these are composed of luxurious golfers and regular golf players, as well as close friends. Members of private golf clubs enjoy benefits such as premium services, fun tournaments, and personalized help. Their subscription fees are high.

Public Golf Courses 

They are the direct opposite of private golf courses. These are mostly overcrowded with people from different domains. The services are less improved compared to those on private ones. Most golfers who opt for public clubs are casual players, and that’s economical for them since their subscription equals the usage. Inexpensive since their subscription fees are low.

How The Type of Golf Course Influence Cart Usage

Whether you are using a rental golf cart or yours, there are regulations that you need to focus on to ensure you are in line with the law or guidelines provided by the club leaders. For that reason, different clubs set rules that guide their members on the usage of their carts. Most clubs allow members to use their golf carts, but there is a fee attached to that. 

For instance, some private golf clubs could charge on an hourly basis while public ones charge per day or session. 

What Else Determines If You Can Use Your Golf Cart On The Course?

There are many different types of golf carts; electric, gas, pushcarts, et cetera. Many golf courses approve golf cart use depending on its type. This means you can find clubs that do not allow you to enter the course with a diesel golf cart, while others will not mind. 

  • The size of the cart also counts as an element that qualifies or disqualifies its use on the course. In most cases, you will find that clubs restrict carts that exceed a certain width, or even tire height. 
  • Insurance. Most clubs, either public or private, will require that you provide valid and up to date insurance covers for you to use the golf cart on the course. This aspect ensures that you are responsible for any unmet accidents or occasions that befall your cart while on the course. 


Can I Use My Private Golf Cart On A Golf Course?

The answer to this question is that it depends. As we have seen, many factors stipulate the usage of a golf cart on the course. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can use yours on the new club, you just joined, inquire from the management first to make sure that you are not going against regulations.


How Long Should Golf Cart Charge Last?

How Long Should Golf Cart Charge Last?

 If you play golf often, you’d know that a golf cart is an integral part of the game. However, there is no golf cart without its battery. The battery is as important as the golf cart. That’s why you have to ensure a regular golf cart charge to serve you more. 


Thus, a regular golf cart charge makes moving around the golf course easy and convenient. There is so much information to know about the golf cart battery charge; that is what this discussion will tell you!


All You Need to Know About Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries are similar to car batteries – both are lead-acid batteries. However, similarities don’t mean they are the same thing; there are differences between the two cells.


Significant differences between a golf cart and car batteries

  • Golf carts batteries are 6 volts while car batteries are 12 volts, so you can’t interchange them.
  • Unlike your car batteries that recharge as you drive, the golf cart batteries discharge, so you always have to recharge. 

How Long Should Golf Cart Charge Last?

Charging Your Golf Cart

Golf cart batteries need to get fully charged to prevent bad performance. Using your golf cart when the batteries aren’t fully charged can affect the range of your batteries and performance. Ensure your cells have enough time to complete a charge before you use your cart.

How Long Should Golf Cart Charge Last?

It is advisable to charge your batteries every day that you use your golf cart. Don’t drive the golf cart till the battery dies; if you do, it will not last long. 


Getting the right chargers

It is essential to charge your batteries properly. But if you overcharge your cells, you could reduce the lifespan and damage them. If you know that you might forget charging and overcharge your batteries, have someone attend to it. Instead, get an automatic charger that shuts off after the batteries are charged; that will save you some stress.


However, if you have the older model charger, you’ll have to remember to turn it off when it’s fully charged. To save yourself all that stress, buy the automatic ones or set the alarm to alert you when it’s time to unplug.


How Long Should Golf Charge Last?

Overcharging is the fastest way to damage your golf cart batteries. Fortunately, there are automatic chargers that switch off when the batteries get fully charged. 


But not everyone has an automatic charger. Thus, it would help if you switched it off manually. So how long should golf charge last? The surest way is to determine how long it would take to charge fully and time it.


Once you have an idea of estimated full-charge time, set the alarm to alert you to disconnect the charger. That way, you will prevent overcharging and damage to the battery.


It is recommended to charge the batteries every time you use the golf cart. It is not right to wait until the cells die before recharging it. 


Try as much as possible to make sure that battery discharge is not more than 70%. The longer it takes to charge, the more it will overheat and reduce its lifespan. If your battery packs up, replacing it will cost you the money. You may want to regularly budget for battery replacements.


Also, you should make sure there is enough time to charge the battery fully. Don’t charge for a few minutes when you’re in a rush to get to a game.


Maintaining Your Golf Cart Batteries

If you want the batteries to last longer, you have to manage it effectively. Try to check the water level and ensure to clean your cells frequently. Make sure you use distilled water and don’t exceed the set level markings.


Also, remember to switch off everything when not using the golf cart. That includes lights, electronic devices, and everything connected to the batteries. If you leave devices on, it will lead to a total discharge of the cells, which will reduce its life. 


Your driving style can also affect the life of the battery. Try as much as possible to avoid the steep terrains. If possible, go round or leave the cart at the bottom of the hill and walk uphill.


Always avoid carrying more people than needed and maintain the recommended weight capacity. 



Golf carts are an essential part of the golf game. It offers a convenient way to move around the golf course. But golf carts are only useful if the batteries are functioning.


Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that batteries are fully charged and well maintained.

Do Golf Carts Have Front Brakes?

Do Golf Carts Have Front Brakes?

Yes and no. Your answer will depend on the type of cart you are driving. When you hear discussions about golf carts brakes, they are talking about two different types of carts. 

Do Golf Carts Have Front Brakes?

Most carts from manufacturers have two rear wheels brakes only. Yes, that is because stock carts are recreational vehicles with very slow speed. The maximum speed is about 11 mph, and the two rear brakes are enough to stop the cart.


However, the second type of golf cart is the modified carts called low-speed vehicle (LSV). They have that name because of upgrades in the speed and other functionalities.


It means the speed of the modified golf cart is increased between 20 mph and 35 mph. In this regard, the original stock golf cart’s rear brakes will have less impact stopping it. Therefore, the front brakes are needed for more effects and safety.


Golf Cart Brake System

The conventional golf cart has rear brakes to stop the cart because of the low speed. Apparently, the brakes at the rear wheels do not have to exert much force to stop the cart.


But, as golf cart owners seek more powers, it ultimately requires more brakes to cope with an increase in speed.


There are different types of brakes used in modified golf carts. The purpose is to deliver more tolerance and safety. Unless you have changed your golf cart, you may not need to bother about brakes.


Of course, regular maintenance of every cart’s brake is crucial. However, you may not need to install the front brake for your recreational golf cart.

Do Golf Carts Have Front Brakes?

Types of Brake Systems

Your stock golf cart from the manufacturer has the mechanical rear drum brake system. The system includes service brake, park brake pedal and release linkage that serves park brake. 


Also, the self-adjusting wheel brake system has an equalizer link, compensator system, and braking cables.


You will come across the following brake terms in the automobile and golf cart.

  • Mechanical braking
  • Electric braking
  • Dynamic braking
  • Countercurrent braking
  • Regenerative brake


Maintenance and Repair of Golf Cart Brake

Golf cart brakes may appear not to need servicing because of their low speed, but that is not true! Every material will depreciate in a matter of time, and regular maintenance helps to keep them working.


If you own a golf cart, you can carry out simple, routine maintenance as follows.


  1. Clean The Brake

For simple routine maintenance, you need aerosol brake cleaner and a blower.

  • Lift the brake axle you want to maintain.
  • Lose the nuts and remove the wheels and the brake drums.
  • Blow out the dust in the entire brake area.
  • Get the aerosol and clean the brake thoroughly.
  • After the cleaning, use a clean rag to wipe off any accumulated grime from the brake.



  • Adjust Golf Cart Brakes


Part of the brake maintenance task is to adjust the brake presses. Check the bolts and screws, making sure they are well fastened and firmed for an excellent performance.



  • Replace Golf Cart Brakes


It doesn’t matter how long-lasting your cart brake shoes are, the wear and tear of the system will take its toll and need a replacement very soon. When your golf carts brake shoes or drum need changing, here is what to do:

  • Change brake shoes. Get replacement brake shoes from your golf dealership or part shop.
  • Remove the brake drums and the shoes on the current wheel under maintenance.
  • Clean the wheel hub assembly using an aerosol cleaner.
  • Take out the replacement shoes and slap them into pistons.
  • Return the drum and fix the tire.
  • Repeat the process for the other wheels.


If you notice the drum has a problem and needs changing, get a replacement drum from your local golf cart part shop. Jack up the cart on the affected wheel and replace it.


Tips for durable golf cart brake

  • Inflate the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure to improve your brake life.
  • Lubricate every moving part in the suspension yearly.
  • Please don’t delay any symptom of brake system issue once detected, fix it.
  • Get genuine spare parts at all times.



Your golf cart, if not modified, should have only the rear brakes. You need to maintain the brakes as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid a breakdown.


If you own a modified golf cart, you should have both rear and front brake systems in place. The maintenance of the modified golf cart takes more effort than the regular ones.


Do Golf Carts Need Insurance?

Do Golf Carts Need Insurance?

Golf carts have gained much traction in the recent past, and that has contributed to their regular use in most locations worldwide. In the US, for instance, they have been given a green card by the law to be used on the streets, vacation destinations, and gated communities. This being the case, you will need to have a form of liability coverage for the cart against several unexpected perils – a golf cart insurance.


Do Golf Cart Insurance Policies Exist?

As with many motor vehicles, golf cart insurance policies are there offered by many firms. For golf carts, they are either a mandatory requirement by the law or as a self-precaution by cart owners. In some US states such as Arizona, it is compulsory to insure your golf cart against several unseen accidents and other covers.


What Do Golf Cart Policies Cover?

That’s a good question.

Golf carts are not heavily restricted as general vehicles, even if they can be used on regular roads. However, research published by the American Journal of Medicine indicated that bodily injury caused by golf carts rose by 130% between 1996 and 2006.

Do Golf Carts Need Insurance?

Do Golf Carts Need Insurance?

Golf carts insurance covers are more like motorcycle covers. The covers include;


  • Bodily Injury Cover


This is liability coverage that is meant to reinstate you in case you are involved in an accident involving your golf cart. Most insurance firms will cover medical bills, if any, for you and as well for the guest passenger automatically. But there are guest passenger covers offered independently.


  • Guest Passenger Cover 


Since most golf carts are built to offer comfort, you will find yourself using it for yourself most of the time. But we understand that you have your golfer buddies that you can offer a ride on the passenger seat. In that case, you are allowed to cover them with a tailored insurance cover. 


  • Comprehensive Cover


This cover can help cover for multiple liabilities, other than collision. Most aspects covered under it are vandalism, theft, fire, and natural calamities. The cover is meant to pay for replacement or repair costs you will undergo in such occasions.


  • Medical Cover


Medical covers shield you and your family for medical bills under your registered golf cart. This can work as an alternative to your regular medical insurance covers. 


  • Property Damage Cover


In case your golf cart gets involved in an accident and damage is caused to property that you don’t own, this cover will help you pay for the same. It’s a good option since, just as the word itself, they are accidents. 


Cost of A Golf Cart Insurance Cover

You will realize that prices differ according to where the golf cart will be used, and the liability being covered. For instance, if your golf cart is the off-road type, that is, you use it on private golf courses and gated communities; annual costs could go for as low as $75 annually. On the other hand, in public areas where speed limits are allowed at 25 miles/hour, you can pay up to $600 annually.


These prices vary due to many factors, such as exposure to risk, and the location in which you live. In highly populated areas, rates will be higher than less populated and busy places.


Do You Need Golf Cart Insurance?

By now, you might have a pretty good understanding of golf cart insurance. Therefore, the question is not whether you need it, because you do, but rather, is it necessary? As a rule of thumb, anything that makes your life easier and more effective is a necessity. That’s why we believe golf cart insurance is vital. 


However, before you get your cart insured against the various types of covers, it’s imperative to weigh the options. Make the decision based on factors such as value for the protection, cost, and usage of the cart. That way, you will have made an investment that’s worth it.